by Cameron Cooper

Imperial Hammer 5.0

Space Opera Novel

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This is epic science fiction at its finest. Realistic far future worlds. Incredible characters and scenarios.

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Cameron knows how to tell a story, regardless of whether we are going back in history or forward in time.

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Until this book I had forgotten just how much I love good science fiction and Cameron’s is not just good, it’s exceptional.

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The concepts are staggering and intensely interesting.

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The Empire is crumbling and humanity is on its knees.

The petulant, self-aware Array has retaliated.  It has destroyed a space station, home to a million people, and stranded Danny and her crew on the surface of the tidally locked Nijeliya II.  They must scratch for survival as best they can.

While Danny works to save the city and her people, her fury over the Array’s murder of her friends and loved ones stews deep inside.  She will have her revenge, no matter what the cost.

Only Nijeliya is a red star and notorious for throwing out superflares that can threaten the life of everything living thing.  Time is running out, not just for Danny and her crew, but for everyone in the galaxy.

Destroyer of Worlds is the fifth and final book in the Imperial Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

The Imperial Hammer series:
1.0: Hammer and Crucible
1.1: An Average Night on Androkles
2.0: Star Forge
3.0: Long Live the Emperor
4.0: Severed
5.0: Destroyer of Worlds

Space Opera Science Fiction Novel

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Destroyer of Worlds
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
by Hes Helm on Destroyer of Worlds
Nail Biting Suspense!

I loved this book!! This is a stunning last book for a fantastic series!! Well done on an excellent book Cam!

All our beloved characters are racing to redesign and modify old ships to leave the planet that will become life threatening. As usual, nothing is as it seems or even remotely easy.

As expected, Cam throws in surprises that makes you gasp and sit up. The action is satisfyingly realistic, the drama and tension tangible and the array of human emotions are raw and real. The plot sucks you in and immerses you as reader completely.

I even felt sorry for the Array, for a split second that is! I am pleased to report this book has a happy ending. I do recommend reading the series in order.

I absolutely love Cam's galaxy building and space engineering concepts!! They are brilliant and awe- inspiring, yet remain understandable.

It is an amazing adventure to open and read Cam's Sci-fi, as you are NEVER disappointed and can escape reality, GARUANTEED!! His writing style is a pleasure to read. I can' t wait for your next book of a brand new series!!

by Marjorie on Destroyer of Worlds
Of Vengeance and Survival

Cooper is a masterful storyteller, the story in this book did not disappoint. It was an engaging fast-paced read full of adventure, danger, political intrigue and even a little romance. There is conflict on every level making for a rich complex plot. The ending was inevitable, and satisfying - but not completely predictable. Character driven sci-fi in a well build, consistent world that doesn't get bogged down with info dumps explaining the science.

The only thing noticeably missing for most of the story was the Array. While that conflict was conclusively ended in a way that will change the empire forever, the timetable and pressure to solve the problem was pushed not by the Array but by other external forces. Given the Array's history and resourcefulness with exploiting holes and weaknesses and the size of the empire I expected to see more fight from the Array in this book.

Book 5 in the Imperial Hammer series, this is is the epic conclusion the series has been building towards. It contains a full story arc and enough background info that it can be read as a standalone, but the richness of the character development, the plot complexities, and the relationships are best appreciated by reading the full series in order.

by Kathy on Destroyer of Worlds
The Final Book in a Great Series

This is a great wrap up for a series I have adored. While I am sad to see the end come to this wonderful group of people I have come to know and love, I just know that whatever Danny and the crew of the ship Lythion are doing, in the future, it is going to be a grand adventure. Thank you to Cameron Cooper for giving us such an entertaining and well written series.

by Kathi Soniat on Destroyer of Worlds
Wow – Terrific Conclusion to This Entertaining Series!!!

Hopefully you’ve read the other stories in this series. A self-aware array has had a temper tantrum and destroyed a space station, housing millions. Danny and her crew are stranded on planet. No more printing food or clothes. A need to grow food and sew clothes suddenly takes life to a very basic level.

When flares occur, the focus of all on the planet changes. Teams must create or convert ships.

Our crew is still clever and creative. But this is a true make or break moment for them. Even if they can leave the planet, does danger still await them in space? Spectacular story with everything on the line

by IngSav on Destroyer of Worlds
What an awesome book! An epic and satisfying finish to the series.

An edge of the seat ride all the way through with tension abounding. After the drama and wrenching finish to book four this story picks up the thread and tells us what goes on in the aftermath. For a story that deals with life and death challenges and seemingly hopeless odds there was a fantastic balance of insights into characters' perseverance and incremental progress to keep the characters, and me as the reader, in a positive frame of mind.

There was lots of political and 'spacer' drama going on but the real heart of the story for me was the rich and insightful portrayal of the relationships between characters. Every character personality was complex and interesting.

This book, WOW! It moved me!! I gasped; I cried with sadness and I cried with delight! Not many books move me to tears despite the claims of others' reviews but this one delivered heartfelt emotions in spades!

I left the series satisfied that there were no loose ends and feeling good about the characters and their future...whatever it may hold.

I highly recommend this series and especially advocate reading all the books in order (including the short novella between, about Varg).

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