A Nun with a Gun. Book 2.0

Mystery Thriller Novelette

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Taking refuge turns into a deadly game of cat-and-mouse…

In an attempt to shift the base of power in the church, the Pope’s trusted advisors have convinced him that Sister Jacobine has to go.

On the run from a Vatican hit team, Sister Jacobine seeks a safe haven with the only people she can trust. That trust nearly gets them all killed, when the ruthless killers from Rome finally track her down.

With an army of trained killers closing in, Sister Jacobine is forced to take drastic action to disappear from the church’s radar. Even if the hastily drawn-up plan succeeds, where on earth will she go?

A Nun With A Gun is a series of short stories and novelettes about Sister Jacobine, the Pope’s hitwoman. They are best read in order.

  1. Feet of Clay
  2. A Port in the Storm
  3. Excommunication
  4. Requiem Mass
  5. Den of Lions
  6. The Narrow Gate

Mark Posey is a thriller writer born, raised and living in Edmonton, Canada with his wife, author Tracy Cooper-Posey. He is a retired professional wrestler and father of four – Terry, Matthew, Katherine, and Ashley. He likes cooking, woodworking, and watching hockey when he’s not scrolling through social media or taking an afternoon nap with his three cats – Pippin, Merry, and Strider.

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A Port in the Storm
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by Nancy on A Port in the Storm
A Port in the Storm

A great story about Alice, an interesting nun. Also a quick read.

by roger r on A Port in the Storm

A unique perspective on how to resolve problems of pedophile priest.

by Mary Arnold on A Port in the Storm
A Port in the Storm

Second in he series of Nun With A Gun: Shot by black ops from the Vatican, Alice shows up at Rafferty’s house. She draws the attack to them as well as herself. Excellent read for thriller aficionados.

by Dan on A Port in the Storm
Nun with a Gun Book 1&2

Your awesome. These short reads are so intense I couldn’t put them down. Great story line. Keep up the good work. Stay safe in this crazy world.

by IngSav on A Port in the Storm
Addicted! Such fabulous characters!

What a fun roller-coaster of a story! I was straight away captivated by the action, characters and mysteries unfolding. I loved that each book is revealing more of the complexities of the characters and yet there is still fast paced action happening throughout.I'm looking forward to reading more in the series. It intrigues me to know what happens to Alice but I'm also satisfied that I don't feel like I've been left with a cliff-hanger. I'd definitely recommend starting with the first book in the series. Each book is self-contained and it's my interest in the characters that has me wanting more.

by Lady Lightning on A Port in the Storm

Wow. Another fast paced totally un-put-downable story from a what is turning out to be a fabulous series. This story starts again with a rush, that doesn’t stop. Sister Jacobine is running from the Vatican’s Black Ops teams. Truly ingenious how she escapes them. Highly recommended

by Kat Z on A Port in the Storm
Sister Jacobine is a Very Likable Assassin

This is the second story in a series and this one is just a good as the first. So the story opens with a rush and Sister Jacobine is now on the run. The thing that makes this little book interesting is the characters that interact with this assassin sister: Marty, Michael, Geri, and Rachel. I have to say that I like them, but I think Geri is my favorite sidekick so far. It is really hard not to like this very likable amazing nun and I found myself laughing at parts of this story. I am looking forward to finding out what other trouble the good Sister gets herself out of.

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