Life has derailed me. (Just a bit)

From The Productive Indie Fiction Writer:

Way back in February 2018, when this site was so new it still smelled of fresh paint, I wrote a post, “What to do when life tries to derail your plans“, which included lots of advice on hanging tough.

But sometimes, hanging tough isn’t the smart thing to do.

I’m currently in the middle of one of those crises where everything has to be dropped in order to deal with it.

Hence this cryptic and short post today. I will give you lots of details about what happened and how I dealt with it, later.

For now, I encourage you to consider your own business. How would you deal with a crisis or event that makes it impossible to write? I mean, genuine words-are-not-happening circumstances?

It’s worth considering potential events of this calibre, and making plans to deal with them. The longer your career continues, the more likely something large scale will happen that makes it impossible to write. If writing is your livelihood, you can only go so many days before not writing impacts your revenue.

And your ability to pay bills.

And we don’t get sick pay or vacation days.

I’ll leave you with that potentially depressing thought.

Tracy Cooper-Posey

SRP Author and owner of The Productive Indie Fiction Writer

Tracy is one of Stories Rule Press’ most prolific authors. She also hangs out at The Productive Indie Fiction Writer, where she writes about issues facing today’s indie author, and solutions that make the indie life a little easier.