The Endurance Book 3.5 

Science Fiction Romance Novel

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The first four science fiction romances in a unique series, collected together.


The AI declares Greyson is going to die and he must train his replacement.

Captain Greyson Durant has been in the job for three months, the youngest captain to ever lead the Endurance, when he is assigned to mentor the even younger Emmaline Victore, who resents the disruption to her life and Grey, too…but the longevity of the Endurance depends on them finding a way to work together.


Only Jonah has the potential to save the Endurance.

Tightening food rations, cramped living quarters, unhappy and frustrated citizens. Life on the Endurance is unravelling fast. It is Marlow Fitzgerald’s job to maintain peace, including containing trouble-makers like Jonah Solomon, the radical thinker and society drop-out who just might be able to save the ship…if only she could believe him.


They can change life aboard the Endurance, if only they can work together.

Thanks to a small disaster aboard the Endurance, popular, beautiful and adored Laura Hyland is unable to meet the terms of a promissory note she wrote. The note has been signed over to the horrible Micah Thorn, an elite coder with a dark reputation and no social skills. The note ties Laura to Thorn and forces her to work with him. When she digs into his personal history, though, his work takes on a far deeper meaning…and could change everyone’s life for the better.


He broke her heart. Tankball made her whole again.

Quiver Sheenan is the most talented topman the Endurance has ever seen. Despite her incredible abilities in zero gravity, she’d rather have a career in the sciences than play for the Dreamhawks while Kallon Crave is their captain.

These are the first four stories of the science fiction romance series readers are calling gripping, superb and fantastic.  Written by award-winning SFR author Tracy Cooper-Posey, it is set aboard the marathon-class vessel Endurance, a generation ship a thousand years from its destinationIf you like the smart, romantic SF of authors like Linnea Sinclair and Anna Hackett, you will love the Endurance series.

This book is part of The Endurance SFR series:

0.5 5,001
1.0 Greyson’s Doom
2.0 Yesterday’s Legacy
3.0 Promissory Note
3.1 Quiver and Crave
3.5 The Endurance Box One
4.0 Xenogenesis
5.0 Junkyard Heroes
5.1 Evangeliya
6.0 Skinwalker’s Bane
7.0 Mongrels United
…and more to come!

A Science Fiction Romance Novel.

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The Endurance Box One
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Dina Bushrod
The beginning stories of a great sci-fi series, one that last for centuries

Book 1 - Greysons Doom -7OMG I am so glad that this author finally got around to writing SF cause she's great at it and has proven it by being a SFR winner. The story grabbed me immediately as it surprised me with the age of the heroine and the world this story takes place in. The characters are both wonderfully complex and simple at the same time with a touch of sarcastic humor. We have a curious event that brings the two main characters together and that tells them that death is around the corner for one of them. This later turns out to be true for their entire world and the heroine won't let destiny destroy their world. During the time frame this story takes place in, both characters learn to work together despite the fact that one desperately does not want to be there. They also realize that all their time together has given them unwanted feelings and to top that off they have a really big (and I mean REALLY BIG) event thrown at them. I'm not a good reviewer as I just can't put into words what I really want to say and I also don't like to do spoilers which makes it doubly hard. Let me just say you HAVE to get this book and read about this fantastic world and all the characters in it. So to all SF fans out there, I highly recommend this book be on your reading list. To the author, PLEASE keep giving us these amazing stories.

Book 2 - Yesterday's Legacy - A magnificent addition to The Endurance Series. Although its a fantastic SciFi book, with a very few changes, could fall in other genre, such as Political, Suspense, Thriller, all with the added interest of romance. The author has given us an encapsulated world, on its way to their new home with 5,000 people and nearly 1,000 years away from their destination. Due to several events the future of both man and machine is in extreme danger. Different factions are trying to take over and if they succeed it could actually bring an end to their world. In the middle of this we find our two main characters, each trying in their own way to show the population how they will do more harm than good. That there will be a point of no return for their ship and themselves if they continue to ignore the truth. It gets so bad that they have the first murder ever committed in the centuries they have lived on this world, this ship hurling through space. Amongst all the fears love finds it's way between two very different people. I've tried to give you my feelings and highlights of this thought provoking story without spoilers and for the most part think I have succeeded. We have a winner here, whatever you do, don't pass this one up.

Book 3 - This 3 book is amazing. Each book gets better and better. Although it is science fiction it could just as easily be a book on man's sociology and financial downfalls. I believe quite a bit of research, along with the authors terrific imagination and ability, went into the writing of this book and it has given us a great story. Two damaged people come together, but completely unaware of each others secrets. Individually they both work towards the betterment of those living in a enclosed environment, but as one is forced to work with the other they discover a way to better the future of all and along the way finally allow themselves to love. I'm glad that in each new book in the series we are able to once again meet people from previous stories, even though decades may have passed. We have a civilization hurling through space to reach their new home a thousand years away from earth. What story will be next in this series, what new problems will arise, what new loves will be discovered, how much further into their future will the story be? I can't wait to find out and neither will you once you begin this fantastic journey with them.

Book 3.1 - Quiver and Crave - A delightful short sci-fi love story. The author has given us a whole lot of story on just a few pages, a story filled with a magnificent game grown from her imagination. A game which can be played by either sex, as long as they have the heart, strength, energy and talent to play. But our heroine is torn between careers and the memory of what once was and her wish to not be hurt again, makes her doubt what she really wants. This is a quick read filled with great moments, be sure and get it and continue to meet some fascinating people living on the Endurance through it's long journey to a new home.

 by Irene A.
A great journey in space

This box is included the first four books of the Endurance series, The endurance is a generational ship on a journey of 1000 years to its destination, in each book we see the development of a new challenge for the inhabitants of the ship and how their society is evolving. It's a great sci-fi story, with a lot of action elements and intrigue, the world creation is very good, and the narrative catches.
In the closed system of a ship travelling through space, the Endurance is designed to provide sustenance to its inhabitants, with the support of artificial intelligence that determines with a system of mentors the occupation of the people in the ship.
Greyson'sDoom: The book with which the saga begins, when the artificial intelligence of the ship assigns the new captain whit a mentor to train, everyone assumes that the captain has little time left to live; Shortly after the AI assigns new mentors in different areas of work, presumably that the ship is close to a catastrophe. It is the duty of Captain Greyson and his pupil Emmaline to find the best way to deal with the crisis. The two very good characters, the story hooks.
Yesterday's Legacy: This story features great action sequences and a lot of intrigues. It has been 100 years since the events of the previous book, after dismantling the pupil system where the AI assigned the trades of the inhabitants of the Endurance, each person chooses what his occupation is. The differences between the districts of the ship have been accentuated and now fractions with political interests are being generated; Jonah and Marlow are involved in the intrigues of the struggle for control of the ship and it is in their hands to avoid the destruction of the ship.

 by CM25
Even better as a compilation!

Despite science fiction being my least favorite genre, Cooper-Posey makes her futuristic world so interesting that I found myself fully engaged in the story and characters – and soon I was completely hooked. The Endurance saga is probably one of my top two series by this author and when read as a compilation, the stories are even more enjoyable (because you don’t have to wait for the next installment!). I love this series!

Greyson’s Doom –It's a different world than today - one where AI's play a prominent role in determining the future of an individual. In some ways, it's reassuring to believe that some things can be "theoretically calculated" but it's quite appalling to learn individual choice has been taken away. Does this create a better world? The relationship of Greyson and Emma, as it develops, presents interesting perspectives, as well as involving the power of the mind and "believing" what you are told versus thinking for yourself. My only reservation with the story is that, "the reasoning" for Greyson's doom seemed a bit unbelievable (as a former scientist). However, that being said - it does work for the storyline.

Yesterday’s Legacy – Several decades after Greyson’s Doom, the Endurance now finds itself in a time of stress and turmoil, despite the "enlightenment" brought on by Emma Victore. The failure of farm crops has brought tension to the Endurance, as basic rations are reduced once again. Political factions, disguising themselves as tank game fanatics, begin jostling for position while the Captain of the ship (Sekar), wrings his hands with frustration and self-doubt on how to save the ship from going down. At the forefront of it all are its unwilling leads are Marlow (head of the guards, protector of peace) and Jonah (a thoughtful man, trying to find meaning in his life, and who wants nothing more than to save the Endurance from itself). It’s an enjoyable experience to see the character development of both Marlow (love the strong female lead!) and Jonah. I enjoyed Greyson's Doom, but I liked Yesterday's Legacy even more.

Promissionary Note – In this latest installment, we meet Laura, a quiet but popular woman with a passion for gardening, and Micah Thorn, a misunderstood man with a secret and bitterly painful past. This unlikely pair has become linked by a promissory note traded by a skilled barterer of promises. Thorn proposes an unusual resolution to Laura's fulfillment of the promissory note – to which Laura agrees to (she has no choice) but she is intrigued by Thorn and the secrets he masterfully hides - and eventually uncovers his past to divulge the real man behind the angry exterior. However, Laura also has her own mysterious secret to hide. For those that like tidy endings, you'll be pleased!

Quiver and Crave - Quiver Sheehan rocks at tankball and scores a tryout with the Dream Hawks team of the Palatine, but she doesn’t want to play with Kal Crave, the famous superstar captain. We soon learn that Crave was her childhood sweetheart and broke her heart years later - and he didn't even realize it! Quiver reluctantly agrees to continue training, but is disturbed to realize there is something dangerously wrong with the plasteel walls of the tankball arena (Quiver is actually incredibly smart) – will anyone believe her before tragedy strikes?


 by IngSav
The Endurance series stories are complex and intriguing!

Greyson's Doom

I couldn’t put it down! After a mind-blowing introduction to the alternative universe this book is set in and then getting acquainted with the main characters, I was intrigued to know what was going to unfold!!
I was impressed with the wonderful alternate world the characters live in: all the repercussions of this environment and its impact on the story. It’s a lovely gentle romance mixed beautifully with SciFi.
I have to add that if you want more, as I did, then the novella "5,001" is the prequel to this series. which I thoroughly enjoyed too.

Yesterday's Legacy

So much more than your average romance, or anything in SciFi, I was challenged to follow the machinations of the characters and loved how it all came together!
I found that the tie-in to other books in the series gave me ‘warm fuzzies’ (translation: it was very emotionally satisfying) so I’d highly recommend reading all the series, and in the correct order.
It is well written with an interesting insight and perspective of how the different characters approach the issues of living on-board the Endurance. Characters are interesting, smart and decisive whilst dealing with the otherworldly situations that arise in the alternate world in which they live.

Promissory Note

I thoroughly enjoyed being drawn-in by the close-up focus on just two characters and their interactions. These characters were delightful in their slowly revealed layers of complexity. The gradual building of their relationship was romantic and understandable too, given the slowly-revealed trials and tribulation that each of them face(d).
This is an imaginative world so different from ours in structure and yet familiar enough to be relatable.
I’m looking forward to reading the next book with eager anticipation = it’s Sci Fi, but not as I previously knew it.

Quiver and Crave

WOW, I love this series and this one was soo​o​o g​o​ood, the best yet!
I was drawn in by the characters so quickly that, looking back, I could have sworn I'd read a full length novel not a shorter novelette!
Strong characters with a hidden mystery and history makes the action zip along!
The story has a dramatic backdrop in the layered gravity field of the Endurance's game tank which has been mentioned in previous novels but never in depth, as it is here. The heroine's enjoyment of the tank and commitment to the game is totally infectious - when can I have a go?!

 by Kat Z
A Wonderful Book Set

Endurance Box Set 1

Greyson’s Doom

It was so good to read this again. Emmaline is such an interesting, intelligent, gifted woman, and it was so nice to read her story again. I still love it! A great story set on the Endurance, which is traveling to a distant system with 5,000 people and an AI that makes decisions. What a wonderful story. Nothing like a nice love story set in space on a spaceship to make me smile.

Yesterday’s Legacy

Jonah and Marlow. I liked this story the first time and I continue to like it. I loved that there were some cameo appearances in this story from characters in the first book. It was interesting to see the changes to things on the Endurance. Jonah and Marlow were my favorite characters in this story: two wonderful characters I was happy to read about.

Promissory Note

A wonderful story. Filled with great characters. The ship Endurance is still traveling across space and we get to go along for the ride. It was nice to revisit Micah and Laura’s story again. Grumpy Micah Thorn is so much more than he seems. I enjoyed getting to know him.

Quiver and Crave

A lovely novelette and great addition to the Endurance series. It features Tankball team the Dream Hawks. Laura is a great character: smart, talented, and brave. Set before Promissory Note but best read after it. I liked it. Now I want to read the rest of the Endurance books.

It was great reading these stories one after another in this box set.

 by Marti Panikkar
Grab this; It’s Wonderful!

Clean, concise, soul capturing writing and clear, well thought out plots. Wonderful characters, excitement, drama, action and romance grab the reader on page one and never let go till the end! I love this series!

 by Karen
The Endurance Box One

The Endurance Box One contains the first four in a long-arc series about the ship, Endurance, as it travels across the cosmos on its way to a new planet and home for the human race.

Greyson’s Doom (years 210-219), number 1.0 in the sequence introduces the reader to this great self-contained universe of a vessel designed for multi-generational travel. The ship’s AI determines all things aboard the ship, including when they should die, and who should replace them in the limited space and consume the supplies.

Yesterday’s Legacy (year 313), number 2.0 takes the reader inside the world of enforcement and men (and women) who think outside the box.

Promissory Note (year 402), number 3.0, is actually set after the fourth installment, Quiver and Crave (year 381). Promissory Note examines the consequences of economic systems. Regardless of your personal stance on the issue, Cooper-Posey gives a thoughtful view into the broad strokes of socialism vs. capitalism.

Quiver and Crave brings the reader back to the narrow world of sports as a microcosm of society and politics.

I read the entire series, though Mongrels United, number 7.0, in sequence, without pause. Each story in the series contemplates a shift in the society, told through the events shaping those people as they hurtle through space. The characters are fully fleshed-out and become real on a visceral level. Their journey becomes your journey, and you will find yourself on the same ship, wondering if you’ll be able to catch a glimpse of them as they walk past you. I loved that references are made to previous characters, and, on occasion, they make cameo appearances to create a cohesiveness the reader will appreciate. A wonderful and creative series, just as I always expect from Cooper-Posey.

Looking forward to the next installment.

 by Stephany
The Endurance Box One

The first 4 books in this box set of the Endurance series is exactly what you would expect from Tracy. The characters, the storyline keeps you enthralled and entertained. If you are looking for something different, you won’t be disappointed.

 by Marilyn C Putman
Smart Science Fiction

If you like smart science fiction, where you are stepping into an entirely new world, or stories about people who often seem like someone you might actually have met, then by all means you should grab The Endurance Box One, a great introduction to the endlessly interesting world of the generation ship Endurance, and also a great deal.

The first book, Greyson’s Doom, plunges you directly into the world of the Endurance then draws you in, gradually and inexorably, with not only excellent writing but also remarkable detail, impeccable plotting, and exceptional imagination. The four books in this box set each lead the reader into different aspects of this fully-realized world and, as such, are all unique, something I have rarely found even though I read extensively.

There is something new to discover around every corner, not least the game of tankball, which is featured most notably in Quiver and Crave. I was surprised to find such a hotly-contested sport on the Endurance (especially since I have no interest in sports myself), and it is utterly fascinating. I highly recommend this box set and the series as a whole.

I had read all four books some time ago, received a complimentary copy of The Endurance Box One, and was more than happy to read them all again so I could pass on my honest opinion of these marvelous stories. Enjoy them all — I did! Now I’m looking forward to the next book in this series …

 by Kathi Soniat
One of My Very Favorite Series - Ever!!

******* Greyson’s Doom *******
Tracy gives us science fiction at its best – The Endurance on its 1,000-year voyage!

The Endurance is a closed-system ship and must be able to maintain itself and its people for a 1,000 year voyage. Many systems are run by AI – including deciding what career in which you will excel. Captain Greyson Durant, the youngest captain to lead the Endurance, is assigned to mentor even younger Emmaline Victore as his replacement. Unfortunately for Greyson this means statistically he will meet his demise within the next 6-10 years. Unfortunately for Emmaline, as she has no interest in being captain. Then it is revealed that every child of assignable age has been assigned a mentor – meaning 124 people will be replaced within a very short time span sometime in the near future. What event is the AI predicting, and what does that mean for Endurance?

Besides the overall mystery of the impending danger, we are treated to a fascinating world upon this ship which is like a country within itself and includes hi-tech systems to accomplish their mission in a self-sustaining manner. We are also able to delve into the hearts and minds of Greyson and Emmaline as they both deal with the situation of the mentor relationship and what it means to be captain over the Endurance.

******* Yesterday’s Legacy *******

Intricate twists and turns rule in this compelling continuation of the Endurance journey!!

The Endurance is a self-contained ship on a voyage generations long. It’s been 100 years since the last story (Greyson’s Doom) – so we have a new captain, and some failures in the self-contained systems that result in the lowering of rations and the raising of tempers.

The level of detail Tracy gives us is such that we could be there on the ship going through the trials with those aboard the Endurance. We are drawn into this world, and feel as each character does as they struggle to find their place, and understand the situations presented to them.

Marlow is the kick-ass leader of the Black guard, responsible for security and to keep the peace. Jonah has held many roles on the ship, gets easily bored and writes essays on ship life/rule and writes stories to barter for food. These two come together through political maneuvering and the machinations of various factions on the ship. Turns out the “slacker” is very bright and has some useful contacts and ideas.

From the daily struggle for enough food, to the personal relationships which are not always as they seem, to the danger of the systems of the Endurance failing we are taken on a powerful journey along with the inhabitants of the Endurance.

******* Promissory Note *******
Another fascinating look into the Endurance experience!!

The Endurance is a self-contained ship on a voyage generations long. We meet Laura as she is completing maintenance and inspection in an area that has a radiation leak. As she heads to her home she realizes the rooftop garden which she spent three years creating is completely ruined. Worse, there is a promissory note on the garden; she is likely to lose her house and everything if she cannot pay.

Kelly Peck holds her promissory note – and her produce supports his stand…..except when she goes to inform him she finds out he no longer holds her note. It is now held by Micah Thorn, an organic coder legendary for his inability to get along with people. He is studying the “time aspect” of promissory notes. An apartment now for produce two years from now. Supply and Demand – and he wants her research help in addition to her ability to get along with people.

What starts as a pure research project, ends up as much more as Laura tries to uncover the mystery of Micah, and we realize she has something she is hiding too. Laura’s affinity for people enables her to understand the “why” of their promissory notes and greatly adds to her ultimate project.

An incredible mental exercise turns into revelations with both personal and ship-wide ramifications. The clever writing of Tracy Cooper-Posey will keep you guessing and will steal your heart. A complex and powerful story.

******* Quiver and Crave *******
Short and sweet glimpse into the Endurance tankball scene

Quiver is trying out for the tankball team the Dreamhawks – a talented topman who plays best in zero gravity. The team captain Kallon is a main reason she may not stick with the team.

Watching the game from the team bench was a new experience for Quiver. When she notices the walls “singing” she lets the coach know there is a danger to the players. The senior players and those who overhear laugh at her warnings.

She and Jack knew each other when they were younger, but he didn’t recognize her as she is now.
The challenges of the game and the relationship make for a fun read.

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Endurance Year 210

In the three months Grey had been captain of the Endurance, he had never seen Yuli genuinely upset, until now.

His chief of staff sat carefully in the empty seat next to Grey, moving like he’d taken a blow between the legs. It pulled Grey’s attention away from the game. The Dream Hawks were losing three-zero, anyway.

A scream went up, the siren blew and people pummeled on the side of the tank in ferocious delight.

Make that four-zero.

Grey looked at Yuli expectantly. The older man would spit it out sooner or later.

Yuli took his time. He stared at Grey, his gaze flickering over him as if he was measuring him up. It had been a while since Yuli had given him that assessing glance.

“What is it?” Grey asked. He kept his voice down. Everyone in the chairs around them were Bridge people—yet something that made Yuli look like he did was probably best kept between the two of them.

Yuli shook his head. “I…there was a message. From the head of Accouchement.”

Grey was delighted. “You’ve been assigned a child?” he asked. “But that’s wonderful!” At the same time, he was puzzled, too. Why did Yuli look as though this was a death sentence? He was only eighty. He had at least another forty years of active life. That was plenty of time to rear a child to Emergence.

Yuli shook his head. “The Vocation division.”

“You’ve been asked to mentor someone? It’s still good news,” Greyson pointed out.

“Not me, Captain,” Yuli said, his voice low. “You.”

Grey had wagered with Paulie Duke, his chief aide, on the outcome of the game and now the Hawks were being thrashed by the Bullets, the three bottles of classic Palatine cabernet he’d wagered were at sharp risk. Despite that, the outcome of the game and the game itself lost all its allure, between one heartbeat and the next.

Grey stared at Yuli. “Me?” he repeated. “But…that’s…impossible.”

Yuli shook his head, a small movement designed not to draw the attention of anyone around them. “I checked. That’s why the Accouchement Master spoke to me directly. He confirmed it. You’ve been assigned to mentor your replacement.”

Grey’s heart started to hammer. “There has to be a mistake,” he said, trying to keep his voice down. “I’ve had the job for three months.” He looked around. Everyone was still watching the game. “There’s only one captain on the Endurance, Yuli. If I’ve been assigned a child to mentor, it means the AI—the algorithms—think I’m going to need a replacement somewhere within six to ten years.”

“I’ve been through all this with the Master,” Yuli said quietly.

“No, you don’t get it!” Grey hissed furiously. “If you are asked to mentor a child, it merely means there is a replacement needed for personnel on the Bridge. It could be anyone. But there’s only one of me. If I have to train a replacement, it means I’m going to die in the next decade!”

Yuli nodded. There was a calmness about his lined features and faded blue eyes that said he had already accepted this.

But Grey wasn’t ready to accept it at all. “I’m twenty-two years old, Yuli! You’re telling me I’m going to die before I’m thirty-two?”

“You know how it works, sir,” Yuli said gently. “It’s based on sociology and statistics. Mistakes can be made.”

“When was the last time you remember a mistake like that being made? When was the last time a profession was overstaffed?”


Grey could feel sweat prickling his back and his neck yet he was icy cold and his fingers were chilled. “Who is it?” he made himself ask. “Who is to be my doom-bringer?”

Yuli sighed. “Emmaline Victore.”

Grey searched through all the children he knew of about the right age. “Odd. I don’t know which child she is. I thought I had met all of them at least once.”

“You have,” Yuli said dryly. “She is the daughter of Anat Vicario and Jakub Emmetore. They’re both engineers.”

It still didn’t provide a memory of the girl. “Capitol district?” he asked, trying to narrow it down.

“Esquiline, actually,” Yuli replied. “Anat Vicario is a master.”

Grey shrugged. “There are dozens of masters in Engineering.”

“There are over a thousand engineers,” Yuli pointed out. “But Anat Vicario is one of the better ones, apparently. Anyway, I can have files pulled up, a profile of the girl—”

“Wait.” The mention of the Esquilino district had stirred a memory, an older one from when he had been a child himself. “Dark brown hair. Blue eyes. Skinny. She wears her hair in pigtails most of the time.” Grey had seen the child in the Aventine, her hand in her father’s as they shopped. Her father was a very big man, both in width and height. Grey recalled a pair of very large, dark blue eyes in a fragile face, eyes wide with fear, before she had ducked behind her father for shelter.

“That does sound like her,” Yuli said in agreement.

“She is to be our next captain?” Grey said, astonished. He wanted to protest once more that a mistake had been made. The child he remembered was so shy she couldn’t meet the eyes of another child. She was to be the supreme leader of the Endurance?

But he was bound by his own logic. The AIs that controlled quickening, accouchement and vocational assignments had not made a major mistake as far back as Grey could remember, which was only twenty-two years. Although even Yuli could not remember an error in assignments and he was considerably older.

It meant Emmaline Victore was to be the next captain and Grey’s own captaincy would become one of the shortest in the history of the Endurance.

Grey turned back to face the tank and pretended to watch the dismal game, his mind circling around the unpalatable fact of an early death, trying to adjust to it and failing miserably.


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