SRP Author Taylen Carver’s newest Urban Fantasy and our first Kickstarter project

is about to release the fourth book in their Magorian & Jones urban fantasy series, The Rivers Ran Red.

Magorian and Jones have one chance left to save the world, if only they can find a way to work together.

Michael Jones, MD, left Toledo months ago to avoid Jamie, the woman he loves but cannot have, for she is with his best friend, the world’s first modern wizard, Benjamin Magorian.  Michael hides in Wales, burying himself in the work generated by a health system in crisis, as Britain deals with the fallout from multiple volcanic eruptions in Scotland…until Magorian finds him there.

They’re down to the wire in their efforts to save the fractured world of humans and Old Ones from Aurelius’ scheme to summon the old gods and avoid the destruction the gods would hail down upon every mortal, no matter what their race.  They must find a way to permanently halt Aurelius, and Magorian thinks he might know how.

The only problem?  Magorian brought Jamie with him…

The Rivers Ran Red is part of the urban fantasy series, Magorian & Jones, by Taylen Carver.

The Magorian & Jones series:
1.0: The Memory of Water
2.0: The Triumph of Felix
3.0: The Shield of Agrona
4.0: The Rivers Ran Red
5.0: The Divine and Deadly
…and more to come.

Urban Fantasy Novel

Normally, the book would be available for pre-order at all retailers and on our site here at Stories Rule Press.   However, The Rivers Ran Red will not be made available for general retail purchase until March 2023.

We are running our first ever Kickstarter campaign to help build the series and celebrate the fourth book’s release.  To acquire a copy of The Rivers Ran Red, head over to the Kickstarter campaign, and select which bonuses and goodies you would like along with your copy, and sponsor the campaign.

The campaign ends on December 27th and copies of the book will be distributed then.

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