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Have Ship, Will Travel

An SRP Anthology

Space Opera Science Fiction Anthology

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Adventures among the stars need a ship to get you there.

Stories Rule Press presents Space Opera Digest 2022: Have Ship, Will Travel

Space Opera heroes and heroines explore the stars and discover cool new places in ships which range from beat-up rust-buckets to sleek technologically advanced craft that are the envy of the galaxy. Space ships are quintessential for the adventures and challenges our favourite characters face.

Come and explore over 400 pages of worlds of wonder and the ships our heroes fly with Stories Rule Press’ 2022 edition of Space Opera Digest.

Space Opera Digest 2022: Have Ship, Will Travel
is the second volume in a quarterly collection of genre fiction anthologies presented by Stories Rule Press.

“Sole Survivor” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch
“Captain” by Stephen Sottong
“Big Top” by Sonia Orin Lyris
“Cycle Three” by Stephanie Mylchreest
“Star Cruise” by Ron Collins
“Watch of the Starsleepers” by Christopher D. Schmitz
“Tome Raiders” by Eric Del Carlo
“The Passenger” by Eve Morton
“An Ordinary World” by J. L. Royce
“Insanity is Infectious” by Cameron Cooper
“Achemar” by Jasmine Luck
“Moby Dick’s Doors” by Michèle Laframboise
“Learning Curve” by Neil Williams
“Exotic Matters” by Phil Giunta
“An icub on Mars” by Barbara G. Tarn
“Of Hedgehogs and Humans” by Rob Nisbet
“Smugglers Blues” by Blaze Ward
“Altered Skin” by Sara C. Walker
“An Unexpected Taste of Home” by Terry Mixon
“Murphy’s Law” by Douglas Smith

Space Opera Science Fiction Anthology

Stories Rule Press is a family-run micropress in Alberta, Canada, working as a cooperative to bring great story-tellers together and assist them with publication.

Editor Tracy Cooper-Posey is one of the original authors with Stories Rule Press. She writes across several fiction genres, including space opera under two different pen names, and grew up reading classic science fiction.

This Anthology is one of several presented by Stories Rule Press Inc. Check out the rest here!

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Christmas Romance Digest 2021: Home for the Holidays
Space Opera Digest 2022: Have Ship, Will Travel

And more to come!



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Space Opera Digest 2022: Have Ship, Will Travel
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Early Influences

An introduction by Tracy Cooper-Posey

I grew up in a tiny wheat-belt town called Cadoux, in Western Australia.  There were five houses, three stores, the A-Grade wheat silo next to the rail line, a three-room school that I attended for seven years, and a nondenominational church that I don’t remember ever stepping inside of. 

And there was the sports ground (a graded gravel football field/cricket pitch, and tarmac tennis courts) with a pavilion that was the center of social life for farmers in the area.

All the kids I went to school with lived on farms, except for three brothers who lived behind one of the other two stores (my parents own the first). 

The boys wouldn’t play with me, a mere girl.  We had no television.  But one day I found the very small collection of books for sale in my parents’ store.  From that day on, I was a voracious reader, inhaling every story I could get my hands on.

Several years after Cadoux was all but wiped out by a massive earthquake, I was acquainted with John Wyndham’s thoughtful science fiction and was blown away.  In the same year, Star Wars was released.  It wasn’t called A New Hope, then, and Han Solo did, too, shoot first.  In fact, he was the only one to fire. 

Science fiction of any kind became the staple in my reading diet, but Star Wars taught me to relax and enjoy the fun stuff. 

Acquiring SF was a challenge. The town we moved to after Cadoux did have a public library, and it was on the library shelves I found all the classic SF, including Asimov and Heinlein, plus a great many Golden Age anthologies.  The secondhand bookstore (all I could afford as a teenager) also offered classics and my personal collection began to build.

My love of short stories solidified with that early exposure.  And my love of SF has never waned. 

So I was very pleased to be able to put together this collection of space opera short stories from contemporary writers.  I had first intended to collect around twelve stories, but ended up with twenty excellent stories that range from pure fun, to laugh out-loud, to character studies which leave you deep in though.  All of them feature ships with cool characteristics…or are characters of their own.


Tracy Cooper-Posey
January 2022


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