Assassination as a tool of Statecraft

From SRP Author Taylen Carver:

142 years ago, Queen Victorian narrowly escaped an assassination attempt by Roderick Maclean, who was offended by the Queen’s response to some poetry he sent to her.

It was the last of eight attempts by separate people to kill or assault Victoria over a period of four decades…and Victoria is considered to be one of the more effective and beloved monarchs in modern history.

Assassination has been used throughout history as a tool by leaders and power-holders…and those who oppose them. It wasn’t called “assassination” until after the first Crusades, when Assassins — a group of Nizari Ismailis known as the Order of Assassins — were established and worked to take down the Christian leaders.

When I spotted the date of Queen Victoria’s close call, I recalled a quote: “Assassination is a tool of statecraft”.

But it was next to impossible to track down!

I thought the quote was in Dune — one of the fascinating epigraphs.

But when I researched it, I found a suggestion that it was used in one of the Blake’s 7 episodes!

Have you seen the quote anywhere?

Also, what fantasy books have you read that feature assassination and/or assassins?

Of course, the first thing I think of is Assassin’s Creed, the game and movie. The first game in the series features a rich historical setting that is interesting all on its own.

And, of course, the John Wick movies.

But books…?


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