Brand new PWF series and book from Tracy Cooper-Posey!


Today, SRP author  has released a novel in a brand new, Paranormal Women’s Fiction series. Book 1, Crossroads Magic, is now available for sale on Stories Rule Press.




I’m just an ordinary, middle-aged woman, and my life is falling apart….


When did I become such a cliché?  I’m divorced, working a crappy job, living on next to nothing, and wondering how it all went so wrong.

Then it goes even more wrong.  My grown daughter turns up after not speaking to me for two years, with stunning news of her own, and to cap it off, I’m summoned to a tiny, isolated hamlet in northern New York called Haigton Crossing, where my mother has lived for decades.

Haigton Crossing looks like a throw back to another time.  For such a small place, it is stuffed full of secrets.  The people there are different, including the town’s doctor, Benedict Marcus.  And Haigton Crossing is way, way too small to host a murder….

This book is part of the paranormal women’s fiction series, Witchtown Crossing:

1.0: Crossroads Magic
…with more to come!

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction series of novels.




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