BUT NOW I SEE by Cameron Cooper

The Indigo Reports 1.1

Space Opera Short Story

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The story is unpredictable, the horror and pain is real. This is an epic saga!!

The signature intensity and tension of the Indigo series is back!!!

This is epic science fiction at its finest. Realistic far future worlds. Incredible characters and scenarios.

Cameron knows how to tell a story, regardless of whether we are going back in history or forward in time.

Until this book I had forgotten just how much I love good science fiction and Cameron’s book is not just good, it’s exceptional.

This is a complex tale of planetary politics, plotting, spying, scientific marvels, and advanced androids. Plus there is the fascinating floating city of Demos.

The concepts are staggering and intensely interesting.

The Indigo Reports series is far more than I ever anticipated.

This story is terrific! It’s intriguing and futuristic and human in its telling.

One of my favorite and most satisfying science fiction series to read. A series to devour.

A lethal cat and mouse game.

To pay off a long-standing debt, Tatiana Wang, captain of the freeship Hathaway, takes aboard a politically high-risk passenger. When the Hathaway is caught by the Karassian military’s flagship, led by the biocomp captain Yishmeray, “high risk” becomes “deadly.”

The But Now I See novelette is part of the Indigo Reports space opera series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

The Indigo Reports series:
0.5 Flying Blind
1.0 New Star Rising
1.1 But Now I See
2.0 Suns Eclipsed
3.0 Worlds Beyond

Space Opera Science Fiction Story

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But Now I See
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by IngSav on But Now I See
Wow, what a ride! This exciting story was like an adrenaline rush!!

Excitement PLUS! - we are immediately drawn into a high drama situation with some very interesting characters.
We get reacquainted with a brother and sister spaceship crew who are asked to take Bellona to safety. We meet some new characters who are various combinations of computer, mechanical and biological.
This novelette was an intense and gripping whirlwind of action which tells more of the story of Bellona's escape from her family's home.
This is book 1.1 of the Indigo Reports series and, including the prequel, each instalment just keeps getting better and better! It's a very addictive series!

by Wayne Scace on But Now I See
A very powerful message within

Cooper delivers an excellent short story in "But Now I See".

Again, the author packs in an immense amount of world building and character development within the confines of a short story.

Don't believe the naysayers scoffing and declaring that the short story is dead. Cooper and others like her prove time and time again that it is not.

While I enjoyed the story, despite some sad elements, on it's own, the extremely powerful message that I took away from the story is as true now as when humans began and will remain so until time ends.
I highly recommend this story.


by Audrey Cienki on But Now I See
But Now I See

This series keeps getting better. Just who are these characters and what is their end game. Not many authors are writing great science fiction like this anymore so if you love Asimov or Clarke, you will love Cameron Cooper. Make sure that you have plenty of time when you start this book because you won’t want to put it down.

by C. Valerie Cauvin on But Now I See
Short but packs a punch!

Cameron’s writing hits home every time! I felt the whole story like I was a part of it. Felt the different emotions from Bellona and Max’s parting to the final words.So powerful!

by MartiPanikkar on But Now I See

Hard hitting, exciting short story/novella. Gut wrenching. I wish it had been longer.

by Hester Helm on But Now I See
Super Tense Story

This story is super tense, with unexpected and explosive action. It plays out onboard the Hathaway and the plot has some twists and turns you won't believe! Super sad and explains a lot of questions about Bellona. Well done on a super tale!

by Juneta on But Now I See
Fast Pace & Enjoyable Short Story Worth the read!

A great addition to the series. I loved stories that build on and reveal more about characters I already have gotten to know in a story and like. Great world-building. Characters you can dig into making a strong sci-fi tale that is exciting and enjoyable.

I received a free ARC copy of this book and am voluntarily leaving a review.

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