The Stonebrood Saga SPECIAL BUNDLE

Every story in the Vampire Gargoyle Paranormal Romance Series.

Every story in the vampire gargoyle paranormal romance series, in one Special Bundle!

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Nicholas Sherwood, who once was a friend of Richard the Lionhearted, and his lover Damian, a Spartan warrior with the heart of a poet and the mind of a cold-blooded strategist, have been battling a rogue clan of gargoyles, the Stonebrood Clan, throughout most of their vampire existence.  Now, here in modern day New York City, the stakes are even higher, for demon partners join forces with the black-hearted gargoyles, while Nick and Damian find their hearts and souls become entangled in the war for victory.

A series that moves between two modern time periods: the late 1970s/early 1980s, and contemporary times, following one of the great demon hunting families through two generations, along with their friends and allies.

1.0:  Carson’s Night
2.0:  Beauty’s Beasts
2.1:  Harvest of Holidays
2.2:  Unbearable
3.0:  Sabrina’s Clan
3.1:  Pay the Ferryman
A Vampire Gargoyle Urban Fantasy Romance

All the stories in this series are also available for individual sale.
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The Stonebrood Saga Special Bundle
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Electronic book, compatible with all reading devices. Book can be read on all devices and apps. [More info]

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