BATTLE OF MOUNT BADON by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Once and Future Hearts. Book 6.0

Ancient Historical Fantasy Romance

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Their every encounter gives off sparks of contempt and misunderstanding.

Bedivere is one of King Arthur’s companions, his marshall and war duke of his army.  Handsome, remote, traditional and honor-bound, all he wants is to be a perfect warrior and serve Arthur.  Only, Arthur’s people face another dark winter of deprivation and defeat at the hands of the ruthless Saxons.  How can Bedivere find victory for Arthur when there is no hope?

Cara of Brynaich is half-Saxon, the younger daughter of a reviled family. Her facial scars keep her apart from everyone. Her heart holds only hatred for the Saxons who betrayed her mother, murdered her father and brought her and her kin to such misery. She has no time for honor and tradition.  Hope is for blind fools.

She brings chaos into Bedivere’s life, while his cool indifference provokes her to ever greater excesses. When the Saxons scent the weakness of Arthur’s defenses and descend upon Mount Badon, Bedivere and Cara must find a way to fight them and not each other…

This story is part of the historical fantasy romance series, Once and Future Hearts, set in Britain during the time of King Arthur.

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2.0 Dragon Kin
3.0 Pendragon Rises

3.5 Once and Future Hearts Box One
4.0 War Duke of Britain
5.0 High King of Britain
6.0 Battle of Mount Badon

6.5 Once and Future Hearts Box Two
7.0 Abduction of Guenivere
8.0 Downfall of Cornwall

8.1 Touch by Maen Llia
9.0 Vengeance of Arthur

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A Historical Fantasy Romance/Ancient Historical Romance series

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Battle of Mount Badon
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by IngSav
This series is getting even better!! Epic, Exciting and Enthralling!

As with the rest of this magnificent series, the story of Arthur is build alongside the interactions and romance of two main characters. Both of the main romantic leads faced challenges that were relevant to the era which stemmed from events that affected their perceived self-worth. We successfully get a sense of intimacy and closeness in their romantic relationship without there being too much shared sexy details.

It was interesting to 'see' war from a female and a male point of view...the preparations, mental fortitude and physical training needed.

I love that each book in the series has been a small slice of life with the insight created by concentrating on 'everyday' characters in the epic story of King Arthur.
These books by Tracy Cooper-Posey are immersive and transporting...I look up at the end, surprised to be back in my modern day home!

 by Charles Smith
Outcast Half-Saxon and War Duke

This prolific author continues to amaze with her incredible knowledge of such a wide variety of historic eras. Here we are in Arthurian times around 500 AD in the city of Venta Belgarum which is not far from where I was born and raised in Winchester, England. Indeed to this day a large equestrian statue of King Arthur proudly dominates the High Street. This is about a half-saxon facially scarred, red-headed Cara of Brynaich now serving in the Queen's Cohort as a warrior but six years ago was the daughter of a king before he was slain by Saxons and Cara is actually a princess though lives very sparsely like most of Arthur's hard pressed people. Cara saves Bedivere the 'perfect warrior' and War Duke of King Arthur after he takes seriously ill and almost dies of fever. She cares for him and saves him. Despite the scars on the left side of her face which she tries to shield Bedivere tells her she doesn't need to hide from him and a love simmers and builds between them. Cara also befriends the new bride of Arthur, the famous Guinevere, when others shun her and Guinevere respects and likes her fondly. All this leads up to a battle with the Saxons in which Cara is a heroine. Wonderful story and romance.

 by Veronica
A compulsive read

I found Battle of Mount Badon, Book 6 in Tracy Cooper-Posey Once and Future Hearts series to be a compulsive read. The Arthurian legends have always been a favourite of mine and I love how Tracy takes the reader into the everyday minutiae of the struggles faced by the men, women and children as they fight to save their lands and loved ones against the brutal onslaught of the hated Saxons. In this tale of Cara of Brynaich, second daughter of a British king and a Saxon mother, and Bedivere, son of Duke Corneus, we meet Arthur, Guenevier, Lancelot du Lac, Morgan le Fay and Merlin, however, they are periphery to the story of the challenges faced by the facially scarred Cara and Arthur’s War Lord, Bedivere, both of whom are solitary figures only interested in the best way to fight Saxons. This book is well researched and beautifully told and I love how Tracy adds a new dimension to the Arthurian tale. This whole series is firmly placed in my Favourite Books Library and I will be rereading it a number of times.

 by Hester Helm
Fast Paced Historical Ronance

I enjoyed this book immensely! This tale of Cara and Bedivere is totally unpredictable. The fast paced action leaves one breathless and the sweet parts makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I love the unexpected animal friend woven in and I absolutely adore the magnificent end!! 💝 It had me crying happy tears.😂Thank you for sharing this awesome story, fit to be made into a stunning movie, with us your readers.

I do recommend reading the series in order, to understand better. This series will not disappoint you, especialy not this awesome book!! 💙

 by Kaylene
This book rocks!

It is difficult to find the words that will do justice to this novel. Of course there is romance between two injured warriors. But there is so much more, with King Arthur, Guinevere, Merlin, Lancelot, Morgan and so many more. All are portrayed so very clearly that they are people you’d wish to know. Except maybe Morgan. Every moment in the story not only brings in the history, it brings in the humanity, and the every day moments of a great army striving for peace. Absolutely brilliant!

 by Stephany
Battle of Mount Badon

This is the 6th book of the Once and Future Hearts Series. Tracy has continued in this book to give us a glimpse of the hardships and tribulations that war brought to the people of the time. She gives a deeper view of those times that other stories only gloss over and brings you into the story in the way only she can .

 by Beatriz
Battle of Mount Badon review

Battle of Mount Badon is the sixth installment in the Once and Future Hearts series. This is not only the story of Cara and Bedivere, but of Guenivere, Arthur, Lancelot and even Morgan, yet Bedivere may be my favourite one, even strong trees can bend 😋.

What I love most about this series is they still have the ability to amaze me six books into the series! This time Camelot caught me by surprise even though I should've been expecting it 😅😅

It's very interesting how personal relationships are woven and interlaced with the historical events with such skill. What I even like most are the strong female roles who not only  support male ones but have strength on their own.

If you like Ancient history and very well written books don't skip the opportunity to enjoy the series!

 by Audrey Cienki
Battle of Mount Baden

Tracy Cooper Posey is a totally engaging storyteller who grabs hold of you and delivers you into the story from the first word. I feel like I have actually met the characters and the scenes are set so completely that I feel that I am actually present during the action.

I cannot wait for the next book in this series.

 by Heather Baxter
Battle of Mount Badon

Yet another of Tracy's books I can not wait for, so I can get stuck into history yet again! 🙂

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As Cara drew closer, the front door of her house opened and her mother stepped out, wiping her hands on a cloth.  The houses were so narrow that simply by stepping through the door, her mother arrived right beside the two officers.

“Oh!” her mother said, startled.  “Lord Bedivere…Lord Lucan.  I had no idea this house was yours!  I hope my family’s activities have not disturbed your rest?”

Cara frowned and moved to her mother’s side.

“Queen Ula,” Lucan said, bowing his head in a graceful acknowledgement.  “We are rarely here for your activities to disturb us.”

Bedivere was the quiet one.  Cara knew little about either officer, except that they were close companions of the King, and highly trusted, skilled soldiers.  They were the house of perfect warriors.  They dedicated themselves to serving Arthur.

In Cara’s very private opinion, that made them stuffy and overly-dignified.  Bedivere in particular spent all his time with the very old officers and companions—King Mark and King Pellinore in particular—instead of keeping the company of officers nearer his own age.

Bedivere glanced at Cara briefly, silently acknowledging her presence.  Then his gaze returned to her face.  Unlike everyone who saw her, he did not tear his gaze away as if he was embarrassed to look upon her.  He studied her, without flinching.

Cara dropped her gaze to the pouch on her hip and focused upon the simple act of loosening the ties from around her waist, discomfort plucking her middle.

Brigid emerged from the house, joining the tight circle of people.  There were five of them in the street, which nearly filled the full width of it.  No one else needed to squeeze by, though.

“My oldest daughter, the Princess Brigid,” Ula told the two men.

Cara jerked her head up, suspicion forming quickly.  She flicked her gaze over Brigid, from hem to head.  Brigid wore the pretty green gown she usually kept aside for when they were asked to attend the King.  Her hair had been combed and hung in soft waves down her shoulders.  A simple ribbon held her hair back from her temples, instead of the glittering pins she normally wore, but the effect was just as pleasing.

Brigid nodded at Bedivere and Lucan as they both bowed their heads, their hands on the hilts of their swords.

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Princess Brigid,” Lucan said, his smile hinting that he spoke nothing but truth.  “You are a balm upon weary souls.”

Brigid smiled to bring out her dimples.  “It is kind of you to say so, Lord…?”

“Lucan,” he replied.   He waved toward Bedivere.  “My older brother, Bedivere of Corneus.”

Cara remembered the fuss surrounding the Corneus family which had been made in the first few days of her family’s arrival at Arthur’s court.  Bedivere had given up his right as the oldest male to rule Corneus as its Duke.  Instead, he had arranged for his sister, Mair, to rule in his stead, which allowed him to stay with King Arthur.

Cara couldn’t help but admire that dedication and loyalty.  Bedivere was a soldier, through and through.

“Oh, Lord Bedivere, I apologize.  I did not realize who you were,” Brigid said.  “You have not been in the great hall when I attend the King.”

Lucan laughed.  “Bedivere likes to stay out of the way.”

Bedivere shifted, as if the topic was uncomfortable, or tedious.  “There are already too many officers providing hysterics and drama each evening.  I see no need to add to it.”

He was just as stuffy as Cara had guessed.  Perhaps he was too dedicated to being the perfect warrior?

“Now Lancelot is back, the drama will increase tenfold,” Lucan added, although he didn’t sound upset by that.

“Why would Lancelot’s return increase the drama at court?” Ula asked, her tone genuinely curious.

Both men stirred, as if they realized they had been indiscreet.

Cara rolled her eyes. “Because half the court thinks Lancelot’s way of fighting is terrible, mother.  That’s why no one likes him.”

Brigid’s mouth turned down.  She abhorred talk of fighting and battles, for she knew little about either and could not sustain a charming conversation about them.

Bedivere, though, shifted to look at Cara squarely, without flinching.  His expression was mild.  “You learn to fight with Pellinore and Lancelot, then?”

Cara curled her hand into a fist.  She wanted to reach for her sword, only it was propped in the corner of the house behind the bedrolls.  “You disapprove.”  She made her tone flat, for despite his mild tone, she could see something that looked like disappointment in his gaze.

Bedivere raised a hand.  “You ride in the Queen’s Cohort.  You have earned your place among them.  I would not dispute your abilities.”

“But you do dispute the wisdom of learning new ways to fight,” Cara shot back.

Lucan’s eyes widened, as he glanced at his brother.

“Oh, this wind is frightful!” Brigid said in a light voice as the breeze whipped through the narrow street, ruffling everyone’s hair and clothes.

Bedivere remained completely still, as if he did not feel the wind at all.  His gaze did not shift from Cara’s face.   “Why is it necessary to learn new tricks?  I slaughter the enemy well enough already.”

Her mother stiffened in surprise.  Brigid’s mouth popped open, as she glanced from Lucan to Bedivere.

Lucan scratched at the back of his head with an awkward expression.

Cara, though, shook her head.  “Your ability to slaughter Saxons is undisputed, Lord Bedivere.”  She paused.  “So is mine.”

A furrow formed between his brows.   For the first time Cara noticed that his eyes were a tawny brown, almost a golden color.

Brigid gave a nervous laugh, trying to disperse the tension.

“Your way, Princess Cara, is not honorable,” Bedivere said flatly.

“Your way, Lord Bedivere, will kill us all.”

Bedivere’s eyes widened.

Brigid gasped.

“Cara!” Ula whispered, her tone a warning one.

Cara shook her head.  “Honor is no shield against the Saxons.  Has not this summer and the last been proof of that?”

Ula gripped Cara’s arm.  “We will not keep you from your duty, Lord Bedivere.  Lord Lucan.”  She tugged Cara toward the house.

“Thank you, madam.  We are expected at the keep,” Lucan replied, his tone just as polite as Ula’s.  He took his brother’s arm in a similar manner and turned away, bringing Bedivere with him.

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