Today, SRP author Cameron Cooper has released the next installment in the Iron Hammer science fiction series, Federal Force.

Danny and the Carinad worlds prepare for war.

Faced with an unavoidable war with the Slavers, Danny and her allies wield their poor resources to prepare their people for the ravages the Slavers will deliver.

Danny knows that something must change, if the Carinads are to survive a war the Terrans appear to want to last forever.  It is up to her to figure out what that is, while keeping the Terrans at bay, and placating a Federal Senate which is growing more demanding by the month…

Federal Force is the seventh book in the Iron Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper. The Iron Hammer series is a spin off from the acclaimed Imperial Hammer series, and features many of the characters and situations from that series.

The Iron Hammer series:
1.0: Galactic Thunder
2.0: Stellar Storm
3.0: Planetary Parlay
4.0: Waxing War
5.0: Ruled Out
6.0: Stranger Stars
7.0: Federal Force
8.0: Redline Rebels

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