Top 13 Fantasy Magazines I Follow

From SRP Author Taylen Carver:

Fantasy as a genre tends to run long. One hundred thousand words (400 pages) for a novel is average.

But short fantasy: short stories, novellas and novelettes, are a specialized artistry for the fantasy author. The shorter stories have the same amount of world building as the longer novels, but you only glimpse it. It’s implied by how the character behave and respond to situations, what they say, what the world looks like.

A single word can imply huge amounts of information about the world the story is set in. Perhaps the most famous example of this is a science fiction one. Robert A. Heinlein said in Beyond This Horizon, “The door dilated.” So much is implied by that simple three-word sentence.

A fantasy example would be; “The crow told her the time.” So, crows can speak in this world, and they can tell the time. They interact with humans, too. And they’re smart. (They’re smart in our world, too!)

In a novel, the author would perhaps linger for a paragraph or more, explaining how crows and humans get along, and a potted history of how this came about. A short story can’t afford to colour in all the lines. It implies and moves on.

Can you tell I like short stories? Always have. A well-told fantasy short story is a thing of joy. I like writing them, too, but I don’t get a lot of time to do it.

I read a lot of them.

I have a bunch of favourite magazines where I get most of my short fantasy fiction. Most of them also publish science fiction, but they work to make sure there’s an even balance of both each month.

I subscribe to some of the magazines, to get all their fiction every month, because I really like most of the stories they publish. Other sites, I monitor their RSS feed and read the short stories that are provided free each month. Even just following the RSS feed provides me with a ton of short stories to read each month.

Some of the magazine are 100% free for readers, relying on advertising for revenue, or sales from anthologies of their archived fiction.

All of them provide a huge spectrum of fantasy fiction, though. And none of them are “the big three” magazines. (Analog, Asimov’s, Magazines of Fantasy & Science Fiction, none of which I read on a regular basis. Surprised?)

Apex Magazine

Both SF & Fantasy.

Aurealis Magazine

The premier Australian SF&F magazine. I’ve never been sure how to pronounce the name! Don’t mind the site graphics, there’s good fiction to be found.

Beneath Ceaseless Skies

100% Fantasy. Can be a little “highbrow” at times, but if you love word porn, this is the place to find it.

Three-Lobed Burning Eye

Strange name, good stories.

Uncharted Magazine

More than just SF&F. But the fantasy is good.

Lightspeed Magazine

I subscribe to this one. They also run the next magazine:

Clarkesworld Magazine

A very successful pro magazine.

Diabolical Plots

SF & F, everything online and available free.

Dreamforge Anvil Magazine

Completely free SF & F

Interzone Digital

A rare UK magazine among the many US ones listed here. Their fiction is…just a little bit different.

Strange Horizons

One of the better known magazines on this list.

Stupefying Stories

Daily flash fiction, plus a subscription magazine. They lean toward SF, but fantasy does appear.

Uncanny Magazine

Also one of the better-known magazines on this list. SF & F.

Taylen Carver

SRP Fantasy Author

Taylen Carver generally writes contemporary fantasy, but has been known to dabble in epic fantasy from time to time.
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