Once and Future Hearts. Book 3.5

Ancient Historical Fantasy Romance

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It takes me back to the magic I felt when reading Mary Stewart’s stories of Merlin. – Amazon Review 

The first three books of the series that will “keep you hooked until the end”, featuring the myths, legends and magic of the beloved King Arthur stories, surrounding heart-rending romances of the men and women who lived and loved in these perilous times.

Born of No Man
Can love triumph despite duty?

Dragon Kin
Will she become the cursed king’s fifth dead wife?

Pendragon Rises
She is invisible to everyone but the blind man…

This story is part of the historical fantasy romance series, Once and Future Hearts, set in Britain during the time of King Arthur.

1.0 Born of No Man
2.0 Dragon Kin
3.0 Pendragon Rises

3.5 Once and Future Hearts Box One
4.0 War Duke of Britain
5.0 High King of Britain
6.0 Battle of Mount Badon

6.5 Once and Future Hearts Box Two
7.0 Abduction of Guenivere
8.0 Downfall of Cornwall

8.1 Touch by Maen Llia
9.0 Vengeance of Arthur
10.0 Grace of Lancelot
11.0 The Grail and Glory
12.0 Camlann

A Historical Fantasy Romance/Ancient Historical Romance series

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Once and Future Hearts Box One
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Stephany
Once and Future Hearts Boxset

If you are looking for a box set to read and you enjoy reading about Merlin and Arthur even if you already have the first 3 books of this series; you will not be disappointed.

Tracy brings you into the story and as you read you don't want it to end. This is a great box set of the first 3 books of the Once and Future Hearts Series.

 by IngSav
LOVED these books!! An epic historical story told through the romances of 'everyday' characters.

I loved 'witnessing first hand' the developing rapport and relationship between the two main romantic leads of each book. Each novel was told from the personal viewpoints of the romantic leads and kept interesting by its fast-moving action and intrigue which made it add up to a I-can’t-put-it-down series!

There were surprising twists and dastardly deeds I never saw coming! Some of these events were the hard realities of the times but it’s written so well I was swept along for the ride, railing against the fates along with the rest of the characters in the story! Tracy Cooper-Posey strikes a very sweet balance between engrossing action and intrigue, to offset the romances. Each book in the series has an intriguing storyline with political by-lines brewing in the background.

I was captivated and thrown back in time by Tracy Cooper-Posey’s writing which is rich with interesting and relevant historical details as well as multifaceted characters. The wonderfully rich setting was described in a succinct writing style and the amazingly realistic representation of individual characters' lives meant I felt like I participated in each story. There were delightfully unexpected insights into some interesting details of Ancient Britain, as if I was looking through a magnifying glass into days long-gone-by and small slice-of-life moments that made it all so intriguing.

This is an epically awesome series I can whole-heartedly recommended. Start with book one and enjoy, as I did, as each book contributes to the whole storyline of the series!!

 by Audrey Cienki
Once and Future Hearts

This is a great series filled with action and intrigue. Tracy puts together a wonderful story that parallels the Arthurian legends and history of that time while keeping the characters relatable and realistic. The Once and Future Hearts series puts Tracy Cooper Posey up there with Mary Stewart as one of the most notable Arthurian authors. Definitely a must read.

 by Dina Bushrod
You'd think the author was there, the stories feel so real

Book 1 - Born of no Man - A great start to a new Series concerning the time of the great Merlin. This story begins with the conflicts before his birth. The authors' research brings us facts and fiction so well melded together that it leaves you saying, "Wow, I didn't know that" then brings you back to "wait, did that really happen, or is it just part of this story." The main characters have background stories both good (for those times)and bad; filled with stoic bravery and some with deep pain and anger. We have hero's and heroines who will have to go through both mental and physical anguish, as well as unexpected love. The story ends at the start of the amazing and supposedly magical life of Merlin. We've seen and read many versions of this mans life, but I have a feeling this one will be the most enthralling one of all
Book 2 - Dragon King - OMG. I loved this story, it's a grand classic of historical romance. Oh, how I'd love to see this as a movie. As always the details, no matter small or large, are amazing. Actual events, mixed in with the story make you wonder if the story could possibly be true, These details, the strength of the characters, along with the authors' amazing storytelling abilities, makes you want to read all about the beliefs of that time, of curses, a duty to Lord's, Kings and their people. Of course, you'll also read of unlikely alliances through marriage without love. There are so many more fascinating details in this book that you won't want to miss. Dragon Kin is now one of my favorite historical books of all time; that is until this fabulous story-telling author releases her next book.
Book 3 - Pendragon Rises - The author never lets us down. This is the third book in the "Once and Future Hearts," a series that takes place during the time of King Arthur. A magnificent telling of finding love where least expected; of men and women both strong and weak. A new story told within stories of old, filled with adventure, lust, betrayals, beauty, and blood. It takes hold of the reader, makes our hearts beat faster, has us sighing at the wondrous feeling of love, gasping at the disaster that lust brings and the "ohhh" when you can put two and two together from having read about King Arthur and you realize what's coming and can't do a thing about it. Pick up this box set and read a story that will immerse you within the legends of old while giving you a new view of circumstances that you'd swear was always there but somehow just missed it.

 by Beatriz
Boxed series

Once and Future Hearts Box one is formed by the first three books in the series, out of six. I've already read them all and I'll tell you what, it's the best arthurian cycle series I've read in a long while. It's the perfect mix between history's accuracy and literature goodness. I even sometimes forgot that I (as everyone else) already know the end, that good a story it is! So take advantage of the huge discount and buy the bundle, there's enough quarantine left to read them all!

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Mabon straightened, relief showing in his face. “Ah! There we are. There is Mervyn now.” 

“Mabon!” The tall young man pushing his way through soldiers was richly dressed, befitting his princely status. Mervyn was Gwilym’s oldest son and an ardent supporter of Vortigern. He was known to Cadfael. Mervyn was a good fighter, though weak when cornered. Vortigern took care never to put Mervyn and his men on a flank where they might be caught in a pincer movement. 

Mervyn greeted Mabon with warm enthusiasm, babbling about rooms and food and wine. 

Cadfael let his attention wander, disinterested. The real welcome would be tonight, when the king sat at table and Mabon could press his case for supporting Vortigern. 

Two women rode into the courtyard. They wore neither veil nor mantle and no cloaks, even though the day was mild enough to warrant them. They were both dark haired Celtic maidens with clear, pale skin. The one on the left, in a white gown, was the more richly dressed of the two. Her belt was studded and thick, the buckle possibly made of gold, or a highly burnished bronze. She was a lovely woman, one of the glorious beauties that drove men to drink and duels and poetry. She left Cadfael unmoved. 

The other woman wore a deep blue gown with a plain girdle. Cadfael frowned, studying her. 

The blue was the color he had spotted, high on the hills over the town. It was not a color found in nature, which was why it had caught his eye. 

Seeing the color once more prodded him into moving toward them. He shoved his way through groups of soldiers and nudged a horse’s rump with his arm to move it out of the way. 

They saw him approach and cast their eyes to the ground with bashful grace. 

Cadfael stopped before them. “You were in the hills above the town as we rode in. What were you doing there?” 

The woman in the white gown lifted her eyes to meet his, before dropping them again. “Why, we were riding, my lord. It is a lovely day.” 

“It has become a lovely day. It did not start that way. You wear no cloaks. You left without them? In the rain?” 

The woman in blue raised her chin. “May we have the pleasure of your name, my lord, so we understand who demands we explain ourselves?” 

She had brown eyes, dark and lovely. There was nothing of the Celtic black in them. They were large and expressive. Her hair was brown, too. He could tell because no veil hid the gleaming waves and curls. A tendril the thickness of his wrist tumbled and coiled over her shoulder, brushing the corner of her jaw, to lie over her breast. Beneath, the plain girdle encompassed a narrow waist. 

“Cadfael,” he told her with a touch of impatience. Why did she not just answer the question? “Late of Deva. Now, from Calleva.” 

“You are in the presence of Vivian, daughter of King Gwilym, Cadfael,” the woman in blue informed him, her voice firm. “The princess answers to no one but the king.” 

Vivian lifted her chin. This time she did not drop her gaze. 

Cadfael cleared his throat, aware of the treacherous ground he had stepped upon. Insulting the daughter of the king they wanted to woo would not further their cause. “My lady, I apologize for my enquiry.” He attempted to make his tone servile. Instead, it emerged wooden and insincere. “I only seek to identify threats to my king.” 

“From two women?” the woman in blue said. She smiled, the full bow of her lips curving at the ends. 

She had not declared herself a princess, yet everything about her said she was high born. Her speech was that of the court. Her appointments, though plain, were still expensive. And she dared meet his gaze. 

“A threat is a threat. I make no presumptions,” he said. “Saxon women fight as fiercely as their lords.” 

“As you can see, we are no Saxons,” the lady in blue replied. “If you will make way for the princess?” 

Cadfael hesitated. Here was a mystery that itched to be uncovered. Why were two high born women riding about the hills with no escort, no cloaks and defensive attitudes? He had not forgotten that the sentries at last night’s campsite had reported the approach of someone who had later faded into the night without declaring themselves. From the gathering of small, inconsequential facts, dangerous truths became clear. 

He could not question the king’s daughter, though. Reluctantly, he stepped aside, so they could continue on their way. 

They picked up the hem of their gowns and moved toward the verandah, skirting men and horses and stuffed, heavy saddlebags piled in heaps for the servants to convey to quarters. 

As they stepped up onto the tiles of the verandah, the woman in blue looked back over her shoulder at him. Her gaze lingered, before the princess pulled her along the verandah. 

He could not question them. Instead, he would watch them and, in that way, learn their secret, for it was clear they had one. 

He would watch them very closely indeed. 


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