SFR author Cameron Cooper today releases the next book in his Ptolemy Lane Tales space opera series: The Captain Who Broke the Rules.

Ptolemy Jovan Lane meets his next adventure.

Lane’s personal cargo is jettisoned while traveling back to Georgina’s Town after the death of a friend.  Lane confronts Captain Sandor and learns the ship is being pursued by slavers.  Captain Sandor’s response to the disaster is anything but typical. Nor is she above roping in Lane to help…

“The Captain Who Broke The Rules” is the second Ptolemy Lane space opera science fiction story by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

The Ptolemy Lane Tales:
1.0: The Body in the Zero Gee Brothel
2.0: The Captain Who Broke the Rules
3.0: The Maker of Widowmakers’ Arm
…and more to come!
Space Opera Science Fiction Novelette


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