INSIDE MAN by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Project Kobra. Book 2.0

Romantic Espionage Thriller 

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With some authors you know that you are going to like whatever they may produce, and Tracy is one of them, she could make a shopping list interesting!

Agata and Cain really steal the show.

Fantastic story, especially when you like a kick-ass lady and dark, bad boy persona guy.

Brilliant read. Thanks for that Tracy. Well done on book 100.

The reader will feel the chill of crisp snow, and harsh conditions of the mountains, even the bone-crushing exhaustion as Agata and Cain fight to survive.

Plan to sit for a while. This is not a read a little, walk away for a while, read a little more. This is a “sit down, get comfortable, and don’t plan to move.”

Tracy Cooper Posey once again proves why she is a master at the Romantic Thriller genre.

Tracy Cooper Posey writes incredibly strong, intelligent female characters who shine in this series.

This had to be one of my favorites of Tracy’s numerous works. I haven’t read all 100, but I’m getting close to it, and I have yet to be disappointed!

You always learn new, interesting and insightful things when you read Tracy’s books, her research is amazing!

What a whirlwind adventure! I never saw that coming and now I’m stuck in another series! Awesome!

It’s her job to protect Cain…if she doesn’t kill him herself.

Agata Kelsey is an MIT Engineering Honors graduate, speaks six languages fluently, and a CIA operative with no time for fools. As punishment for a job gone wrong, she is assigned to the Paris-based security detail guarding Cain Ishmael Warren, the wild, uncontrollable son of former Vice President Warren.

Cain Warren resents his security detail with every shred of his rotten, irredeemable soul, especially the most recent addition, a lightweight piece of fluff with a mouth and an attitude.  He ditches them at every opportunity, except she’s hard to shake off.

When trouble arrives, Cain is shocked because it’s nothing to do with him.  An old enemy of Agata’s puts them both in his sights, forcing Agata to run–and take Cain with her on a chase across France and into the Alps wilderness, with the Kobra’s venomous Gavriil Zima far too close behind them…

This romantic thriller is the second book in the Project Kobra series.

1.0: Hunting The Kobra
2.0: Inside Man
3.0: Heart Strike
…and more to come!

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