DEN OF LIONS by Mark Posey

A Nun with a Gun. Book 5.0

Mystery Thriller Novelette

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Backed into a corner, help comes to Alice from the most unlikely of allies…

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has reopened the murder of Bishop McGinty and has Alice square in its sights. They have the video, they have her fingerprints, and they have proof that the Pope himself ordered McGinty’s death.

Alice is stuck in an FBI interrogation room, while the Vatican is split between defending her and selling her out. Can Alice talk her way out of this predicament?

A Nun With A Gun is a series of short stories and novelettes about Sister Jacobine, the Pope’s hitwoman. They are best read in order.

  1. Feet of Clay
  2. A Port in the Storm
  3. Excommunication
  4. Requiem Mass
  5. Den of Lions
  6. The Narrow Gate

Mark Posey is a thriller writer born, raised and living in Edmonton, Canada with his wife, author Tracy Cooper-Posey. He is a retired professional wrestler and father of four – Terry, Matthew, Katherine, and Ashley. He likes cooking, woodworking, and watching hockey when he’s not scrolling through social media or taking an afternoon nap with his three cats – Pippin, Merry, and Strider.

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Den of Lions
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 2 reviews
by IngSav on Den of Lions
Full of intrigue and mystery.

Thought-provoking and sentimental, this #5th book in the series carries the story forward but also creates mystery, the more that is revealed. Alice has been rocked by the events of Book #4 but the surprise 'guest' of this story gives her some relief.

More emotional than action based, this story also lets us see a little hint of the chaos in the background and how this will affect Alice in the future. Alice is still a mysterious woman with such calm despite the unusual variety of situations she finds herself in.

I highly recommend this series but you really need to start them in the correct order to fully appreciate the interesting character development and evolving story.

by Shannon on Den of Lions
Good addition to the series

Alice is back and dealing with the consequences of her past activities in this book. With the Vatican on the fence about if they want to protect her or not she will have to get out on her own. Her character is wonderfully written and seeing what trouble she gets into and how she gets out as her series goes along is great.

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