CROSSROADS MAGIC By Tracy Cooper-Posey

Witchtown Crossing Story 1.0

Paranormal Women’s Fiction Novel


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I’m just an ordinary, middle-aged woman, and my life is falling apart….

When did I become such a cliché?  I’m divorced, working a crappy job, living on next to nothing, and wondering how it all went so wrong.

Then it goes even more wrong.  My grown daughter turns up after not speaking to me for two years, with stunning news of her own, and to cap it off, I’m summoned to a tiny, isolated hamlet in northern New York called Haigton Crossing, where my mother has lived for decades.

Haigton Crossing looks like a throw back to another time.  For such a small place, it is stuffed full of secrets.  The people there are different, including the town’s doctor, Benedict Marcus.  And Haigton Crossing is way, way too small to host a murder….

This book is part of the paranormal women’s fiction series, Witchtown Crossing:

1.0: Crossroads Magic
…with more to come!

A Paranormal Women’s Fiction series of novels.

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Crossroads Magic
Average rating:  
 20 reviews
 by Paul
With twists to spare

An enchanting story that drew me in with twists in the storyline that were both surprising and expected (the best kind - the old "I should have known" reaction to surprises)

 by Sue
Great book!

I was SO excited to read this first book in Tracy Cooper-Posey’s new series Witchtown Crossing! Crossroads Magic did not disappoint! This is a great book with wonderful brand new characters (Anna is divorced, middle aged and very relatable and her daughter Ghaliya is facing a challenging future) and a great plot. I couldn’t put it down and I already can’t wait for the next one! I highly recommend it. I voluntarily reviewed an advance reader copy of this book.

 by IngSav
Delightful and mysterious.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and was drawn in by the fascinating and complex characters, the peculiar setting and the untangling mystery.

The characters were beautifully written and I formed connections through gradual introductions that were skillfully built upon so that I felt I was getting to know them in the same way as did Anna, the likeable and relatable main character. When first meeting Anna it was obvious she had been dealt a raw deal in life and was doing it hard, (through no fault of her own other than trusting the wrong person), so I was gratified to find that this sad state of being, while often reality, was not to continue for her! The maturity and developed depth of the characters does not only relate to their looks but is borne out in their complex and unique thinking, insights and approach to life.

Haigton Crossing was rich in detail and character giving me a complex picture of the series setting whilst acting as a catalyst for the changes in Anna's life. The story introduces the magic and mysteries of the crossing in a very real slice-of-life style that made it easy to accept, presenting evidence that was irrefutable for Anna (and me). I also liked that the book did not solely rely on magic to be interesting as for me it was all about the character interactions that kept me reading.

I finished the book on a positive and happy high, feeling good about where the story left off and where the characters were at. I am looking forward to reading more books in the series but I don't feel I've been left hanging, on the contrary I liked the characters so much I would love to spend more time with them .

I purchased this book from Stories Rule Press in support of a truly talented and insightful author. Tracy Cooper Posey writes in many different genres and the similarity between all is the beautifully crafted complex characters and their interactions, something that I always seek for a very satisfying book escape!

 by Nancy Holborn
Crossroads Magic

All I can say is; "When's Book 2?" Kidding aside, I thoroughly enjoyed this new series starter even though I voluntarily reviewed and Advanced Reader copy of this book, I cannot wait to see what happens next.

 by Katherine
Brilliant new series

Without giving anything away, Crossroads Magic introduces us to Anna, an single older woman (how many of us ever get to be the hero of the book?) discovering part of her life that she's previously overlooked. In a tiny town in upper New York.
I adore Anna - she's someone I'd like to have over for lunch. She's smart, caring and genuine. The way she's portrayed at the beginning of the book, while not in a great place, still shows her dignity and determination to fight on.
I can't wait to read more in this series.

 by Kat Z
Intriguing New Series

I liked it! A great start to a new paranormal series. This is a nice story of divorced, middle aged Anna going on a journey of self discovery. She lands in the small town of Haigton Crossing where her mother lived. You really need to read this book if you want to know more. The characters are interesting and intriguing. I am looking forward to book two in the Witchtown Crossing series.

 by Laurie
Great new series!

Love this new series. Once I started reading, I didn’t want to put it down. Nice to read about a woman starting over after her daughter has grown. I see so much potential for development of the other characters. I can’t wait to read more.

 by Irysha

I was drawn in from the beginning. Can’t wait to see what the rest of the series brings. All signs are pointing towards another sensational series from Tracy Cooper-Posey

 by Kathi Soniat
Stunning New Series!!

A cross roads in many ways. A town with a population of 130 according to the sign, which is a few factors off. Discovery of your own history. Learning that fairytales can be true.

A mother/daughter duo must attend to the sudden death of their mother/grandmother.
A Murder mystery. A Reckoning. So many Possibilities.

Written in a style which keeps you engaged, learning more at a comfortable pace, and gaining two questions for every one which is answered.

High anticipation for more to come!!

 by Stephany Ezard
Crossroads Magic

This is the start of another great series by Tracy. It's fun reading about a character that is a little older and going through the normal trial and tribulations. I enjoyed the read very much and can't wait to see where the next books of the series takes us.

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Chapter One

 The only thing I was worried about as I headed back to my apartment building was the spot on the back of my hand where hot fat had left a burn the size of a nickel.  Small, but mighty, the burn throbbed and ached, reminding me it was there.  It was worse when the sun hit it, which it did frequently.  It was one of those perfect, mild days in December, when you could actually see the sky over L.A. and it was blue

Who am I kidding?  The burn spot wasn’t the only thing I was worried about.  If you were to ask me, I could rattle off a dozen major and minor problems, including the sumo-sized rat I suspect was trying to take up residence under my kitchen sink.  But those were all chronic problems.

The burn on my hand was new and painful.  I didn’t need new problems and was trying my best to ignore it until I could slather aloe vera gel on it.  Marjorie, at the diner, had hacked off a leaf from the plant sitting in the pot outside the kitchen door when Deborah, the assistant manager, hadn’t been looking. Marj had wrapped the leaf in plastic. It was in my bag, along with the serving of pecan pie which Deborah had ordered the waitresses to throw out because it was too old.  Three days old…there was nothing wrong with it, and it had more calories in it than the egg and toast I had lined up for dinner.

In this world that wasn’t the one I would voluntarily choose, today was turning out okay. Pecan pie, and Hobgoblin of History in my ears.  I had been waiting weeks for book fifteen of M.K. Lint’s fantasy series.  The library had doled it out to me yesterday and I was on chapter three.  Harry the Hobgoblin was looking for the Fairy Eloise, this book; he’d lost her at the end of the last one, because he hadn’t closed the Doors of Eternal Flame in time and a demon had abducted her. 

I like reading.  I like it a lot.

 My building was a white monstrosity that did nothing to enhance the L.A. skyline.  The white had long ago turned to a stained, dull grey.  Five years ago, a fire had broken out on the top floor and burned out a few apartments.  The black smoke had billowed up out of the windows, staining the walls above them.  The stains were still there and every time I saw them, I had to remind myself they were smoke stains, not black mould taking over the building.  Black mould seemed more appropriate.

I turned off the audiobook, stashed my phone in my pocket and headed for the front door.  I only used the front door when I came home from work.  Usually, I used the side door, because it was closer to the bus stop.

There was another homeless person sitting on the front steps, leaning against the wrought iron bannister as if they couldn’t prop themselves up, their jean jacket pulled in tight.  It wasn’t that cold, although this late in the afternoon, any warmth in the day was beginning to fade.

I swung around the homeless person’s worn boots, and up the steps, digging out my key.

“Mom?”  The voice wavered.

I whirled, my heart rate climbing, to face the woman rising from the steps, a denial on my lips. 

Blue, short, spiky hair.  A nose ring.  Black eye makeup that had run…or that she had been wearing for too many days.  The black looked like bruises.

“Ghaliya?” I asked, for the high cheekbones, narrow chin and high forehead were hers.  So were the blue eyes—even if they were blood shot.  The next question was right there, behind my teeth.  What the hell are you doing here?

Ghaliya pulled the jacket in around her once more.  She’d lost weight since the last time I’d seen her…two years, two months and five days ago.   And about thirty minutes. 

“The super said you’d be home around now,” Ghaliya said.  She bent and picked up a small black backpack that had been sitting under her knees and straightened.

Was it possible she’d got taller?  She’d been an inch shorter than me.  I didn’t think she was shorter than me anymore, and I am nearly always the tallest woman in the room.

I didn’t ask why she was here.  That was obvious.  She needed help. 

I hefted my keys instead.  “You’d better come in.”

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