5,001 by Tracy Cooper-Posey

The Endurance Book 0.5 

Science Fiction Romance Short Story

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Devar is not the only one who may have been manipulated….

Master Engineer Caelen Williams is the most sought-after contractor aboard the closed-system marathon-class vessel Endurance, a generation ship at least four hundred light years away from its destination. Captain Lakewood, leader of the space-faring city, demands she resolve a life-threatening issue—the ship is losing water.

Caelen’s former lover, Devar, was wrongly persecuted by Lakewood’s people but for the sake of everyone aboard the Endurance, Caelen tries to solve the riddle of the draining water and learns that Devar is not the only one who may have been manipulated….

This is a short science fiction romance story, for fast reading and enjoyment.

This book is part of The Endurance SFR series:

0.5 5,001
1.0 Greyson’s Doom
2.0 Yesterday’s Legacy
3.0 Promissory Note
3.1 Quiver and Crave
3.5 The Endurance Box One
4.0 Xenogenesis
5.0 Junkyard Heroes
5.1 Evangeliya
6.0 Skinwalker’s Bane
6.5: The Endurance Box Two
7.0 Mongrels United
…and more to come!

A Science Fiction Romance Novel.

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 6 reviews
 by Mary Ann

This short story is fun to read. Several interesting possibilities are introduced as solutions to the mystery, and I was pleased with the end.

 by Carol Gielen

Wow this story was great i liked it even though it was short ,i would recommend this story i would like to read more that is i my library

 by David morgan
Gosh great book

Wow from the first words i was sucked in i no that it wad a short story but i did not want it to end i am now going to buy the rest of them

 by Ursula

I loved this short story, great writing by the author...it drew me in from the moment I started to read ! AWESOMENESS

 by Ramona
New discoveries

I loved the way this tale unfolded. I realize that this was a short story but I would have loved to see this story fleshed out more. As it is, it felt a little flat ike i could use a bit more world building. That being said I would recommend this book to everyone.

 by Lynda

Thanks to Tracy Cooper-Posey For her free book which I downloaded from Book Funnel, “5001.”
A really enjoyable few hours spent in a different world, with a rather frightening possibility of what could be. Some no nonsense characters that are confident enough of their abilities and worth, to just be who they are, no matter of rank or station. But with enough care and intellect to make things right for all, AI or not. Thanks Tracy, how much better could any world be with some simple corrections

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The end began when Caelen got a call from a frantic staffer on the Bridge itself. It was right in the middle of the Rebels game against the Crimson Crunchers. The Rebels were being slaughtered as usual because the Crunchers were an Esquilino team, but the Rebels had shown some amazing spirit. They had come so close to scoring, more than once. The possibility that they might actually get a goal kept Caelen hovering near the screen and sometimes stopping work altogether to watch when the ball floated toward the Rebels’ end of the tank.

She barely paid any attention to the call, until she realized where it was coming from.

“Now?” she asked, glancing at the game. “It’s the middle of the night…sir.” The honorific felt odd in her mouth.

The staffer assured her that now wasn’t soon enough, making Caelen mentally tack on a fifteen percent mark-up to her hourly rate. She packed her tool kit into Scrub, loaded him onto the platform she had built on the back of her bike and locked him in despite his rabid protests that he could, too, hold on by himself. She glided out onto the Artery. Traffic was light because of the tankball game, which meant she could open up the bike. She reached the Bridge end of the Endurance only twenty minutes after the call.

She presented her wrist to the sentries, who scanned her ID with deep frowns, as if she might be trying to crash the Bridge. She mentally snorted at the idea, but kept her face as grave as theirs and nodded her thanks as they dropped the shield and let her through. Then she had to back up and go through the pantomime all over again to get Scrub through.

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