Once and Future Hearts. Book 7.0

Ancient Historical Fantasy Romance

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A politically expedient marriage, rife with bitter history.

King Arthur has hewn peace for Britain as promised and Camelot has enjoyed five years of plenty.  Gawain, one of Arthur’s greatest warriors and companions, seethes restlessly now war has ended. He brings himself to marry the politically suitable Tegan of Dunoding, who is far removed from the soft, gentle women he prefers, and irritates him more often than not.

Tegan’s bitterness toward Gawain is driven by a history he doesn’t remember, and that she cannot forget, which dooms the marriage.  When Tegan’s closest friend, Queen Guenivere, goes missing, sending Camelot into chaos, Arthur tasks Gawain and Lancelot with finding the Queen. Gawain shocks Tegan by seeking her unique talents to help with the quest. The two must find a way to work together, for the good of Camelot and Britain…

This story is part of the historical fantasy romance series, Once and Future Hearts, set in Britain during the time of King Arthur.

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6.0 Battle of Mount Badon

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A Historical Fantasy Romance/Ancient Historical Romance series

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Who’s Who and What’s What for the Series

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Abduction of Guenivere
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Beatriz
Abduction of Guenivere

This is book seven in Once and Future Hearts Series. This is the story of Tegan and Gawain. I have to admit I was a little biased referring Guenivere, she has never been one of my favourite characters, to be honest, but in this one she has redeemed to me ;). What I love the most is that the plot isn't that obvious and that other characters, like Tegan and Gawain, have the weight in the story. I particularly loved the way the author solves the dilemma this couple faces, I think it was very smart and show a really healthy relationship from their part. So, yes, I really liked this one =)

 by Audrey Cienki
The Abduction of Guinivere

Another magnificent story. Somehow Tracy Cooper Posey takes this very well know tale and makes it new and fascinating for us.

Having always been interested in myths and legends, I have found Tracy to be meticulous in weaving known legends and historical detail into original stories that fascinate.

Her characters are real, with real problems, in real situations. The scenes are so realistic that I can picture myself being part of the story.

And I really appreciate the list included at the beginning of the book in “Who’s Who and What’s What” which includes “Houses, Clans and Tribes”. The Maps section is also a great help and fun.

If you enjoy history and romance, this book is for you!

 by Charlia
Intrigue in Camelot in times of peace

Once again, a strong tale of incredible women and their adjustments to life at Camelot. No longer at war, the story unfolds the characters roles, the friendships, expectations of themselves and others. You feel the sorrow and the longing the characters have, you understand their needs and wants, disappointments, misunderstandings and desires – Tracy is quite frankly Brilliant.

Tracey has an amazing ability to make you feel anxious, thrilled, hurt, relieved. You become so involved with the characters that you feel their apprehension, the what’s going to happen next?

The plot thickens in this series and the wait to see the whole of the story unfold is exhilarating.

As always there are a few stories going on at once all developing to merge into the main tale.

Always intriguing, this series is fascinating.

 by Dina
Can love exist where there is so much misunderstanding

Another excellent Arthurian legend adventure; so magnificently written that it makes you question the reality of Camelot. The main characters, Tegan and Gawain, are enmeshed with King Arthur, Guenivere, his Queen, and the daily living at court. There is intrigue, magic, danger, unrequited love, but most importantly the awakening of love. The daily lives of all those involved, are what make this story so amazingly realistic. I won't do spoilers so I hope what I've given you is enough to make you want to grab this, and all the other books in this series. You will fall in love with all the characters you meet in these legendary, and fact filled, stories.

 by IngSav
Main characters to savour that wrapped themselves around my heart!

I loved the gripping storyline with plot twists and intricacies that intrigued me.

As with the other books in the series I love that Arthur and Guenivere's story is told in parallel to that of the soldier and lady in waiting. The small slice-of-life details of the everyday citizens of Camelot are what bring the tale to life and gives me the sense that I KNOW these characters. Full immersion into the life and times, is such an interesting backdrop to the action and interactions of the storyline.

The main characters were both very strong and independent so therein lay the impediments to their relationship. It was a compelling story watching them butt heads and bounce off each other despite their chemistry simmering beneath the surface.

I highly recommend this series to anyone who enjoys a well written and immersive experience in historical times.

You don't need to know the legends of Arthur to enjoy any of these books, as I started this series with only a familiarity of the main characters names' and I was completely hooked from the first book!

 by Stephany
Abduction of Guinevere

This latest installment of the Once and Future Hearts series revolves around Guinevere's disappearance. It tells us a part of the story of Arthur and Guinevere that did not have much focus on. Tracy did another fabulous job in recounting this part of Arthur and Guinevere’s life.

 by Brittany
Can’t get enough

I cannot get enough of this series! This is the legend of King Arthur like you’ve never read before. It is action-packed, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching and a bunch of other hyphenated words. I think the dialogue between Tegan and Gawain in this book is my favorite amongst the main characters of the rest of the series. One of my favorite exchanges:

“Walk with me to the arena, where there are blades you can use to gut me, if the mood strikes you.”
“For what possible reason would I do that?”
“Gut me? Is it not an ambition of yours?”
Tegan rolled her eyes.

As with all of Tracy Cooper-Posey’s amazingly detailed and unique characters Tegan is a strong-willed and independent woman with secret vulnerabilities. You can’t help but fall in love with and feel compassion for these characters. Add in flawless world-building, witty dialogue and plotting that would make Machiavelli proud and you have the perfect escapist story. Which is something I think everyone could benefit from at some point in this pandemic craziness

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The first time she had ever seen Gawaine was when she was ten years old, the year her mother, Princess Maeve of Ireland, had died.  Her father had brought her and Cadoc to Arthur’s court. At the time, Arthur’s official headquarters was no more than an armed encampment for his army and senior soldiers, and the support cadres which travelled everywhere with him.

Gawain had been barely a man himself, then, although to Tegan’s eyes, he was a giant with a loud voice and fast, strong movements, an easy laugh and blue eyes which glittered with merriment more often than not.

He had fought his first battle for Arthur, who had only been Britain’s War Duke back then—oh, the details were so very clear in her mind!  She doubted Gawain even remembered the battle or the day, but she did. Or rather, she remembered what came after the battle.

She had been hiding in the trees which sheltered the rough-and-ready camps where the soldiers rested, for the loud voices slurred by wine and the big bodies, the harsh clash of iron and the carousing had frightened her.  It was her first experience with an army camp of any sort, let alone one releasing tension after a hard day of fighting.

Tegan saw Gawain emerge from deeper inside the trees running along the other side of the rough track where she had found herself.  Gawain was with a man who Tegan guessed was his brother, judging by their similarity of appearance.  Later, Tegan had learned the man was Gaheris, the future king of Lothian.

Tegan ignored the men.  Her gaze and all her attention was caught by the woman with them.  The woman had long dark hair, so unlike Tegan’s wheat-colored curls, and a firm chin.  Like Gawain and Gaheris, she wore trews and armor and a sword strapped to her hip.  A knife jutted from her boot.  The woman was beautiful in a dark, intense way, but the quality that had caught Tegan’s attention that day and had lingered with her ever since, was that of power.  The woman looked as strong and as competent as either of the two men she stood with.  She was shorter, of course, but that did not in any way diminish her power.

Tegan had only been ten, but even then, she sensed that this woman would not quail before anything.  She would not be pushed hither and yon by men or enemies.  She would hew her own path, her chin lifted and her hands held in fists.

Tegan half-hid herself behind a slender tree and drank in every detail about the woman.  Her hair, her clothes, the armor she wore.  The way she stood and moved her hands.  The hilt of her sword and the length of it—which looked impossibly long to Tegan’s young eyes.

The three warriors had spoken for a moment as they stood upon the worn path they had stepped out onto, their voices low.  Then the woman had smiled at the two men and walked swiftly along the road, away from the white tent that was Arthur’s and from Tegan’s hiding spot.

Gawain watched her go, a strange expression on his face.  “If you do not court and marry her, brother, I will,” he told Gaheris, still watching her walk away.

“Arthur’s sister?  You’re mad,” Gaheris said.  “Don’t let our father’s delusions of grandeur infect you.  She is not for us.”

“More’s the pity,” Gawain replied with a deep sigh.  “For that is a woman worth fighting for.”

Tegan caught her breath.  Gawain had been captured by the woman’s qualities, just as she had been!

The two of them turned and walked down the road in the other direction, passing Tegan where she stood by the tree.  As they passed, Gawain spotted her.  He winked as he went by.

Tegan was struck with instant, innocent adoration.  In that moment, in her childish heart, she loved Gawain with an obsession that a merely adult heart could not possibly contain.

From that moment on, Tegan dedicated herself to becoming the type of woman Gawain would find worthy of courting and marrying—a woman like the one she had watched. A woman like the one Gawain had admired.

She learned everything she could about Rhiannon, the future king’s step-sister, and determined to become just like her—for Rhiannon was a mighty warrior in the Queen’s Cohort.

Many years later, Tegan had earned her own place in the Queen’s Cohort, but by then, Rhiannon had become Queen Rhiannon of Strathclyde, and lived in the northern reaches with Idris, the Slayer King.

It was at that time Tegan learned that a warrior wasn’t the type of woman Gawain was drawn to at all, but by then, it was too late—the metal had been cast and cooled.  She could no more change her nature than a plowshare could.

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