Beloved Bloody Time series Book 5.5

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Time Travel Romance Boxed Set

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The entire vampire time travel futuristic paranormal romance series in one set!

In the early 23rd century, vampires learned how to travel back in time. They created a time-tsunami that threatened life as we know it, until they corrected their mistake. The Chronometric Conservation Agency was form and tasked with preserving history and protecting humanity’s future. The Touring arm of the Agency offers trips back into the real past, with vampire guides, called travelers.

Now, two hundred years on, vampires are trying to emerge more fully into human society and find complete acceptance, but their attempts stir up enemies, including Psi-filers—genetically modified psychics—who resent the few rights that vampires have already achieved. Time travel comes with its own dangers and difficulties, too.

Love among the annals of history and across time itself…these are the stories of the heroes and heroines of the Agency.

All five massive novels, two novellas and interstitial notes from the author, this collector’s set has everything!

READER ADVISORY: These vampire ménage romance novels each contain two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language. It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, ménage scenes, and anal sex.  Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this series.

This boxed set contains the entire Beloved Bloody Time series.
1.0: Bannockburn Binding
1.1: Wait
2.0: Byzantine Heartbreak
2.1: Viennese Agreement
3.0: Romani Armada
4.0: Spartan Resistance
5.0: Celtic Crossing
5.5: Beloved Bloody Time Boxed Set

Vampire Ménage Time Travel Futuristic Romance Series

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Beloved Bloody Time Series Boxed Set
Average rating:  
 5 reviews
 by Stephany Ezard
Beloved Bloody Time Series Boxed Set

This is a fantastic book set by Tracy Cooper-Posey. This is a set that you must read each book in order. It had great fluidity between each book and each character. I could not put this set down once I started reading it and I can truthfully state that this will be a book set that I will return to and reread over and over again.

Each book does have their own individual story but each book intertwine to make a great story of love, time travel, war and how individual people can get together to make a life together

 by Sarah
I love this series!

This set is a collection of 5 books written about vampires and time travel! It combines all my favorite things in one collection. They follow the long lives of the vampires and their human counter parts and love interests through out history. These are well written and have incredibly complex interwoven story lines that added more characters as the series progressed. The basic overreaching plot is good versus evil and each book added to the drama. I had previously read several of the books separately and could follow the plot, but it pays to read them in order. It definitely kept me up past my bedtime!

 by Rachel
Well worth the read

I started reading these books a few years ago. Great reads, all of them. Keep you gripped till the final chapter. I was lucky enough to get half the series for free and they have kept me entertained over this long hot summer. Hot sex scenes and fantastic story telling what more do you need!!

 by Andiee
The Beloved Bloody Time Series Boxed Set

This is an amazing vampire time travel romance series. The romances in this series come in threes and the love scenes are really hot. We get to experience each set of three and go along for the ride. These books have lots of twists and turns and are very exciting. The final book in this series is epic and is an awesome way to end the series.

 by Kathi Soniat
Absolutely Stunning Epic Read – Prepare to be Awed!!

**********1.0 Bannockburn Binding 5-stars
Intensely clever and entertaining story. Vampires have learned to travel through time. They bring customers to various times for vacation or family research. While back in time the vampire travelers revert to human (so lose powers). When one traveler Natalia (Tally) is captured and held hostage by Robert MacKenzie, a Bruce clansman, she is in danger of stasis poisoning…a side effect of time travel which can be fatal.

When another traveler Christian who cares for Tally comes to ancient Scotland to find her; he discovers she has fallen in love with Rob, and for very good reason cannot travel back to her original time. An absolutely splendid and original concept, brilliantly executed, resulting in a highly entertaining, sexy read,

********** 1.1 Wait* 6-stars (so I cheated)
OMG. Such a clever, twisted, frustrating, wonderful mix of missed chances, time travel and living as a vampire. This is an amazing vignette of Christian and Natalia crossing paths over decades. It is important to have read Bannockburn Binding first, and this may just break your heart.

**********2.0 Byzantine Heartbreak 5-stars
This story highlights Ryan and Nayara. Their history goes back centuries, and they have been requested to tell their story to become more relatable to humans by Cael. Their history includes a ménage relationship, after losing their third neither entered into another relationship. This exercise forces them to face many truths and an individual who wants them both.

When psi factions start to attack vampires; complications and danger escalates. Fascinating, historical, romantic and exciting exposition which includes two inferno-hot ménages.

**********2.1 Viennese Agreement* 5-stars
Brilliant novella investigating how a video was acquired and made public; of a vampire feeding from a willing donor, but presented in a manner very detrimental to public opinion. Intriguing mystery which results in a new romance.

**********3.0 Romani Armada 5-stars
The plot brilliantly thickens. The psi discover a new way to attack, and it becomes apparent that some humans have natural psi ability. Some time-travelers get stranded, some glimpses of the future predict catastrophe, and all are reeling from the attacks.

A new sizzling ménage is formed, and change of guards is required at the Agency.

Incredibly intricate storylines weave in and out of time, revisiting ancient history and sharing the future with time-travel and maintaining a protocol to not interrupt how time must exist.

“Time has no shape,” Justin told her. “It’s only humans who experience time as a line.” ”Another way to look at time,” Ryan added, “is to realize that all moments, everywhere and everywhen, are all happening at the same moment. Time is what gives them shape. Time is the fourth dimension, the one that makes sure all those moments happen in the order they should.” “But you just said all moments happen at the same time!” ”They do, except that time separates them. Time is the reason there are consequences.” Ryan gave her another small smile. “It’s a chicken and egg thing, Deonne. If you try to figure out if Justin jumped back to Liping because you were in danger, or if you ran into danger because Justin went back to Liping, you’ll make yourself crazy.”“I hadn’t even thought of that!” she said, horrified.

Completely engrossing; an epic read!!

**********4.0 Spartan Resistance
Another stunning chapter (actually 25) in this amazing series!! Mariana continues to keep the Agency running smoothly – and runs afoul of Brendan as chief of security. When famous lothario Laszlo Wolfe courts Mariana their rift becomes worse.

Marley becomes known as a doctor who will assist the psi-filers. Flying cars malfunction, Gabriel finds a new way to attack humans only – blaming vampires, and worsening the divide between them. Ryan falls into extended sleeps as he tries to recover from Gabriel’s attack. A new stunning ménage is formed.

Intricate time-travel scenarios, a character with two instances due to time travel, a surprise appearance of psi-powers within the Agency, a new female vampire romance, and edge-of-your seat action.

**********5.0 Celtic Crossing
We are presented an unusual cast of characters; vampires who can time travel – psi filers who can read minds or have various other powers – and humans. All are preparing for war against an individual who is so powerful he knows you are going to attack him before you do. How can you defeat such a man?

The focus is on Marley, who stays in a bad area to doctor the psi-filers. They cannot pay, but they always know what item she could use, sometimes before she does. The focus is also on Kieran who is an ex-warden and Rhydder who is training an army for battle.

The cast of characters from previous stories in the series are also here – as every person is needed for this battle. It is wonderful to be drawn back into the lives of these individuals; their challenges, their loves and their histories all coming together in this heroic confrontation.

The romances in this series come in threes; which make for brilliantly scorching scenes.

Note: I read this final story in the series before I read the prior stories as I had just discovered this author. Now I have “caught up” in this boxset. I thoroughly enjoyed the final story without the prior ones; but the journeys you take in the entire saga are incredible and well worth the time!!

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The Chronometric Conservation Agency near-Earth satellite station. 2262 A.D.

Ursella Shun hated vampires with a carefully hidden distaste and all-encompassing prejudice that humans in bygone centuries had once held for different races and religions. Ursella Shun was the twenty-third century’s bigot.

That was why someone with a sense of ironic humor had appointed her the head of the Historical Defense Bureau, which had oversight jurisdiction of the Chronometric Conservation Agency. It was Ursella’s monthly inspection tour of the Agency and as usual she was making her tour in person.

Nayara sent Christian Hamilton to meet Shun at Halfway Station and escort her the rest of the way to the Agency. Who better to smooth Shun’s feathers and put her in a good mood than a genuine Southern gentleman who had been raised within a system of intricate bigotry and racial differentiation?

The fact that he could draw a sword, take Shun’s head off and sheath it again before she had time to open her mouth and scream probably wouldn’t even occur to Shun. Christian Lee Beauregard Jackson Hamilton knew how to pour on the charm when he needed to.

So Nayara hovered in the receiving lounge, watching the shuttle nudge its way up against the docking clamps with infinite care, and laughed at her own nervousness. The station went through this craziness every month, thanks to Shun insisting on visiting in person. They should be used to it by now. But every month they turned themselves inside out trying to placate the diminutive Shun.

The status lights over the bay doors flickered over to green. After a moment or two, the doors opened. Then Tinker, the human pilot, emerged. He gave Nayara the thumbs up and headed down the passage toward the kitchen and the tiny office he used as his quarters when he arrived at the station. He would grab a quick meal and wait to return Shun to Halfway Station.

Then Ursella Shun and Christian emerged. Christian was bending over the tiny woman, listening respectfully as she spoke. He wore all black as he always did, which made his blonde hair seem even lighter. He glanced up, a single flicker of his green eyes, spotting Nayara. He lifted his hand, silently guiding Shun over toward Nayara as Shun continued to speak.

“Director Shun,” Christian said, breaking into Shun’s monologue. “See, Ms. Ybarra is waiting for you.”

Shun frowned, looking up at Nayara. “Nayara,” she acknowledged, brushing at the long skirt of her pristine white business dress.

“I trust your journey was comfortable, Director Shun?” Nayara asked. “Christian did procure you the best seat on the beanstalk, I trust?”

Shun’s lips thinned. “You know perfectly well I get vertigo in free-fall.”

Nayara painted a smile on her face. “Of course, you are always more than welcome to take advantage of the shortest route here.”

Shun didn’t quite shudder. The quickest route to the agency involved direct contact with vampires. Flesh on flesh. Ursella would rather suffer through free-fall and twelve hours of travel than have a vampire put their arms around her. But she would never say that aloud. Instead her face grew taut and her eyes neutral. “Of course,” she said stiffly. “Is Mr. Desmond in his office?”

“Ryan is waiting for you, yes.”

“Would you like me to show you the way, Ursella?” Christian asked.

“Thank you, no,” Ursella said shortly. “I know my way from here. Thank you for your company, Mr. Hamilton.” She nodded at him and moved stiffly down the corridor toward the administration section of the station.

Christian blew out a long breath once she was out of hearing range.

Nayara rested a hand on his arm. “Thank you, Christian. What else can I say? I know what she is like, but with you, Ursella does arrive here in a more amenable mood.”

“Oh, I don’t mind soothing her for you, ma’am,” Christian replied, in his soft southern drawl. “Except I know that she’ll be in Ryan’s office for twenty seconds and he’ll have her all riled up once more. That Irish temper of his…” He shook his head.

“It’s not just Ryan,” Nayara pointed out. “Ursella isn’t always a diplomat, either.”

Christian gave her one of his slow, knowing smiles. “Ryan is the diplomat, Nayara. Why are you the one pouring all the oil on the waters?”

She couldn’t help smiling. “Want me to pull rank and tell you where to put your nosy question?”

“If you want me to escort the wonderful Ms. Shun back to Halfway, I wouldn’t if I were you.” But he wore a smile, too.

“Damn it, Christian, you have no respect for your elders,” Nayara replied.

Christian touched his hand to an invisible hat brim. “I find it hard to remember to treat you as anything but a lady when you’re so beautiful and sexy, Nayara.” He turned, heading for the living quarters. “’tis little wonder Ryan’s temper is so unstable,” he said over his shoulder. “You really should consider putting him out of his misery, you know.”

Nayara quieted the lurch of her heart Christian’s parting words caused and waited for her breathing to steady before she turned in the other direction and headed for Administration. Christian was irreverent, that was all. It didn’t mean he was accurate. He had simply been deflecting her gentle admonition back. Yes, that was it. He had been on the defensive.

Her mind and heart settled, Nayara tapped back into her messages and tasks as she walked, picking up the myriad strings of her busy day, deliberately dismissing Christian’s barb from her memory altogether.

After all, Christian was no judge. He had his own affaire de coeur troubles.


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