Adelaide Becket Story 6.0

Historical Suspense Espionage Novelette

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Lady Adelaide closes in on the German spymaster called the Doctor…

Lady Adelaide Azalea Margaret de Morville, Mrs. Hugh Becket, leads an operation to recruit a potential double agent with a connection to the Doctor, with Torin Slane, the Irish professor and Fenian, and Daniel Bannister, Baron Leighton, to assist her.  All three work under the cover of the traditional Salinghall Christmas Eve Ball, which Adele’s family has attended every year for decades.

But returning home for Christmas, after eloping with a commoner many years ago, comes with complications, including her judgemental and difficult father and her trouble-prone sisters.

Only, the real trouble comes from a completely unexpected direction, putting Adele on a collision course with the Doctor himself…

The Adelaide Becket series.
1: The Requisite Courage
2: The Rosewater Debutante
3: The Unaccompanied Widow
4: The Lavender Semaphore
5: The Broadcloth Midnight
6: The Salinghall Error
7: The Indecent Agent
…and more to come.
An Edwardian Suspense Espionage series

{Also see: Thrillers, Espionage, Historical, Novelettes}

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The Salinghall Error
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Beatriz
my goodness the sixth in the series!

As I was saying... we've reached the sixth instalment in the series! How come! It's passed like a blur.

Recently Adele's become one of my favourite characters. I love that in this one we got to know her family, it puts her in so much in context, knowing her background, where she's going from there.
You heard it all, just go get 'em little Adele series!

 by IngSav
Intrigue with interesting insights into Adele's family.

I found Adele to be as captivating as ever. She has forged herself a reputation amongst her compatriots as an experienced operative and now has the confidence to lead an investigation.

The action in this story takes place on Adele's family's home turf, allowing her interactions with her sisters and father to give us further clues about her background, character and personality.

I thoroughly enjoyed this latest instalment of Adele's adventures in spying and the machinations of the German's efforts to undermine the British.

For me, this book is definitely a must-read (as part of the series) and I look forward to reading the next book.

 by Dina Bushrod
Adele shows us how awesome her deductive skills keep increasing

Ohhhh dang, I'm hanging onto a cliff. The author continues to put so much into a short story. Adele's sisters secret are discovered and the sisters attitude was a bomb of a surprise, especially when you consider the time period. Then we have a new character, the Captain , whose feelings toward women is so ugh, but fits the era perfectly (but was still so exasperating to read) and as always, Adele handles both incidents great. Then we get a bloody body and her immediate take on it is amazing. Like I've told this author before, she's given us a magnificent female Sherlock. I'd love to see a TV series from these books on PBS; check out this series and you'll agree.

 by Karen
The Salinghall Error

The Salinghall Error, Adelaide Becket--Story 6, by Tracy Cooper-Posey, is a novella, that brings Adelaide back in contact with her family. It’s been some time since she married “beneath” her station, but little has changed on the home front. I enjoyed the hypocrisy that’s exposed about her father and siblings, and that Adelaide maintains her own compass direction. Love this series and look forward to the next piece of the story.

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Adelaide moved over to the fourth door and stepped into the small, private drawing room beyond.

The naval officer in full dress uniform had been marching across the width of the room between two French sofas and the fireplace and back. He came to a halt on the carpet between the sofas, and turned to her. “I’m afraid this room is spoken for, miss.”

“It is ‘my Lady’, and I am the one you are waiting for,” Adele told him, sailing across the Turkish rug toward him.

Captain Gerald Wirth was an Englishman and a superior army officer. His father had been born in Germany, arrived in England as a child and had died when Captain Wirth was fifteen. Wirth had acquired an officer’s commission in Royal Navy and was now one of His Majesty’s most able officers. He was also one of the ton’s most eligible bachelors, and had been greatly in demand this season just past.

His gaze moved from Adele’s hems to her tiara and returned to her face. “I’m afraid you’ve made a mistake, my Lady. I am waiting for someone—a piece of business, not an assignation, I assure you.”

Adele drew her train in behind her and held out her hand. “Do you have the letter? May I see it?”

Wirth’s very blue eyes widened at the mention of a letter. His full lips parted.

Adele curled her fingers in a come-hither gesture. “The letter, Captain. It would be best not to be found pouring over documents if someone else attempt to enter the room.”

Wirth’s cheeks, beneath the high cheekbones, flushed red. “I am to deal with you?”

“If you wish this matter to be taken out of your hands, as you assured Mr. Haldane you did, then you most assuredly will deal with me.” Mr. Richard Haldane was the Secretary of State for War.

As Wirth’s face grew an even darker shade of red, Adele put some snap into her voice. “Come, come, the letter. Quickly, please.”

“This is utterly inappropriate,” Wirth declared. “I expected my meeting to be with someone in authority, not…not…you.”

“I have more authority than you in this matter, Captain Wirth.” Adele kept her tone cool. “I also have a great deal more experience. It would be wise to do as I say. Give me the letter.”

Still he hesitated.

Now,” Adele added, her voice melodious.

“To be ordered about by a woman!” Wirth muttered as he unbuttoned his tunic and reached inside. He withdrew a folded letter and thrust it at her.

Adele unfolded it.

“You won’t be able to read it,” Wirth said impatiently. “It’s in German.”

Ich kann es sehr gut lesen, danke.” she assured him, without lifting her gaze from the well-rounded writing. 


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