INSIDE MAN by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Project Kobra Book 2.0

Romantic Espionage Thriller 

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It’s her job to protect Cain…if she doesn’t kill him herself.

Agata Kelsey is an MIT Engineering Honors graduate, speaks six languages fluently, and a CIA operative with no time for fools. As punishment for a job gone wrong, she is assigned to the Paris-based security detail guarding Cain Ishmael Warren, the wild, uncontrollable son of former Vice President Warren.

Cain Warren resents his security detail with every shred of his rotten, irredeemable soul, especially the most recent addition, a lightweight piece of fluff with a mouth and an attitude.  He ditches them at every opportunity, except she’s hard to shake off.

When trouble arrives, Cain is shocked because it’s nothing to do with him.  An old enemy of Agata’s puts them both in his sights, forcing Agata to run–and take Cain with her on a chase across France and into the Alps wilderness, with the Kobra’s venomous Gavriil Zima far too close behind them…

This romantic thriller is part of the Project Kobra series.

1.0: Hunting The Kobra
2.0: Inside Man
3.0: Heart Strike
…and more to come!

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Inside Man
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Hester
Fast Paced Action and Total Terror

I enjoyed this book tremendously!! It had me at the edge of my seat the entire time and I loathed to put it down. Wow!! It is completely unpredictable and nerve wracking. There is action and some more action. The terror is tongue biting, the angst makes you sweat and your relief is real.

Fantastic story, especially when you like a kick-ass lady and dark, bad boy persona guy. I love the layers of each character that is exposed during the adventure. Cain and Agata start out very different and unexpectedly, surprises the reader.

Well written, fast paced and totally enjoyable. If you like your books fast and terrifyingly satisfactory, this one is for you. This story is not to be missed! Go ahead, spoil yourself, you will not be dissapointed!

 by Ash
stars'Jessie Bourne' goes on the run and falls in love

wow! Just, wow!

After the disaster in Austria at the end of the previous book, Hunting The Kobra, CIA team Seven Seas is disbanded. Its members are reassigned and told to stop hunting the Kobra. Inside Man follows Agata Kelsey on her new assignment as a member of Cain Warren’s protection detail.

In a typical romantic thriller series, each story follows a couple while they take point on the hunt for the bad guys, and ends in a ‘happy for now.’ The team eventually catches the bad guys at the end of the story arc and all the couples enjoy their ‘happy ever after’. Tracy Cooper-Posey’s Kobra Series isn’t a typical romantic thriller series. Each book has more coverage of the lead couple but the team remains integral to the story. The romance creeps up on you but never jars you out of the spy thriller storyline.

Things I like about the story:

Cain starts off being profoundly unlikeable and slowly reclaims his soul, both by learning to love himself and by falling in love with Agata.

Agata never loses her core values: to help people. She does grow over the story, becoming less prickly and beginning to see the value of love.

The unending suspense!

Things I didn’t like about the story:

Nothing – it was fabulous.

Favorite lines:

Agata had grown to hate Wednesdays. They were a black mark on her week…naturally, when trouble arrived, it arrives on a Wednesday.

When you’re done saving the world, Ren Johnson, will you come home and be my wife again?

 by Sarah

This is a great thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat! Agata is charged with protecting Cain. Cain and his security detail don’t take his safety seriously. He appreciates her skills when they are pursued by the Kobra organization that wants to see them dead. Tracy Cooper Posey provides another intricate story with robust characters. This book kept me up late at night to finish! I couldn’t put it down!

 by Stephany
Inside Man (Project Kobra)

The second book Inside Man to the Project Kobra series is another great read. Tracy Cooper-Posey has a way of always bringing you into the story.

If you are looking for a series that has mystery, action and a great story; you need to try this story. It would be a great idea to pick up the first book Hunting the Kobra as the series follows through to the next book.

 by Kat Z
The Second Project Kobra Book and it is a Good One

Here we have Cain, a seeming spoiled politician's son who requires a guard detail. Assigned to him is Agata who really would rather be doing something else. What happens when you put the two together? Oh my goodness! Danger lurks in every corner and no one is safe. Why is that happening and who is causing it? Read to find out and enjoy every page because once this story starts moving it moves. Plus there is romance of course, to help temper all the suspense and bad guys. A great second book in the series.

 by Just Another Dawn
edge of the chair the entire time

Inside Man - book 2 of Project Kobra

National security team has been attacked from the inside by one of the team members that has been 'turned' by the Kobra. Now the team members are being killed, one at a time. They have no idea why they have been targeted either.

Agata, an analyst has been told to be on the team to protect the son of a former Vice President. She is totally unimpressed by Cain Warren (and rightly so).

The story continues with Agata realizing it is she that is actually the target, not Cain. Now they are together 'on the run' to keep both of them alive.

Buy the book if you like intrigue, spies, a beginning of a love story, and lots of excitement. Hoping book 3 is released soon!

 by Beatriz
Inside Man

Inside Man is the second book in the Project Kobra series. This book is set after the dispersion of Dimas' unit after what happened in Austria. Agata is protecting Cain when the Kobra's people appear again, so the unit reunites again to try and find him and desl with the mule at the same time. She is witty, very clever, strong, and not afraid to show that she's not nice for the shake of others, love her attitude!! What I like about Cain is he's not what it seems, there's more depth to him. And together they are explosive! Thrillers aren't really my cup of tea, but with some authors you know that you are going to like whatever they may produce, and Tracy is one of them, she could make a shopping list interesting!

 by Audrey Cienki
Inside Man

Wow! Inside Man is incredible. The second book in the Project Kobra series continues the action, intrigue and adventure that started in Hunting The Kobra.  And the characters! Agata and Cain really steal the show.

With 100 standalone titles and Tracy Cooper-Posey is definitely still going strong!

 by Hester Helm
Fast paced action packed trihller

It is absolutely fantastic!! This story is so fast paced, it left me completely breathless at times. I like being comfortable when I read, but this book had me upright at the edge of my seat. The emotions are real. One can smell the stress and fear and anxiety.

The little bits of respite feels like gems. Agata is just full of unexpected surprises for an analyst. The same goes for Cain, whom I intensely disliked in the beginning, but he just grew on me like fungus. His character development is unexpected and awesome too. This book had me freaked out, tense and managed to make me laugh. I shed tears of relief.

The plot is filled with action and adventure and completely unpredictable. The bad guy gave me the creeps. I strongly recommend reading the series in order. I am happy to report a happy ending. I cannot wait for the next one. Will the mole be revealed? And who is it!!? Well done Tracy on a magnificent thriller. I can see this one as a movie!!

 by Juneta Key
Addicted to Another Series

A great second book in a series with lots of intrigue, action, and adventure. Tracy Cooper-Posey is a strong writer in characterization and plot. This story is no different. Despite being the 2nd book in series you can read as a stand-alone. Can't wait for the next release. Addicted to another Tracy Cooper-Posey series. I love this writer I read anything she writes.

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Latin Quarter, Paris, France.  April.

When the stout matron in bouclé tweed approached Cain’s table, her espresso in hand, the stupefyingly beautiful blonde woman sitting at the table across the aisle from him raised a languid, perfectly arched dark blonde brow before returning to her novel.  Cain stopped wondering if he should try talking to the blonde and scowled up at the matron instead.

“I would share the table with you, monsieur,” the matron told him. It was a perfectly reasonable expectation, for there were no other seats in the café—not even inside, which didn’t have the view or the pleasant spring air to enjoy.

Even the blonde had a customer sitting on the other side of her table.  In her case, a bespectacled, retired gentleman with a carefully folded copy of Les Échos in one hand, and a glass of wine in the other.

The matron put her espresso on the other side of the little round table from Cain’s stack of books and the cup of green tea.

“No,” Cain told her.

“Excuse me?”  The matron paused from pulling the chair out from the table, her eyes widening.

“I said, madam, that you cannot sit here.”

She pursed her lips, her indignation growing.

“I do not want you across the table from me,” he added.

Her lips parted.   “Well, really!  There is not another chair anywhere!”

Cain put his phone on top of the stack of books and met her gaze.  “I have tubeculoid leprosy, madam.  The last thing you want is for me to cough on you.”  He raised his hand and cleared his throat behind his fist.

She backed up a step in alarm, her instincts shifting her feet, even while she rolled her eyes at the outrageous claim.

Cain kept his gaze steady, willing her to dispute him.

The blonde stepped up behind the woman.  “Here, madam, you can have my seat.  I will sit there, instead.”

The matron glanced at Cain, uncertainty and indignation warring in her breast.

The blonde shrugged.  “I had leprosy as a child.  I am immune.”

Cain just barely stopped himself from laughing out loud.

Confusion wrinkled the woman’s brow.  “Well, er…”

The blonde scooped up the lady’s expresso, handed it to her and stepped back, waving to the chair the blonde had risen from.  “Please, sit and relax.”

“Very well.”  The woman tugged at her tweed jacket and settled on the chair, carefully turning her shoulders so she did not have to look at Cain even accidentally.

The blonde sank onto the chair opposite Cain and put her coffee in front of her.

Cain sat back.  “With all due respect, miss, I do not want you sitting at my table, either.”

The blonde gave him a hard smile that barely rounded the corners of her full mouth and said in American-accented English, “You either put up with me, or a stranger who will insist upon talking.  Take your pick.”

Cain raked his gaze over her once more.  “You’re not Parisian…” he said, dropping to English, too. Yet everything about her, from the elegant, heeled pumps to the neat skirt, and simple pearls at her neck, to the plain enamaled fingernails, screamed French chic.

She closed the novel she had started to open, her finger marking her place.  It was a copy of Katherine Pancol’s Trois Baisers.  “You didn’t read your security briefing this morning, did you?”  Her tone was one of weary wisdom.

Cain’s gut twisted.  “No…” he breathed.  She was his security detail?  “Impossible.  You’re not…  You cannot possibly be–”

Her smile was friendly, and purely for onlookers.  “Agata Kelsey.  I won’t repeat my affiliations here.  They were in your briefing.”

Cain shook his head.  “I don’t care who you are.  Where is Harry?”  He glanced at her ear.  “Are you wearing a worm?  Tell him I want to speak to him right now.”

“Sit the fuck down, Warren,” she said sharply, her smile fading.  “You’re drawing attention to yourself.”

It was the sharp, hard tone, and the irreverent cursing that bent his knees and dropped him back upon the chair.  He blinked at her.  “What did you just say?”

She leaned forward.  “For all the non-English speakers watching us talk, we’re getting to know one another, okay?”

Cain groaned.  “You’re CIA, aren’t you?  Cloak and daggers, legends and play acting.  Where on earth did Harry dig you up from?”

“There’s a reason you have a security detail, Mr. Warren–”

He laughed.  “I have a detail because my father was Vice President for a whole thirty seconds, last decade, and this is how he keeps tabs on me.  How much do you weigh, Agata Kelsey?”

It was her turn to blink.  “That has nothing–”

“Just over a hundred and thirty pounds, I’d estimate.  If this detail was anything but the farce it is, then your inability to stop so much as a stiff breeze from taking me out would make you redundant.”  He crossed his arms.  “What did you do wrong to get yourself assigned to me?”

She scowled.  And her face turned pink.

Cain watched the flush spread down her neck with amusement.  “You’re going to have to work on that tell, Kelsey.  It’s way too revealing.”

Her jaw worked.  “Let me guess.  You’ve played poker, too.  Probably an illegal high stakes game.  Something with–”

“Too?” he said, then sighed mentally.  Why was he engaging with her?  It was kicking his pulse up.  His heart was working too hard.  Both were bad things.  He squeezed the flesh over the bridge of his nose.

She bridled.  It was almost cute, except her tiny squirm spread her open jacket a few inches, giving him a glimpse of the butt of a pistol under her arm.  From here, it looked like a Glock 9mm.

The pressure built in his temples.

One…breathe…two…breathe…three…breathe, he whispered in his head.

She was already leaned forward and the table was small enough that she could lower her voice so no one heard her angry English phrases.  Her icy green eyes glittered as she recounted, “Washed out of the US Olympic Biathlon team for performance enhancing drug use.  Kicked out of Stanford.  Twice.  Three sex scandals, one of them involving the wife of the Argentinean ambassador to the United STates.  Two drug charges, neither of which stuck, because Daddy took care of it, although that’s not on the rap sheet, of course.  Some would call that enough and change their ways, but you just went downhill from there, didn’t you?”  Her tone was polite and enquiring.  “Unlike you, I did read my daily brief.”

One…breathe…two…breathe…three…breathe.   Cain closed his thumb, forefinger and middle finger over each other with the count.  Focused on the simple movements.  “I don’t think you fit in with the detail, Ms. Kelsey.”  He was grateful his voice emerged evenly.  “I’ll talk to Harry.  He’ll find you somewhere–”

“If it’s such a shit detail, why do you care if I’m on it or not?”  Her tone seemed genuinely curious.

“They were prescription.”

“Pardon me?”

“The performance enhancing drugs.  They were prescription.  I had allergies.”  It sounded stupid, saying it aloud.

“They were banned by the Olympic committee,” she pointed out.

“They banned them thirty seconds before they busted down my door and turned the room over.  The bottle was right there on the bathroom counter, but they had to make it look good.”  He shrugged and made himself shut up and drink the tea.

It was cold.

“Cry me a river,” she breathed.  “Sometimes, the world breaks bad on you.  Why do you think I’m here?”

Cain stared at her, speechless.

Officer Kelsey gave him a small smile.  “You’re right.  I did fuck up.  My last assignment went so wrong, five of the eight major players we were following ended up dead and we learned nothing.  As the ‘I’ in CIA stands for Intelligence, that didn’t look good.  So I got busted to here.  Only, I take my duty seriously, unlike you.”

“I’m very serious,” he shot back, stung.

She raised her hand, the long, slender fingers flexing as she counted off.  “Pro sportsman, gangster, drug and booze addict and now dilettante student…which of those roles actually serves people?”

“You think your presence in Paris actually serves anyone, Kelsey?  You’re here because you’re in the dog house.”

She shook her head.  “Your father might think he’s got you pinned like a butterfly, but the only way a detail like this gets assigned is if a dozen different people and departments sign off on it, including State.  So many moving parts means more than a few people beyond your father thinks you having a detail is necessary.  That’s all I need to know, Mr. Warren.”

He held still, letting the heated irritation evaporate.  “No one could ever confuse you for a State diplomat.”

“One hundred and thirty-eight,” she said.


“I weigh one hundred and thirty-eight pounds.  I can’t stop a grown man in his tracks, but the Glock 19 Generation 4 9mm Luger in my holster can, which is more than the average diplomat can claim.  Drink your tea, Mr. Warren, and I’ll go back to reading.  Your next lecture is in forty minutes.”

She had memorized his lecture schedule.

Cain sighed and turned his phone back on, bringing up the screen of text.

It took every one of the forty minutes he had left to reach a point where the words on the screen made any sense.

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