Christmas Romance Digest 2021: 

Home for the Holidays

Call for Submissions

Edited by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Stories Rule Press (SRP) is now seeking submissions for Christmas Romance Digest 2021:  Home for the Holidays, our short contemporary romance anthology to be published on October 28, 2021.

Deadline:  August 15, 2021
Length:  2,000 to 7,500 words
Payment:  Revenue share


This is an anthology of short contemporary romance stories with a Christmas theme (see Theme, below), featuring a hero and heroine.

Please note:  We are not looking for historical or futuristic settings, paranormal elements, MM or FF stories, reverse harem, threesomes, etc.  We may include such elements in future anthologies, but not for this inaugural release.  If your story includes these elements, we will be forced reject it.


The theme is “finding love at home”.   Please see the retail book description, below, for more on this. 

The story should conform to romance genre expectations, which includes a happy ending.  We are looking for a range of stories which explore this theme from different angles. 

Christmas must be a factor in your story—don’t give us your trunk stories swiftly edited to take place during the holiday season. If Christmas is the element that draws your heroine and hero together, so much the better! 

We want to see uplifting stories that leave readers sighing over the magic of love discovered during this wonderful time of the year.

The retail book description

This is the description that will appear on the back of the book, and on retail sites.  (Please note:  the actual number of stories to be included in the anthology is to be finalized during the reading period.)

Heart-rending, happy-ending romances to enhance your holidays!

Family get-togethers for the holiday season can sooth our emotions or savage our souls.  No one knows us better than the family and friends we choose share such times with.

In each of these twelve delightful short romances, our heroes and heroines find going home for this season even more of a heart-wrench, for true love challenges their deepest held beliefs.

Going home for the holidays has never felt so wonderful.

This is the first annual edition of the Christmas Romance Digest, edited by national award-winning, best-selling romance author Tracy Cooper-Posey, featuring some of Romanceland’s most beloved authors.

Steam Level

We are not looking for explicit sex scenes with frank language.  The anthology is intended to be for a very generalized audience, and ideal for gift-giving.  Therefore, stories with a mere kiss (filled with love, of course!), up to foreplay which ends with a closed door/next morning scene, are acceptable. 

Stories that are primarily sex scenes loosely connected with a happy ending are not what we are looking for. 

We want to see the power of love changing people’s lives.  Truncated sex scenes will allow you to expand the relationship properly within the confines of the short story format.


The setting can be anywhere in the modern world, including countries where Christmas is not celebrated (as long as one of the characters actually does return home for Christmas—we leave this to your writer’s creativity to figure how this might take place).


Payment is by revenue share, via Draft2Digital.  Authors will need to set up a Draft2Digital account if they don’t already have one.  If your story is accepted, guidance will be provided in setting up your account, if you do not have one already.


We are asking for world first serial print rights, and ebook rights, with a six month exclusive period.  We are also asking for non-exclusive rights after the initial six month period so the anthology can remain in print.  After the first six months’ exclusive period, you are free to sell reprint rights or self-publish.

We are not accepting reprints.  Your story must not have been published anywhere else, including websites and author newsletters.

Authors will be asked to sign a short contract with Stories Rule Press that outlines these rights and expectations.  There are also legal and financial agreements required by Draft2Digital, when setting up an account there.


The success of revenue share projects lies in the authors’ cross-promotions to their readers and social networks.  Authors will be provided marketing materials and suggestions for promotion. 

The publisher will be promoting the anthology heavily during the Christmas season.

Who Should Submit

We are looking for well written stories from authors who have a track record in publishing romance—either via traditional markets or indie publishing—who can bring an active readership to the table.  We will have one or two slots for less advanced authors, if their stories deserve the showcase.

Manuscript Format

Please use the William Shunn Modern Format for your manuscript.  Details can be found here.

Manuscripts that do not follow these guidelines, which are difficult to read or would require an excess of time to format to the standard of the rest of the anthology, will be rejected.

How to Submit

Deadline for submissions is August 15, 2021

We are accepting electronic submissions only.  Please complete the form here, and upload your manuscript via the form.

Submissions sent after the close date which have not been previously discussed with SRP will not be considered or responded to.

We are not accepting simultaneous submissions or multiple submissions from the same author.

We will be reading all submissions and making offers by September 15, 2021 at the latest.


If you have any questions about the information in these guidelines, please contact us at Tracy at Stories Rule Press dot com.  Do not use this email address to submit your manuscript—submit your story here.

Other calls for submission

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