New Release in the Crime Thriller Series: A Nun With A Gun from Mark Posey

SRP author Mark Posey launches the next story in his new crime thriller series, A Nun With A Gun!

The Narrow Gate

You’re not back on the job, are you, Alice?

Detective Rafferty catches a new case: a priest shot through the forehead, a bloody cross drawn over the wound.

When Alice’s alibi checks out, she and Rafferty draw the only possible conclusion: someone is committing copycat murders. But who? And why?

The answers will change Alice’s and her friends’ lives forever…

A Nun With A Gun is a series of short stories and novelettes about Sister Jacobine, the Pope’s hitwoman. They are best read in order.

1.0 Feet of Clay
2.0 A Port in the Storm
3.0 Excommunication
4.0 Requiem Mass
5.0 Den of Lions
6.0 The Narrow Gate

Thriller Short Stories