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PROMISSORY NOTE by Tracy Cooper-Posey

The Endurance Book 3.0 

Science Fiction Romance Novel

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They can change life aboard the Endurance, if only they can work together.

Thanks to a small disaster aboard the Endurance, popular, beautiful and adored Laura Hyland is unable to meet the terms of a promissory note she wrote. The note has been signed over to the horrible Micah Thorn, an elite coder with a dark reputation and no social skills. The note ties Laura to Thorn and forces her to work with him. When she digs into his personal history, though, his work takes on a far deeper meaning…and could change everyone’s life for the better.

Promissory Note is the third book in the science fiction romance series readers are calling gripping, superb and fantastic. Written by award-winning SFR author Tracy Cooper-Posey, it is set aboard the closed-system marathon-class vessel Endurance, a generation ship a thousand years from its destination. If you like the smart, romantic SF of authors like Linnea Sinclair and Anna Hackett, you will love the Endurance series.

Dive into this thought-provoking new romance series today!

This book is part of The Endurance SFR series:

0.5 5,001
1.0 Greyson’s Doom
2.0 Yesterday’s Legacy
3.0 Promissory Note
3.1 Quiver and Crave
4.0 Xenogenesis
5.0 Junkyard Heroes
5.1 Evangeliya
6.0 Skinwalker’s Bane
7.0 Mongrels United
…and more to come!

A Science Fiction Romance Novel.

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Promissory Note
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“So you’re really here to see Thorn?” Havel asked, sitting back at his desk.  He turned his chair, then pulled out the chair belonging to the woman who had gone to get Micah Thorn and patted it.

Laura sat down.  It seemed like the friendly thing to do.  Besides, she did appreciate the coffee.  “I really am.”

“Why?  I mean…why you?”

“Why not me?” she asked cautiously.

Havel lifted his hand toward her, then let it fall.  “Well, look at you.  You’re beautiful.”

Someone sniggered in the far corner and she looked around, surprised.

The grey haired man looked up.  “You’re not going to get her to dinner with an approach like that.”

Laura looked at Havel, startled.  Then she gave him what she hoped was a polite smile.  “You’re very sweet.”

Havel wrinkled his nose.  “That’s what every guy wants to hear, that he’s sweet.”

“Give up, Havel,” the grey-haired man said.  “Ms. Hyland keeps company with Oskar Carey.”

There was a small silence.  Havel stared at her while Laura felt her cheeks burn.  “Groundman for the Blues?” he said, sounding impressed.

“You know who I am?” she asked, directing the question at everyone there.  “I didn’t tell you my name.”

“You didn’t have to,” the grey-haired man said.  He ran his hands over the desk then tapped it.  On the screen in front of her appeared one of the public pictures of her and Oskar, taken at the arena just after the end of a game.  “I remember faces,” the grey-haired man added.  “Especially ones like yours.”

“Hoping for dinner yourself, Amil?” Havel asked.

Everyone laughed.

The laughter cut off, like a recording halted in mid-stream.

Laura heard Havel draw in a quick breath.  She swivelled on the chair to look behind her.

Micah Thorne was standing just inside the door at the back of the room, studying her.

There was a scowl on his face.


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