New Urban Fantasy from Taylen Carver!

SRP author has released the next installment of his urban fantasy series, Harley Firebird, today.

Everyone in Falconer is going crazy.

Harley von Canmore is a firebird, and Police Chief of the tiny town of Falconer, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.  Harley’s town is nearly all Old Race people, which creates challenges she never faced as a Royal Canadian Mounted Police Officer.

It is Imbolc—St. Brigid’s Day—and a peculiar madness seems to be infecting everyone in Harley’s town.  She figures it might be because they’re starving in a way only the Old Ones could suffer.  When the madness strikes the town’s shot-gun wielding mayor, who is purely human, Harley must figure out the root of the problem before the whole town tears itself apart…

The Mad Folk of Falconer
is part of the Harley Firebird urban fantasy series of novelettes, which is set in the same world as Taylen Carver’s Magorian & Jones series.

1.0: The Dragon of Falconer
2.0: The Orc Who Cried
3.0: The Shepherd of Fire
4.0: The Mad Folk of Falconer
…and more to come.

Urban Fantasy Novelette


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