WAXING WAR by Cameron Cooper

Iron Hammer 4.0

Space Opera Novel

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Danny and her allies brace themselves for war.

The bellicose Slavers are hellbent on war.  While the Slavers fight each other, Danny and the Carinad worlds work to find a way out of a seemingly inevitable conflict they are ill-equipped to face.

When a Terran falls into their hands who knows the Slavers’ plans for invading the Carinad worlds, Danny thinks she may have found the key she needs to delay war, if not halt it forever…

Waxing War is the fourth book in the Iron Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper. The Iron Hammer series is a spin off from the acclaimed Imperial Hammer series, and features many of the characters and situations from that series.

The Iron Hammer series:
1.0: Galactic Thunder
2.0: Stellar Storm
3.0: Planetary Parlay
4.0: Waxing War
5.0: Ruled Out
6.0: Stranger Stars
7.0: Federal Force
8.0: Redline Rebels
8.5: Iron Hammer Boxed Set
Space Opera Science Fiction Novel

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Waxing War
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Dina Bushrod
Is war inevitable, Danny says yes, but only her friends believe eve it

Outstanding sci-fi; filled with our possible future. We have plenty of physical and emotional suspense, as before we have IA's becoming human, clones to extend life, amazing ships,possible war with humans, and what i love the most is previous characters still kicking it, along with eye opening new comers. What has me personally down, is that I have apparently read out of sequence and I find myself saying " oh no, what the heck did I miss", cause it seems like I missed some gungho action. Im scrambling to see what i overlooked, cause this is one series i want to make sure I miss nothing and neither should you.

 by IngSav
Suspense and tension builds throughout as we sense the threat of war.

There was fantastic world-building with plenty of detail that made me feel a part of the world occupied by Danny and company. Danny has many trusted, familiar crew and friends working with her throughout the various space and 'land' environments of this novel but there are also strangers in the mix creating tension because I didn't know who she could trust.

I enjoyed insights into various relationships that are evolving during the course of the series and the anticipation of not knowing what's next in the melting pot of a world with the hidden threat of war simmering in the background.

There was plenty to keep me entertained through the novel which led to an exhilarating finale in an unexpected showdown.

I can highly recommend this latest book in the Iron Hammer series and especially advocate reading all the books in order.

If you want to enjoy these characters in their fully enriched complexity then it's even better to read the Imperial Hammer series beforehand.

 by Marjorie
chess vs cards - who will win the game?

Danny and her crew have bought some time by dangling irresistible cloning and regenerating technology in front of the Slavers of Earth, but the Slavers will stop at nothing to get this tech, and when they do, will the Carinads be ready for the war that follows? This fast-paced political thriller on a galactic scale throws yet another wrench into the coming showdown between these two peoples. Enemies, allies, what information is pertinent vs a distraction - the complexities continue to build.

I admire the way Cooper handles such a large and growing ensemble cast. That is one of the things that makes these books a pleasure to read. The characters are real, fallible, distinct, and dynamic. Action scenes are exquisitely done too, there is one near the end you will not want to put down. Excellent immersive soft science space opera.

This is book 4 of 8 in the Iron Hammer series. Read them in order as there is an overarching plot that builds from book to book. Obviously lots of loose ends at this point - but the major plot points in this book were resolved.

 by Juneta Key
I get lost in the world but more important I get lost in the characters.

What great story. Love this series. I agree with what other reviewers have said. I feel like part of it. Danny and crew feel like family. Someone else said writing like this is the reason they fell in love with the genre of Space Opera in the first place. I agree. The author is talented and a masterful storyteller. I get lost in the world but more important I get lost in the characters. Highly recommend this series.

 by Kathi Soniat
The Most Intricate, Fascinating World-Building Ever!!

As we enter book #4 in this series – the details and concepts that are presented are so thought-provoking!! War with the Terrans still seems likely – though they are currently busy with a civil war.

The Terrans are really interested in the ability to clone and extend life. We see Jai – who was “killed” in the prior book go through the transfer process into a new body. We also see Slate – who was an older, failing translator robot on Terran, but with the association with Danny and her crew, and being allowed “opinions”, has now become self-aware and given his own options.

A new para-wolf hybrid, the differences between chess and cards, and so many little details which make this world truly come alive to the reader.

The efforts to understand your enemy. The coming together of a (hopefully) unbeatable team.

Then a pivotal event – which changes everything!

I’m thrilled to know there will be 8 books in this series – I just can’t get enough of it!!

 by Audrey Cienki
Waxing War

Waxing War is Cameron Cooper’s fourth book in the amazing, space opera series, Iron Hammer. It may seem hard to believe after the excitement in Planetary Parley, but Cameron Cooper has again outdone himself with this, most recent, book.
The Slavers want war, but Danny and her compatriots continue working on finding a solution to the looming crisis; all the while managing the intricacies of their own personal issues. As with the earlier books, this book brings Danny and her world into a very close relationship with the reader. I feel like I am a part of their interactions and personal considerations. I feel like a part of the family.
This series is a must read for anyone who loves science fiction/space opera and reminds me of why I fell in love with this genre to begin with.
Thank you Cameron!

 by Kat Z
Another Great Read

Danny and her friends are faced with trying to convince everyone that war with the Slavers is coming. A tough sell since the empire was dismantled and there is no central government. The thing that makes this series so good is the humanity of Danny: she values all life, she always tries to do the right thing, and she is a solidly good person. This story does not fail to deliver on that. For me this time my favorite character was Slate. I just love him for who he is and how he acts. Second favorite is Rayhel Melissa. I just know there is way more to him than what he shows others. This book is another great addition to the excellent Iron Hammer series.

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“I don’t want to take you away from your business,” I assured her. “I actually have a couple of questions for you. Stuff I didn’t want to run through a communications beacon.”

“The beacons are perfectly secure,” Kristiana assured me, moving around behind her desk. “I’ve seen Lyth’s blueprints. They’re a marvel.”

“But they’re not unhackable, are they?”

“Who would want to…?” She sat down suddenly. “Terrans,” she concluded.

I sat in the visitor chair opposite her and leaned forward. “The Terrans are trying to figure out how to access our computer systems, Kristiana. That’s what the raid on Blinni was about. I don’t see why they wouldn’t hack our communications while they’re at it. Good intelligence can win wars.”

She glanced at me, even more startled. “War?”

I nodded. “It’s coming,” I said grimly. “That’s why I’m here. After Terra, you sort of took over as spokesman for the diplomats on board the Lythion.”

“We didn’t have Jai to speak on our behalf any more,” Kristiana said, her tone remote. Her gaze fixed on me once more. “It’s inevitable? War?”

“Not if I can help it,” I said gently. “But all I might be able to do is slow it down.”

“You’re Danny Andela. I’ve seen you do miracles.”

“Only because everyone else was in there, sweating along with me,” I pointed out.

“Yes,” she said, in that same distant tone.

“The diplomats,” I said gently, returning to my point. “Are you still the de facto spokesperson for them, Kristiana?”

Her distracted, remote expression cleared. She studied me. “Good guess? Or had you heard something?”

“Heard what?”

“I was just elected the director of the newly formed presidents club.”

Heads of state, but in different words. A shudder ran through me. I pretended it was a shiver and rubbed my arms as if I was cold. “Is this presidents club talking about war at all, Kristiana?” Although I already had my answer.

She shook her head. “Most of the discussions I have about Terrans are on the side. There hasn’t been an official agenda item about them for…months.”

“And those unofficial discussions say what?”

“Are you looking for support to build an army, Danny?”

I jumped. “Why would you think it was up to me?”

She rolled her eyes. “Are there any generals left? From the Shield or the Rangers?”


“But none of them went to Terra. And none of them were on Nijeliya. If anyone gets to form an army, it will be you.”

That was something I’d have to think about. But later. Much later, if at all possible. “I’m not here for support to build an army,” I told her. “At the moment, I’m trying to slow down a war that everyone says I can’t stop.”

“That sounds about your style and speed, Danny.” Kristiana smiled fondly at me. Then her smile faded. “It sometimes feels to me as though we never went to Terra and everything we went through there is a product of my imagination. It seems very…unreal.”

“That’s what battle shock does. It cushions the memory, makes the colors fade and makes it seem remote, to take the edge off it, or you’d walk around with adrenaline leaking out your ears every time you recall it.”

“Is that what it is? I thought it was because no one seems to remember that we went there.”

I looked at her, my heart thudding. “Huh?”

Kristiana smiled. “You asked what the conversation were, that I was having on the side, when we spoke about Terrans? Those are the conversations I’m having. Everyone who didn’t go seems barely capable of remembering that there are Terrans out there. When I mention the original raids, they open their eyes and say something like, ‘Oh, yes, I remember those!’ As if it had been a hundred years ago.”

“That bad…”

Kristiana nodded. “I tried to add a discussion about increased security and preparations for Terran raids on the agenda, about three months ago, and was told it wasn’t necessary, that the Terrans were busy wiping themselves out and we had better things to do with our time.”

I sighed. It was as bad as I had feared.

“Gratia and Peter and Arata, they all agree with me that we have to do something, but none of us knows what we can do when everyone else is asleep on us. I’m the director of the club, Danny. I have to do as the majority of the members wish, and they wish to not be reminded of the Terrans.” She leaned forward. “I hope you can figure out what to do, because I can’t do a damn thing, from where I’m sitting. I think you were the smart one all along. You’ve kept yourself a free agent, no matter what.”

It didn’t feel that way to me right now.

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