CAT AND COMPANY by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Interspace Origins. Book 3.0

Science Fiction Romance Novel

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A magnificent world with twist and turns and complex characters and if there isn’t another SFR award in the future for this series I will be more than surprised, I will be sorely disappointed.


I couldn’t wait for this book to come out, simply because I was dying to know what happens next with Cat and Bevidere. I wasn’t disappointed, Tracy really ended this series on a amazing note.


WOW, this story blew me away, and I could not put it down until the very satisfying end.


I love Bedivere and Cat and find them among the most interesting characters I have read.


You’ll love the roller coaster ride!


What I truly like is the stories never go in the direction I would expect. These stories are in my “to be read time and again” file. If I could get it more than five stars this would be the series!


This was such a fantastic series. Never had I read one that hit me so profoundly.


A remarkable conclusion to this refreshing and captivating sci-fi series.


For a couple of days I hadn’t been able to put the book down – it draws you in, Mrs Posey has the knack to enthralled the reader with her confident passionate writing.


This is a great trilogy and it has a beautiful ending with so much drama, suspense and intrigue and love the middle. It keep me through a couple of nights not wanting to put it down. It was worth it!


This book never went the way I expected. There were numerous plot twists that made this an AMAZING story!!


Bedivere and Catherine are wonderfully complex and flawed beings.


I usually find it very easy to put a book down when I am reading it and to walk away from a book once I am done with it. Not so much this time.

Can Bedivere win Cat back?

Bedivere is trapped in a snare of drugs and violence, deep in the bowels of the galaxy, while Catherine works with Devlin Woodward, who campaigns tirelessly for Varkan rights. Devlin’s great deeds make him the most influential man in the known worlds.

When human and Varkan life is shattered by the emergence of the Periglus from the Silent Sector and their ruthless annexation of human worlds, Devlin’s Varkan allies may be the only people who can save the galaxy.

Can Bedivere claw his way back to civilization and win Catherine back, despite the Periglus, Devlin’s power and Bedivere’s own flawed humanity?

This book is part of the Interspace Origins science fiction romance series:
1.0: Faring Soul
2.0: Varkan Rise
3.0: Cat and Company
3.5: Interspace Origins (Series boxed set)

A Science Fiction Romance Novel.


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Cat and Company
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 by Kat Z
A Great Series Ending

This is the third book featuring Catherine and Bedivere. They have been apart and Bedivere seems unhinged. Oh how I wanted him to reach for what he wanted. This is a romance but is is so much more: well fleshed out characters, a well developed world, and enough mystery and intrigue to keep you turning the pages. My favorite character is Bedivere because he is just such a good person and does not even realize how good he is. I confess I binge read this whole series over the weekend. Great series and a delight to read.

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