New Memoir from SRP Author Tracy Cooper-Posey

SRP author has taken a momentary step away from fiction novels to release a highly personal memoir.

Cancer Curated

My Public Face-Off with Multiple Myeloma

Cancer is also a mental game…

Because I am an author, when I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2022, I unintentionally lived through my treatment, the ups and (some of) the downs, in a very public way.  Then something strange happened.

I begun to get messages and emails from strangers.  Lots of strangers.  My posts and public updates, they said, were helping them deal with their own brush with cancer—as survivors, patients, carers, friends and family and, sometimes, as victims.

The public updates were necessarily short and severely edited.  This book is an unedited chronology of everything I dealt with to arrive where I am today. Woven through the public posts are the raw facts and events I didn’t include in the updates.  I’ve also included my hugely subjective opinions on some of the extremes cancer patients and their carers go through and how it changes you.

Looking for a different way to think about cancer?  Try mine.

A Cancer Memoir

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