HUNTING THE KOBRA by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Project Kobra. Book 1.0

Romantic Espionage Thriller 

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Just when you think you know exactly where the story is going she steers it in the opposite direction.

Wow! A thoroughly engrossing intrigue with an enthralling love thread.

With so many books to read, I don’t usually re-read novels but I was delighted to do so with this one.

I am hooked. Action-adventure, romance, intrigues this story has it all. Prepare to get addicted.

Seriously, I really hated this book. I could not put it down once it started rolling. I dreamed about this doggone book for heaven’s sake! You can’t tell who’s good or bad because they keep you spinning around. This one is good! Nope, he’s bad! Nope he’s………..I’m so confused!

I’m so in love with this book that I will be buying that actual book to put in my collection at home.

Good luck trying to put this book down!

Definitely twists that I didn’t see coming!

She sucks you right into the story and gets your heart pounding!

Tracy brings serious competition to the big boys of spy thrillers.

If you like John LeCarre, Lee Childs and John Grisham, you will absolutely love this book. It far surpassed my highest expectations.

Every time I thought I had it figured out another twist or turn would make me second guess and start to suspect someone else.

Had me going to an ending I did not entirely expect.

The twists are non-stop and I pretty much never knew who was good or bad until the end, which is a surprise.

An unbelievably good book! It is fast moving with so much going on that you will never want to put this book down.

Reminded me of the exhilarating feeling one gets from a good thriller. Twists and turns all around, a misterious death, deception, love and great action.

Ooh the suspense …. Who to trust!!

Has it all: mystery, intrigue, action, espionage AND a heroine that isn’t too stupid to live.

Opens with a bang and it’s not a quiet ride – plot twists and developments, in addition to the layers of each character being built… whew!

Amazing read!!

Pulled me in from the start and I couldn’t put it down (this isn’t just a figure if speech, I really read it on one sitting with a few breaks in between for essential errands!)

When they say no one is who they seem to be, take it seriously. What an amazing page turning, can’t put it down, sitting on the edge of your seat book!

A page turner and a pure pleasure.

No one is who they seem to be. No one at all…

When her lover and partner, Denis, dies in a random terrorist bombing, Quinn craves answers no one can give her.

An international businessman, Elijah Aslan, who says he once knew Denis well, seems to need the same answers. He alone understands Quinn’s pain.

Yet Aslan is not the simple businessman he appears to be. Flagged by the CIA, Aslan’s contact with Quinn sends up alarms and thrusts Quinn into the middle of an affair with unseen roots in Denis’ past, and with world-shaking consequences if Quinn doesn’t play her part perfectly…

This romantic thriller is the first book in the Project Kobra series.

1.0: Hunting The Kobra
2.0: Inside Man
3.0: Heart Strike
…and more to come!

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Hunting the Kobra
Average rating:  
 15 reviews
by Sandy on Hunting the Kobra
Hunting for the Kobra

This book was captivating! All the twists, great storyline, kept me guessing, I could not put it down. Very believable and put you in the main character's shoes. Can't wait to read the rest of the series.

by Sandra Stevenson on Hunting the Kobra

What a great book. I didn’t want to put it down.

by Bryan Stace on Hunting the Kobra
Hunting the Kobra

Very well thought out and written, I just could not wait to turn each page. One of the best books that I have ever read. Well done.

by Beatriz on Hunting the Kobra
Hunting the Kobra

Hunting the Kobra is the first book in the very new series Project Kobra from Tracy Cooper-Posey. I'm not a huge fan of thrillers, and it'd been a while since I've read one, but coming from Tracy I decided to give it a go aaand it delivers just fine. It is a delicious slow burn. I also love how very well researched it is, it seems so realistic to me. Can't wait for the next one in the series!

by Heather Baxter on Hunting the Kobra
The Snake

This was an excellent thriller. It kept me guessing for long enough, especially when it came to trying to figure out which side Noah was or wasn't on.

This on kept me guessing for as long as Quinn was confussed I suspect. A really well thought out thriller & I can not wait for the follow up. Especially if it's to be done along the same lines.

Great book Tracy, thank you for that.

by Audrey Cienki on Hunting the Kobra
Hunting The Kobra-Great Book

If you like John LeCarre, Lee Childs and John Grisham, you will absolutely love this book. It is a suspense espionage thriller with a bit of romance thrown into the mix. It far surpassed my highest expectations.

I had forgotten just how much I love this genre until reading Hunting The Kobra. The twists. The turns. Everything and everyone is just not what they seem to be. I cannot wait for the next book to see what surprises Tracy has in store for us.

by Glenys nicoll on Hunting the Kobra
Hunting the Kobra

This one has you guessing from beginning to end, though I was always rooting for Noah, an intriguing read with lots to keep you guessing

by Emmai on Hunting the Kobra
Hunting the Kobra

Although all the stories I’ve read by Tracy Cooper-Posey are thrilling, this is my first thriller from this author. I found the pace fast and satisfying with plenty of character twists to keep me alert throughout the plot. I started reading this book at 11 a.m. and couldn’t put it down until I finished it at 6 p.m. Tracy’s heroine, Quinn has to grow due to the challenges she faces. Aslan, the counter hero, has such depths to him that he pops in his scenes. Tracy even gives his crew, Toni, Mitchell and Noah, many layers to keep them real. Thank you, Tracy for giving us a thriller of a story to enjoy.

by Debra Henderson on Hunting the Kobra
HuntingThe Cobra

Hunting The Cobra is an action packed booked that keeps keeps you guessing from the very beginning. It has lots of mystery, action, passion and you never know who to really trust in the book. Quinn is the main woman in the book and you can just imagine how you would feel if you were in her shoes. Absolutely, brilliant writing. I highly recommend this book.

by Marguerite on Hunting the Kobra
Hunting The Kobra

Held me from the first sentence. Looking forward to the remainder of this new series.

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