GALACTIC THUNDER by Cameron Cooper

Iron Hammer 1.0

Space Opera Novel

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Danny and her crew learn that humans may not be alone in the galaxy.

Thirty years ago, Danny and her crew on the Supreme Lythion were instrumental in the defeat of the sentient array, the crumbling of the Empire and the development of crescent ships.

Now wildcat crescent ships are opening up the known galaxy, finding more worlds to be settled and new resources.  When the wildcat ship Ige Ibas goes dark and silent, Dalton comes to Danny for help, because his son, Mace, is on that ship. Despite their history, Danny agrees to try to find Mace.

But the Ige Ibas has gone dark for a reason, and Danny’s investigation rouses the ire of a new enemy, one that emerges from beyond any worlds known to humans…

Galactic Thunder is the first book in the Iron Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper. The Iron Hammer series is a spin off from the acclaimed Imperial Hammer series, and features many of the characters and situations from that series.

The Iron Hammer series:
1.0: Galactic Thunder
2.0: Stellar Storm
3.0: Planetary Parlay
4.0: Waxing War
5.0: Ruled Out
6.0: Stranger Stars
7.0: Federal Force
8.0: Redline Rebels
8.5: Iron Hammer Boxed Set
Space Opera Science Fiction Novel

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Galactic Thunder
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by Dina Bushrod
Scifi at its best. Main character Danny is awesome

Wow, just plain wow! It was sci-fi all the way. I loved every word, loved having a new series that had old friends in it, the exciting twist and turns, barely a moment of stillness and quiet. The science was amazingly believable (and I'm sure some was) which made for a fascinating read to lovers of the genre. I just love Danny and can't wait to find out what she discovers going forward..

 by Marjorie
Wonderfully complex space opera

Fast moving, exciting read full of action and drama. This book unravels like a mystery, slowly unraveling as Danny steps in to help an old friend, only to have the situation grow stranger and more dangerous as time progresses. Some really good twists and excellent pacing in this one that will keep you turning pages until the end.

This is not a one premise tale drawn out to novel length. Cooper has taken a familiar trope in sci-fi - new tech allowing for rapid expansion and first encounters of the 4th, 5th and/or 6th kind and built it into a rich complex space opera. This one is rife with conflict and fall out from the Imperial Hammer series. And more parawolves!

This is the first book in a new series that is a spin off of Imperial Hammer series. Cooper does an excellent job of world building and reintroducing familiar characters in a way that makes this book fully enjoyable to readers both new to the series and familiar with Danny's adventures with the Array. It jumps forward in time to a completely new conflict. This is the beginning of a series, so while it contains a full story arc (there isn't a cliff hanger) it is also building a larger arc and that last line is a dozy! Can't wait to see where the series will head next.

 by Kathi Soniat
Thought Provoking and Fabulous!!

First book in a spin-off series. Many of the characters we know and love. My favorite parawolf Varg had a litter, each who have bonded with many of the main characters. I’m so very pleased!

The premise is divine; we are not alone in the universe. But they are not invaders per-se. We “barely” know they exist. We cannot “find” them. We do not know what they want. Can we assume the ones who have made contact are representative of all of them? Are they rogue pirates displaying the “worst” of their species?

There is action – but there are more thought-provoking puzzles.

The smartest in the galaxy must work together to save lives and solve this mystery.

A fully satisfying story – yet there are more mysteries to solve in more from this series. Thought-provoking and fabulous!!

 by IngSav
Compulsive reading with gripping action and awesome characters!

A diverse and complex world of new spaceships and space exploration has opened up and Danny is back with another unintentional adventure.

Surprises and unusual events kept me hanging in delicious suspense during this space opera novel set with some beloved characters from the Imperial Hammer series and some new-found favourites.

I thoroughly enjoyed the linked events and explanations of character relationships that have changed since the end of the Imperial Hammer series as we catch up with Danny and the new world that opened up after the last series.

Cam Cooper has delivered an exciting start to this new series with plenty of action and a self contained storyline, but of course there's always so much more I want to know about the changing world and situation Danny finds herself in and that's why I dive into the next book...!

I highly recommend this book and to enrich your experience with the characters I would definitely read the Imperial Hammer series first.

 by Audrey Cienki
Galactic Thunder

Galactic Thunder is Cameron Cooper’s first book in the amazing, new, science fiction series, Iron Hammer. And what an amazing start this is!
Cameron somehow provides such vivid descriptions that the scenes are both realistic and satisfying. I actually feel like I am present as the characters interact both conversationally and in action scenes.
This time it is humans vs ? (No way I’m going to spoil the surprise). A new antagonist will appear in this series and wow! What will humans face now?
This story is an amazing start to this new science fiction series and reminds me of why I fell in love with this genre to begin with. And BEST last line ever!
Thank you Cameron!

 by Kathy
The Best Danny Story Yet!

Fast forward 30 years and everything is different in Danny’s life except not really. I loved this book. Old characters and new are here, as is the usual problem Danny and team has to solve. This one is a stunner. I cannot wait to see where this new series goes. Intriguing and in my opinion the best Danny book yet. This writer gets better and better with each new book. I highly recommend you read this book.

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I looked up as I heard Vara’s happy yip. She was vocal, for a wolf.

She charged up the slope from the river, her jaws open in her version of a smile. She was not heading for me. Rather, she was angling up the slope, heading for the section of the reserve where the big sliding doors gave access from the dome’s public concourse.

I sat up, the numbness in my rear forgotten, as I spotted a golden explosion of thick fur, tail, nose and ears race toward Vara, bristling with pleasure.

It was Darb, Dalton’s parawolf.

My breath caught. I kept my gaze on the two parawolves as they rubbed faces and sniffed at each other, then licked their welcomes, while everyone nearby watched them with indulgent expressions.

The last time I had seen Darb in the flesh had been when he was a pup. He was fully grown now, just like Vara.

I tore my gaze away from the pair and back to the public doors, scanning the people entering the reserve, looking for a tall man with brown hair.

There he was.

My heart picked up its already unsteady pace.

Then I saw the white blonde woman beside him, with a sunburnt nose and long legs.


I sank back upon the plaid blanket, my confusion swirling in my gut, making me feel nauseous. All during this long, drawn out week, not had I once anticipated he might bring her with him. He never had, before.

Dalton picked out my tree with his gaze. It was easy to find. It was the biggest and oldest oak on the reserve. It stood out.

He saw me under the tree, but he didn’t smile. He touched Fiori’s arm and pointed to the oak.

She focused upon the tree. Her expression was pinched. When she spotted me, she didn’t scowl.

Something was wrong.

I got to my feet and headed toward them. Halfway there, I gave the soft whistle that Vara knew not to argue with. She trotted toward me, bringing Darb with her.

We all met in the middle, which was directly beneath the hot lights, and therefore thin of grass and short on people.

Vara and Darb settled beside us, both panting happily.

I cut to the chase. “What’s happened?”

Dalton opened his mouth to speak, swallowed, then tried again. This close, he looked wretched.

“Mace is missing,” Fiori said simply. The pinched look I’d noticed from afar was the product of a deep furrow between her brows. She looked like someone had sucker-punched her in the gut.

“Missing?” I repeated blankly. Only, in my heart, I knew. Dalton’s expression, Fiori’s battered look, told the story they could not.

“The ship he was on has gone dark.” Dalton’s voice was strained. “Three days now.”

Their beacon could have gone down. Or they were on the wrong side of a flaring star. A dozen other reasons why a ship might go silent ran through my mind. But none of them would cause a ship to stay silent for three days.

Now I knew why Dalton was late, and why he looked the way he did. If something bad had happened, Mace would be the second son lost to him and he’d never properly got over the loss of the first.

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