Home for the Holidays

An SRP Anthology

Contemporary Short Romance Anthology

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Heart-rending, happy-ending romances to enhance your holidays!

Family get-togethers for the holiday season can sooth our emotions or savage our souls.  No one knows us better than the family and friends we choose share such times with.

In each of these seven delightful short romances, our heroes and heroines find going home for this season even more of a heart-wrench, for true love challenges their deepest held beliefs.

Going home for the holidays has never felt so wonderful.

This is the first annual edition of the Christmas Romance Digest, edited by national award-winning, best-selling romance author Tracy Cooper-Posey, featuring some of Romanceland’s most beloved authors.
“A Christmas Carole”—Roxy Boroughs
“Just In Time For Christmas”—Lea Storry
“Because Of The Christmas Stroll”—Debbie Mumford
“The Invitation”—Jasmine Luck
“The Ghosts of Christmas Present”—Karen McCullough
“The Reunion”—Annie Reed
“Burying His Ghost of Christmas Past”—Tracy Cooper-Posey
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Contemporary Short Romance Anthology

This Anthology is one of several presented by Stories Rule Press Inc. Check out the rest here!

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Home for the Holidays
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 4 reviews
 by Juneta

All these have a bit or them or life lesson that leaves you feeling good and happy. A perfect romantic read of short contemporary romance stories to delight the heart.

 by Dina Bushrod
Christmas and love go together

Tracy Cooper Posey - Burying his Ghost of Christmas Pass - Not having faith in what your heart knows, and instead listening to others, brings nothing but heartache and regrets. Being afraid to say what's in your heart and leaving, can go down the same path. We learn here that no matter how much time passes the heart never forgets. A short but beautiful story of finally going home and second chances.

Roxy Burroughs - A Christmas Carole - where a mistaken Santa and a store elf, former close school friends, get a chance to save a business and its employees and find love.

Lea Storry - Just in Time For Christmas - A workaholic, back in her hometown for Christmas, renews a friendship with a girlfriends younger brother. But the feelings she finds herself with confuses her; he's younger than her. What is going on? He's been keeping the truth from her since way back then. Love has no age.

Debbie Mumford - Because of The Christmas Stroll - Her friends twin brother has come home for Christmas, and my, oh my, he's no longer that geeky kid who'd been like a brother. Her mind and body are having trouble separating that kid from the muscular, gorgeous man in front of her. Like her brother, what 's wrong with her?

More reviews coming.

 by Karen
Christmas Romance Digest 2021: Home for the Holidays

Christmas Romance Digest 2021: Home for the Holidays, edited by Tracy Cooper-Posey, is a collection of romances, set against the backdrop of Christmas. Settings range from Canada to Australia, and bring out subtleties that arise when viewed by American readers. The stories are gentle, without crashing drama, letting the reader float through them. Cooper-Posey’s own story is the jewel amongst them and makes the Digest worth reading.

 by Beatriz
Christmas anthology

The air just smells of Christmas, let me say, my City Council is about town hanging out Christmas lights on the streets... so this anthology hits just in perfect time. These are little stories about family, reunions, coming backs... in short, stories about love in these very difficult times. I don't always like reading Christmas themed books but I loved that they are kind of short and varied, and I even have a favourite! But I'm not going to tell ;D. You can always trust Tracy to bring along super high quality content, and it rings true in this edition as well.

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“Christmas Won’t be Christmas Without Any Presents”

I first read Jo March’s grumble, the opening line of Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, when I was very young—no more than ten years old.  The book was a Christmas gift, a cheap hard cover edition that stayed on my bookshelves for decades, until I was forced to sell all my books to fund my migration to Canada.

And thus began my fascination with northern Christmas traditions and that creature which shuns Australian summers:  The white Christmas.  When I arrived in Canada in 1996, I was introduced to a real white Christmas less than three months later. I’ve loved snow and winter ever since. 

One must experience a northern Christmas to understand so much about the tales and scenes we grow up with, even in the southern hemisphere.  Until I moved to Canada, I had not tasted egg nog, even though I’d read about it for many years.  I’m still learning the intricacies and fun of Christmas stockings.  The very traditional oranges in stockings I did not fully understand until I’d survived a winter when fresh fruit is imported, and therefore grows expensive and hard to get.

However, Christmas is a world-wide event.  Families and friends celebrate Christmas on every continent, including the Antarctic, where research and exploration crews take advantage of the mild summer days.

For that reason, I am very pleased to present this year’s Christmas Romance anthology, which includes stories set not just in North America, but also in the United Kingdom and, of course, Australia.  They are all lovely tales, filled with heart and warmth, and they stroll from quirky, to funny, to just a little dark and sad.

Consider this my Christmas present to you.


Tracy Cooper-Posey
Edmonton, Alberta
October 2021


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