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Recommended by Joanna Penn, at The Creative Penn.

Stories Rule Press provides à la carte editorial services for both experienced and new authors, in a range of reasonable and competitive prices.

Editor Mark Posey has nearly twenty years experience working with Amazon best selling authors and national award winners, as well as authors just starting their journey.

I asked Mark for a combination of developmental editing to reduce my duplication and copy-editing to smooth the words—an unlikely combination! He delivered exactly what I needed and made me sound great.

Johanna Rothman, author of Successful Independent Consulting: Relationships That Focus on Mutual Benefit

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Mark on an ongoing thriller series which is due to be published in 2020. His turnaround time has always been on schedule and he’s got a great eye for story structure and reader expectations.

Mark goes into great detail not just about the overall look and feel of the book, but the actual structure, the ebbs and flows of each scene, and the feedback he provides is truly immeasurable to writing a better book and making me a better writer.

I can’t recommend him enough.

Justin Bell, Amazon Best Selling Author.

Contact Mark to discuss your editing needs and for tailored pricing details to suit your budget and requirements.

General Rates:

  • Developmental Edit: $0.023 – $0.045/word (Thrillers, Romances and Science Fiction)
  • Copy Edit: $0.015 – $0.03/word (Any genre)
  • Proofread: $0.0075 – $0.023/word (Any genre)

Special Rates:
(Two or more subsequent edits on one manuscript)

  • Copy Edit/Proofread (20% off): $0.018 – $0.042/word
  • Developmental/Copy Edit/Proofread (30% off): $0.032 – $0.068 per word

Example Pricing:
For a 60K word manuscript:

  • Developmental Edit: $1,350 – $2,700
  • Copy Edit: $900 – $1,800
  • Proofread: $450 – $1,350
  • Copy Edit/Proofread: $1,080- $2,520
  • Developmental/Copy Edit/Proofread: $1,890- $4,050

Developmental Edit:
(20,000 ft. view)

Read and review the current draft of your book to improve the execution and content, including: plot, character, narrative, point of view, and theme.

Copy Edit:
(close up inspection)

Read and correct the following in your completed manuscript: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, grammar, word usage, repetition, tense, continuity, dialogue tags, point of view, inconsistency.

(last look before publication)

Read and double-check for spelling and grammatical errors that may have been missed so they don’t make it into the final version of your book. (Note: proofreading is not a replacement for editing. It is checking a manuscript after editing.)

Note from Mark:

Please remember, at the end of the day, it’s your book. Everything marked-up in the manuscript is a recommended change. That’s what you’re paying me for. If you don’t agree with it, don’t approve the change. The final decision is totally up to you.

If you’re a first-time client, I will require (non-refundable) 50% of the agreed upon fee up front. The other half will be due upon completion of the work. If you require a installment plan, I can accommodate, just reach out and we’ll figure it out together.

Talk to me about your editing.  Click the link below and tell me the type of editing you’re looking for and send me the first three chapters along with a short note introducing yourself. I’ll use your sample chapters to put together a quote and get back to you within two business days.

(Please note: at any one time, there are between six and ten books in my editing queue. I generally book edits two to three months in advance.)

For more about this, please see “What to Expect If You Hire Me As An Editor

Mark Posey

Email Mark

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Conversion of your manuscript to ePub and Mobi files for uploading, and/or press-ready PDF for print-on-demand publishing.

Requires a well-formatted Master File manuscript document (MS Word) and your cover image.

Price:  starting at $0.0013/word, with a maximum of five images. You will receive an ePub, Mobi and Kindle ePub. (Note: this rate is for novels only. Anthologies, collections, and non-fiction will need to be discussed for a custom bid.)

If the text file is not relatively clean, or there are more than five images, extra charges will result.

Contact Terrence at Cask & Sabre Publishing Consultancy to discuss. info@caskandsabre.com

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