DEGREE OF SOLITUDE by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Scandalous Scions. Book 9.0

Victorian Era Historical Romance Novel

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The man she once loved is now a monster she doesn’t know.

Catrin and Daniel love each other, but Daniel refused to further their relationship for fear of curtailing Catrin’s intellectual and personal freedom, and dooming her to a life of domestic servitude as his wife.  Yet their lives remain entangled.

When Daniel is shot in the face during a family rescue in Algeria, he brutally severs the ties between them and removes himself to a remote village in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Catrin travels to Wales in a last bid to resolve their differences, but the terrifying man she finds there is not the Daniel she once knew…

This book is the ninth book in the Scandalous Scions series, bringing together the members of three great families, to love and play under the gaze of the Victorian era’s moralistic, straight-laced society.

This story is part of the Scandalous Scions series:
0.5 Rose of Ebony
1.0 Soul of Sin
2.0 Valor of Love
3.0 Marriage of Lies

3.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set One
4.0 Mask of Nobility
5.0 Law of Attraction
6.0 Veil of Honor

6.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set Two
7.0 Season of Denial
8.0 Rules of Engagement
9.0 Degree of Solitude

9.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set Three
10.0 Ashes of Pride
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12.0 Year of Folly
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13.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set Four
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Degree of Solitude
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
 by Sue
Degree of Solitude

Audrey Cienki’s review sounds like mine - in my head (I can never think of the things to say when I review)! Everything she said is what I love about all of Tracy’s books. I feel like I’m living the story when I read one of Tracy's books. This one is one of my favorites!

 by Andrea G
Degree of Solitude

The story of Daniel and Catrin unfolds In Degree of Solitude. Daniel was shot in the face during a family rescue in Algeria and is left disfigured. He decides to cut all ties with Catrin and moves to a remote village. Catrin travels to Wales in a last ditch effort to resolve their differences. Will they be able to move forward together? This was another great book by Tracy. The characters were complex and the book also included a bit of murder and mystery. What more could you want in a book!

 by Linda
An emotional read on so many levels

This was an emotional read on so many levels and another well written and absorbing story from the supremely talented Tracy Cooper-Posey!

The main characters in this novel are two intelligent, private and secretive authors Daniel and Catrin who despite their love for each other, time and circumstances for them to be together are never right. When Daniel suffers horrific and painful facial scarring and isolates himself from the great family in a remote house in Wales, Catrin makes the brave decision to go to Wales for one last attempt at a relationship with him.

This book had it all, murder, mystery, unresolved love with well crafted characters that come alive in this engaging series... I would recommend this book to any readers who enjoys a well written historical romance.

This book is part of the Scandalous Scions series but can be read as a standalone story.

 by Stephany
Degree of Solitude

This is the 9th book of the Scandalous Scions Series. This is the story of Catrin and Daniel. As Tracy has done with the rest of the series; she has brought the story to life . To not become confused , it is best to read this series from the beginning. This is not just to read the series, but to understand the stryline and the interaction of the characters within the large family of this story. You will not be disappointed.

 by Kathi Soniat
True Love is Best Revealed in Adversity!!

This is a brilliant story of the journey of the relationship between Catrin and Daniel. Daniel is wounded and is in constant pain from his disfiguring facial wound. He moves to a remote area of Wales to stay away from friends and family. Catrin invades the household and begins to put basic matters to right – buying coal, hiring more staff.

Catrin does not fit the traditional role of a woman in early England. She is highly intelligent but cannot own land or write contracts. Society will not permit it. The reader is brought into this earlier time and feels as though they are there. Add in a brutal death and some additional secrets and you will be on the edge of your seat till the last page is turned.

One of the best series I have ever read.

 by IngSav
WooHoo! What a romance! What a moving story.

There are great characters throughout the book but especially the romantic leads.
Tortured hero = Check.
Smart, self-educated and thoughtful heroine = Heck yes!
There's hot and sexy chemistry but the novel isn't swamped by sex scenes although I enjoyed their foreplay and hints at a deeper connection .
These well-liked characters get the ultimate climax (pun intended) they deserve with a delightfully happy ending which gave me warm fuzzy feelings.

This novel has one of those special turning-point moments in the relationship where my breath held with delight (aka a pulse-pause moment!) and where I got the feeling that things were on the improve for the main characters.

It's an exciting story with undercurrents of unsavoury goings-on after there is a murder discovered nearby. Edge-of-your-seat suspense builds for the mysterious aspects of the murder as well as the strong romance thread.
There are hints of hidden layers of the characters past interactions which are revealed slowly throughout the book in parallel with their new relationship.

This is a welcome addition to one of my favourite series EVER with such different storylines in each novel whilst the families central to the whole series is made up of such diverse and interesting characters.
I highly recommend reading in order for a richer experience, as a lot of the family we have already met in preceding novels are involved again and again.

 by Audrey Cienki
Degree of Solitude

Tracy’s attention to detail in this, and all of her stories, is what keeps bringing me back. The clothes, the houses, the issues of the day (like doctors washing their hands and instruments), attitudes (women in society), etc. are carefully, and accurately, described while immersing you in her world.
For example, I really loved the use of the carnyx. I felt like I was with the Baskervilles during this part.
The characters, the tone of the story, the attention to detail, all contribute to a wonderful book.

 by Beatriz
Easter eggs

This is the story of Catrin and Daniel and how they overcame terrible circumstances to be together. Tracy's books are like Easter eggs, there's always a surprise inside. And what a surprise!! No spoilers, I promise ;). It never stops to amaze me how nine books into the series and the stories are still fresh. One of the things I love most is keeping up with the rest of the characters, usually you don't get that with other series. I absolutely recommend the series, worth your time!

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Catrin opened the door cautiously and blinked at the thick darkness beyond. Heavy drapes lay across every window, cutting out all light, and no lamp or fire was lit.

“Shut the damned door!” came the slurred, peremptory demand.

Her heart leaping, Catrin shut the door behind her.  She could not see him, but she knew the voice.  It was Daniel, and he was very drunk.

“I meant shut it with you on t’other side,” he growled.

“Daniel, it is me.  Catrin.”

The silence that greeted her seemed to throb.  Her heart beat with it.

Then he groaned again.  It was the same agony-filled sound as before, only this time she was close enough to hear his gasping breath once he ceased groaning.  From the sound of his voice, she judged he was somewhere on the left side of the room.

She had caught a glimpse of drapes when she opened the door.  She moved toward them now, her hand out in front of her.  Nothing barred her passage, not even Daniel.  She felt heavy wool tapestry against her fingers, gripped the fringed drape and pulled it aside.

It was not bright outside, but the introduction of daylight into a room which had been almost totally dark made it seem as though dazzling sun shone directly in the windows.

“God, stop!  Stop it!  Close them!” Daniel cried.

Catrin whirled, her hand still gripping the drape, uncertainty spearing through her.

Daniel stood next to a round table that bore no cloth, not even a placemat.  It was littered with dishes and soiled glasses, and at least four bottles of liquor—there may have been more, but her single glance did not allow her to count.

He held his arm over his eyes. His head was turn away from the window.  The light was hurting him.  For a frozen moment, Catrin could not tear her gaze away from the red, jagged scar on his cheek.

It climbed from the corner of his mouth to the far corner of his eye.  The skin was drawn up around it and the scar itself was thick.  It seemed to writhe on his skin.  While the scar was an angry red, the skin around it seemed drained of vitality.

He cursed, his voice thick, and staggered toward the window, groping blindly with his eyes screwed shut.  Catrin just barely stepped out of the way in time, for he fell heavily against the frame, one hand propping him up.

Her boots crunched upon sharp fragments and she skipped out of the way again.  The shards and fragments of a wash bowl and possibly the jug that usually accompanied such a bowl lay against the floor, with enough of the particles piled up against the wall to tell her where both implements had been flung.

Daniel fumbled for the drape, gripped it and yanked the curtain closed once more.

The room fell into darkness.

“Get out,” Daniel breathed.  This time, his words were perfectly clear.

“I came to see…to help…” she began.  Her throat closed down.  The anger in his voice!  Uncertainty overwhelmed her.

“I said, get out!”  His voice rose in a harsh shout.  Then he screamed.  It was a scream of pain mixed with a fury that strained his voice.

Catrina clapped her hand over her mouth to stop an echoing scream from emerging.  Trembling, the flesh on her back crawling, as she wondered if Daniel would reach for her, his hands closing around her in the dark, she lunged for the door and fought to open it.

She stepped out and shut the door and leaned against it, breathing hard.  Her corset was far too tight.  She raised a hand to tuck a loose curl back into her hair.  Her hand shook so hard, more tendrils escaped.

Catrin instead wiped her damp cheeks, then picked up her skirt and went back downstairs, where the only other people in the house she had seen so far would, she hoped, still be waiting.

She had questions to ask of them.  Many of them.

As she moved to the stairs, she heard more china shattering, behind her.

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