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The third trio of novels in the beloved historical romance series in one set.

The historical romance series, Scandalous Scions, brings together the members of three great families, to love and play under the gaze of the Victorian era’s moralistic, straight-laced society.

Season of Denial

He’s a rake, she’s not quite a spinster. Life is interesting when they’re together, but…

When her twin sister, Bridget, betrays Lady Mairin’s trust by marrying a man within the Great Family, Mairin determines she will find a suitable husband elsewhere, no matter what.

Iefan Davies, the family rakehell, who has rejected both the family and society, introduces Mairin to the Duke of Gascony, then teaches her to woo the duke. Between seduction lessons, Iefan shows her the world beyond the ton.

Neither considers the other suitable marriage material, for Mairin has a duke in her sights, while Iefan has no intention of curtailing his bachelor ways, although life is certainly interesting when they’re together.

The story takes you out of the “norm” for the series and adds twists and turns that make this one of the best books of the series.– Reader Review
Rules of Engagement

They loved each other before she died. Now she can’t remember why.

Lady Eleanore Neville, sister to the Duke of Gainford, was thought to have been lost at sea. Miraculously, she was rescued, only now her life is empty of meaning. She reaches for steadily more risqué entertainment and company in an effort to find it.

Cian, Earl of Innesford and the head of the Williams family, whom the Nevilles openly despise, has loved Eleanore for years. He hovers on the edge of Eleanore’s life, helping the Duke curtail the worst of Eleanore’s excesses, despite knowing there is no hope of his beloved Ellie ever truly being his.

The delicate balance begins to unravel when Cian discovers a nude portrait of Eleanore in a public gallery and is forced to act…

Each book in this series leaves me with the thought “this one is by far the best one”; wrong again.—Reader Review

Degree of Solitude

The man she once loved is now a monster she doesn’t know.
Catrin and Daniel love each other, but Daniel refused to further their relationship for fear of curtailing Catrin’s intellectual and personal freedom, and dooming her to a life of domestic servitude as his wife.  Yet their lives remain entangled.

When Daniel is shot in the face during a family rescue in Algeria, he brutally severs the ties between them and removes himself to a remote village in Pembrokeshire, Wales.

Catrin travels to Wales in a last bid to resolve their differences, but the terrifying man she finds there is not the Daniel she once knew…

Delightfully descriptive language that allows the reader to feel the constricting corsets and breathe deeply of the mountain air.—Reader Review

This story is part of the Scandalous Scions series:
0.5 Rose of Ebony
1.0 Soul of Sin
2.0 Valor of Love
3.0 Marriage of Lies

3.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set One
4.0 Mask of Nobility
5.0 Law of Attraction
6.0 Veil of Honor

6.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set Two
7.0 Season of Denial
8.0 Rules of Engagement
9.0 Degree of Solitude

9.5 Scandalous Scions Boxed Set Three
10.0 Ashes of Pride
11.0 Risk of Ruin

12.0 Year of Folly
13.0 Queen of Hearts

A Sexy Historical Romance

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Scandalous Scions Boxed Set Three
Average rating:  
 9 reviews
 by Dina Victor
scandalous-scions series

Excellent.Started with the free book and am now at book 9.5. Every book has it own story with the family thread through. I am enjoying the series immensely and would highly recommend it. I enjoyed reading this as much as reading books from Nalini Singh. It would give it a rating of 10

 by IngSav
What a delight! Three enthralling romances!

These three books are a welcome addition to one of my favourite book series EVER, all with such different storylines in each novel, whilst the families central to the whole series are made up of such diverse and interesting characters.
It's a very satisfying read of action that moves apace with interesting adventures and complex developing relationships.

It’s a delight for a Victorian-set novel to give the reader a peek beyond the strictures of The Ton and their Victorian London society facade into the close family insights that Tracy Cooper-Posey provides in the Scandalous Scions series.

This series is always exciting and I love the stimulation each book provides whether it be for romance; an escape to another 'world' (Victorian England); a raunchy frolic on the way to commitment; a long slow boil of passion; murder and mystery; edge of my seat suspense; and always strong complex main characters!

I highly recommend reading the series in order for a richer experience, as a lot of the family we have already met in preceding novels are involved again and again. Yay!

 by Simone Sparkes
Certainly scandalous

Scandalous Scions Box three consists of three stories of books: Season of Denial, Rules of Engagement, and Degree of Solitude. I love that the beginning of the books outlines the families and children, it was great as I then knew on where each person fits within the story. With the description of scenery, buildings, setting and definitely the characters as I was able to envision on where they are and appropriately how I would view on what the characters would look like and what they are wearing. I am amazed that the very strong young women were able to alter their chosen rogue men into something that fits themselves. All this without changing either characters still being left intact being just who they are, while finding the love, ambition and adventure that they all crave. It’s great to see that love endures all and able to thaw and melt hardened hearts. A recommended box set for those who indeed adores to read historical romantic fiction.

 by Marti
Wow! Just wow!

Mairen needs a noble husband & has her mind made up that it must be someone outside the great family. Unfortunately, after five seasons on the marriage mart, that husband is probably not going to appear. It’s a good thing Cousin Iefan has decided to teach her the ropes!
Tracy Cooper Posey takes you inside her story and when you finally come out the other side, you open your eyes and wonder where everyone went! Fabulous tale.
I just finished Rules of Engagement. My heart is thudding almost out of my breast. Once again, Tracy Cooper Posey has delivered a romance beyond anything you could imagine! (I’m taking a break now from the intense emotion.). Thank you, Tracy.
A lovely story where true love never fails. The beginning is a bit abrupt (Who really is Catrin?) There is a tormented male protagonist, a beautiful woman, and a mysterious murder upon the hills. The plot is rather scattered but it all comes together in the end. Not as tightly knit as most of Tracy Cooper Posey’s tales but still very enjoyable.

 by Irene
Scandalous Scions Three

A captivating read, since page one those stories keep you, each one is a standalone, one of the best historical romances I have read.
Season of Denial,
Mairin is in need of a husband and her cousin Iefan offers his help to get the best candidate of the season. while Iefen teaches him to keep interested in her, he also shows him the fun outside of the big society and its expectations. They slowly get closer and discover that they complement each other.
Rulers of Engagement
Cian has been in love with Eleanore for years, however, their relationship is impossible. Eleanore has been trying to find herself again for three years, this has led her to a behaviour full of excesses.
Degree of Solitude
After a gun shout, Daniel has changed and isolated himself in Walles.
Catrin and Daniel share a bond, which is broken in the wake of the accident that caused her injury, determined to face the facts she travels on her own to Wales, where she meets the man Daniel has become.
So far I loved those books

 by Karen
Scandalous Scions Three

Such a great series; I’ve enjoyed every single book of this wonderful story. Scandalous Scions III, is the box set of books 7.0 Season of Denial, 8.0 Rules of Engagement, and 9.0 Degree of Solitude, involving the Great Family, by Tracy Cooper-Posey.

Season of Denial engages the reader in the story of Mairin and Iefan. Both deny the significance and meaning of the Family, and society as a whole, finding each other in their mutual distains. This story has a lovely element of travel to the Middle East, lightly touching on the period difficulties for a woman traveling alone, even in 1870-71. It was fun to get a glimpse into the changing tenors of society by what would have been considered unconventional behavior, all of which we would now view as bland experimentation, yet Cooper-Posey makes it fresh by letting us see it through Mairin’s eyes as she pierces through the hypocrisy of the ton. Iefan has to learn of his own foibles that have clouded his view of the Family and his place in society.

Rules of Engagement is the long-awaited story of Cian and Eleanore, star-crossed lovers with seemingly insurmountable obstacles in their way. Cian stands on propriety to the exclusion of his own welfare and happiness; Eleanore always the dictates of family honor to determine her path in life. Even after she was presumed dead at sea, Cian grasped hope, yet when it was made tangible by her return, he allowed society to run/ruin his life. Despite frantic attempts to seize life through scandalous maneuvers, Eleanore still lapsed into the role of the dutiful daughter when given the opportunity to change her future. Cooper-Posey takes a maze of dead-end paths and creates a new conduit to a satisfying ending to this story. I devoured this installment in the Great Family series in a single sitting, deliciously enjoying the journey.

Degree of Solitude follows the redemption of Daniel from his self-imposed isolation in far Wales, through the efforts of Catrin, the woman he loves, yet abandons. What set this book apart from the previous ones in the series is the double murders, done in hideous fashion, with evidence pointing insidious fingers at Daniel. I felt the societal conventions and desires of both Daniel and Catrin for independence, warring against each of them. Rigid impositions dictated Catrin’s behavior, placing possible and pragmatic resolutions beyond her reach through legalities, not to be resolved, historically, for years to come. As always, Cooper-Posey creates ingenious solutions to seemingly insurmountable parameters to bring matters to a satisfactory resolution. I’d been looking forward to this story and wasn’t disappointed. Cooper-Posey has such delightfully descriptive language that allows the reader to feel the constricting corsets and breathe deeply of the mountain air; to experience the depths of despair and breaking open of hope within a darkened soul. Cooper-Posey is always on her game, and I’m eagerly waiting for the next one of her books, regardless of which series. I’m grateful she’s wonderfully prolific.

 by Dina Bushrod
A family living against the convention of their time can be very scandalous

Season of Denial -
What an exciting historical romance. You can tell the author does plenty of research for this time period; so much so that you'd swear she was part of this great family. We have a man, known as a womanizer, who wants nothing of the settled married life and is use to doing what he pleases without having to answer to a wife. We also have family member who is determined not to marry a member of the "family" as her sister has done, but know not how to win and keep the man she wants.. After years of not seeing each other, they meet unexpectedly and wind up agreeing to help each other; one from trouble the other from spinsterhood. Help each other they do and both learn along the way that their lives can be so much better with changes they learn while helping each other. The story is not only thrilling and comical at times, but as always we learn more of the people who comprise this very different and unconventional family; and what would the story be without some scandal along the way. We have a great ending and more characters to read about in future Scandalous Scions wonderful stories. If you haven't started book 7, DO IT NOW, and if your one of those poor souls who haven't picked up book 1 yet; all I can say is your missing out on adventure, heartache, surprises and love.

Rules of Engagement -
Each book in this series leaves me with the thought "this one is by far the best one"; wrong again. The author has given us such a strong emotional story of loss by death but brought back by sheer will of strength. I will not give spoilers for I feel that would be an injustice to you, the reader. I want you to feel the despair of loss and the discovery of helpless joy and longing. You will meet characters of such strength that they believe there is no choice but to be honorable to the past. But first one of them must live life at it's fullest in order to feel "alive". Patience, protectiveness, hidden love, all this you'll read. Then "the family" will show love matters more than anything else, but our characters must also believe this. Towards the end I felt great joy, then just one chapter away I was filled with tears and sadness at choices made because of "doing the honorable thing". The author takes us on an emotional rollercoaster ride. You MUST read this book and take the ride along with those of us that have read it. The best book in the series, or is it? Well for me, I'll know when I read the next one.

Degree of Solitude -
Another amazing story in the Scandalous Scions series. Our main characters, Catrin and Daniel, have been in love with each other for a long time, just took them a while to realize it. They finally figure it out, but Daniel turns her away. But Catrin decides she's not going to give up on being together, no matter how much time passes or the problems they each encounter. At times the problems seem insurmountable. I'm trying not to give you spoilers, so go and pick up this book from this awesome series and surround yourself with adventure, danger, and amazing love.

 by Marilyn Putman
You won't be able to put this down

This series, the Scandalous Scions, is addictive. There it is; you have been warned. Once you pick up your Kindle and begin reading this boxset, Scandalous Scions 3, it will be difficult, very difficult, to put it down. Ms. Cooper-Posey’s characters are so vividly drawn that it is as if you were reading about personal friends in the middle of a pivotal moment; her writing is so involving that she sweeps you away into her characters’ lives. Her attention to detail is amazing; there is never too much — too much is as bad as too little — and there is never too little of anything in one of this author’s books.

These complex characters draw the reader inexorably along with them on the oceans of their emotions, from the crests of exhilaration to the troughs of fear and despair, and then back again. Powerful themes are explored in all three novels as the protaganists overcome fear, pain, and their own personal demons to find what they most want to achieve in life. Drama and strife meet adventures and a knotty mystery, keeping the reader on the knife’s edge.

I devoured all three novels, always excited to know what was going to happen around the next bend. I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest review, which you have just read. Did I mention that this series is addictive? It is — and it is storytelling at its best.

 by Kathi Soniat
Stunning Historical Romance Boxset!!

******* Season of Denial *******
Captivating View into the Victorian Era!!

Mairin is tolerating her 6th season; ready to go to the country and give up on a match. When Iefan, who stays a bit outside the family influence, takes her under his wing and shows her a more “relaxed” side of the ton. Iefan also gives her tips to snare a duke – quite successfully. It may become a case of “be careful what you wish for”.

The reader is once again brought into this fascinating family, and their private flaunting of societal norms in deference to “family first”. We see many previously highlighted couples and are taken on a grand adventure all in the quest for love.
Absolutely captivating series!! I highly recommend this story and series.

******* Rules of Engagement *******
The Power of Hope – Exceptional Story!!

Lady Eleanore and Cian are in love; until she is presumed lost at sea. She is rescued, but has lost all memory of Cian. As she has been betrothed since the age of three, and her family hates Cian’s family she does not allow a rekindling of their relationship. She does however search for meaning in some rather “unladylike” pursuits.

Cian continues to keep an eye on Eleanore and works to mitigate the impacts of Eleanore’s exploits.
A debilitating fear, an unwelcome suitor and “worse” all bring Eleanore closer to Cian. When she spends time with his unusual family; they accept her as she is, and welcome her special skills in cricket and embrace her connection to Cian.
Family and society expectations play a bigger role than ever in this splendid story of remaining steadfast as long as there is any hope alive. The reader feels as though they are a part of this outstanding family in the Victorian era as they are immersed in this romantic story.

******* Degree of Solitude *******
True Love is Best Revealed in Adversity!!

This is a brilliant story of the journey of the relationship between Catrin and Daniel. Daniel is wounded and is in constant pain from his disfiguring facial wound. He moves to a remote area of Wales to stay away from friends and family. Catrin invades the household and begins to put basic matters to right – buying coal, hiring more staff.

Catrin does not fit the traditional role of a woman in early England. She is highly intelligent but cannot own land or write contracts. Society will not permit it. The reader is brought into this earlier time and feels as though they are there. Add in a brutal death and some additional secrets and you will be on the edge of your seat till the last page is turned.

One of the best series I have ever read.

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The humiliation was too great to remain in the ballroom. Mairin picked up the front of her pale blue satin gown and hurried through the back entrance. She tore the dance card from her wrist and squeezed it in her gloved hand as she moved through the rooms and halls blindly. Her heart beat far too hard for a woman who had not danced but once this night.

Windows ahead showed a brightly lit conservatory on the other side. The cool air under the glass and the freshness of green growing things would help her recover. With a touch of relief, Mairin pushed the door open and moved into the glassed-in garden. Palms and greenery edged the brick path she used to move deeper into the shrubbery. If this was a typical conservatory, there would be a chair or bench somewhere in the middle where one could repose and take in the garden.

True to form, the path widened and a bench presented itself. It was empty, which was remarkable, although the supper hour was drawing near and everyone lingered in the ballroom, waiting for the announcement of the meal.

Mairin settled on the bench, automatically arranging the folds of her ballgown. She barely noticed the sky-blue satin which had so pleased her when she bought it. She shoved the folded and bent dancing card into her pocket and felt the soft folds of paper already there.

With a sigh, Mairin pulled out the much-read letter and smoothed it open once more.

Dearest sister:

I barely know where to begin. I suppose I must impart the greatest of my news. I am a mother…

There was no need to read the remainder of the letter. Mairin knew it by heart. Bridget had born a daughter and gushed over the wonder of babies. On every page of the three tightly written sheets, her obsession over her husband, Will, spoke from among the descriptions of domestic bliss. Will, who was family and the last man she should have considered.

Mairin’s eyes ached and the lines of script blurred.

How could she? Why? The questions made her throat tighten, too.

Hurried footsteps on the brick path made Mairin lift her head, her heart sinking even farther. She had no wish to see anyone. She had thought herself safe from interruption here.

Perhaps she should have risked the scorn of the ton and returned home despite the early hour.

The tall, lean man with thick black curls who pushed through the last of the big tropical leaves and palm fronds wasn’t a stranger, although she had not seen him in a long time.

Iefan Davies, the absentee heir of the Davies family and an honorary cousin, looked as though he was in a great hurry. His black eyes met hers and his jaw worked.

From closer to the door of the conservatory came the sound of male voices, one of them strident.

Iefan glanced over his shoulder, then raised his finger to his lips. He stepped off the path and moved behind the thick copse of ferns and palms.

The other two men appeared only a few moments later. One of them was the red-faced Earl of Westgate, who appeared to be doing the muttering. His mouth worked, and his hands were fisted.

The other man was a stranger, although his clothing and appointments said he was a lord. He did not seem to be as upset as Westgate.

“Lady Mairin,” Westgate said, hurrying up to her. “I’m looking for your blighted cousin. Davies. Did he come this way?”

“Which Davies cousin do you refer to, Lord Westgate?” she asked coolly. Westgate had once spent a summer letting her think he was interested in her, only to marry Violet Brigham-Jones the next Christmas. The gossips said the new couple were unhappy and Mairin might have felt satisfaction over their unhappiness, except that little pleased her anymore. “Benjamin or Morgan?” she added, for she had spotted Ben earlier in the evening, although she wasn’t certain if Morgan was here or not.

“Iefan,” Westgate said heavily, as if she strained his patience. He mispronounced Iefan’s name as so many did, as “eye-fan” instead of the Welsh pronunciation of “ei-ven”.

“Iefan?” she repeated, saying it properly. “Why, I do believe I saw him rush down the corridor in front of the conservatory, as I came in. He looked as though he was in a great hurry. Is he trying to avoid you, Lord Westgate?”

Westgate whirled to look back toward the windows of the conservatory which looked into the house proper. “That way?” he said, his tone one of disbelief. “I swore I saw him enter here.”

“Are you accusing me of being untruthful?” Mairin asked, injecting even more chill into her tone.

Westgate glared at her.

“No, he is not, and he apologizes,” the other man said, gripping Westgate’s sleeve. “Come along, Dinsby,” he added, tugging. “Let’s find the champagne, hmm?”

Westgate stood indecisively, his mouth working.

The other man turned him and shepherded him down the path. He looked back at her and bent his head. “I apologize for interrupting your peace, my lady.” Then he pushed Westgate into returning the way they had come.

As soon as they had disappeared, Iefan emerged. He smiled, his eyes dancing, as he came toward her. “Lady Mairin, you are my savior.”

“I doubt that,” she replied. “Whatever are you doing here, Iefan? I didn’t think soirees were your cup of tea.”

He grimaced, his full lips pressing together. “They are not. The whist game in the smoking salon, however, was.”

“Ah.” She folded Mairin’s letter and slid it back into her pocket. “What caused Westgate to chase you in that way? Did he catch you cheating?”

“Me?” Iefan said. He frowned. “I do not cheat.” His voice rang like struck iron.

Mairin put her hands together in her lap. “I apologize for the inference.” She might have felt guilty about thinking Iefan capable of such a dishonorable practice, had her heart not been too full of troubles already.

How long would he linger here? When would he leave her alone? She wanted to think, which she could not do while he stood there.

Iefan studied her, a tiny crease between his brows. “Have you been crying?”

Mairin dropped her gaze to her hands, her heart giving a hard, little beat. “I had forgotten that about you,” she murmured.

“Forgotten what?”

“Your directness.”

“If you were being direct, you would call it rudeness.”

She looked up at him, startled. His eyes were dancing once more.

“What are you doing here, anyway, Iefan? You never come to society things. Did you really attend just to play a game of whist?”

“A rich game of whist, yes. You are quite right. I would rather be anywhere than in this thick concentration of upper class hypocrisy. A friend of mine was invited to play in the game and he wanted a reliable partner, so I agreed to help him.”

That Iefan had friends at all was a surprise to Mairin. That those friends were not family was intriguing.

Will and Jack and Peter, and even her older brothers, Cian and Neil, clung together. They were members of the same clubs. They kept each other company at events they attended together. They drank together. They got into mischief together. Even Ben, Iefan’s older brother, often kept the company of the family, bringing Dane with him.

Iefan, though, was different. He always went his own way. He rarely came to the family gatherings in Cornwall each September, either—while everyone else in the family attended those if they possibly could.

The mischief Iefan got up to was darker and more serious than anything his cousins had tried…or so Jack and Will and the others hinted.

What Iefan did with his time was a mystery to just about everyone. Had Mairin just glimpsed the answer? Gambling seemed to fit with the rumors she had heard about him over the years.

She considered Iefan once more, assessing him. “If you did not cheat, then why was Westgate so upset with you?”

“Because he’s a fool and cannot play a descent hand of whist even when money rides upon the outcome.” Iefan shrugged and pointed to the bench. “May I sit beside you? It would be best to linger here for a while until Westgate gives up the chase. Then I can escape this house and find a better card game elsewhere.”

Mairin cleared her throat. She wanted to refuse his request. She wanted to be alone. Yet it was a polite request and a reasonable one under the circumstances. She shifted on the bench and tucked her skirts more closely around her, to give him room.


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