ROMANI ARMADA by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Beloved Bloody Time series Book 3.0

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Time Travel Romance Novel

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What goes around, comes around, including love.

Justin Edward Kelly, vampire and Chronologic Touring Agency member, hates time traveling and prefers to pretend he’s human. Deonne Rinaldi is human and arm-twisted the Agency into the deal of a life-time: They make her a vampire if she pulls off the PR campaign of her career and makes humans like vampires. Everyone was stunned when the mismatched pair became lovers, including Deonne and Justin. Neither of them will admit even to themselves how well the relationship works.

While Deonne is tucked away in history to protect her from Gabriel’s psi-file army ravages, Justin gets a time-delayed letter from her telling him their affair is over. She is in love with Adán Xavier Santiago, a Romani vampire from ancient Spain who will turn her.

Despite the massive dangers of screwing with time this way, Justin travels back to China to confront Deonne, but when he arrives there is no Adán and Deonne knows nothing about the letter. Justin, not used to time traveling, figures he’s averted a personal disaster until Deonne meets a sexy Spaniard who introduces himself as Adán….

READER ADVISORY: These vampire ménage romance novels each contain two hot, sexy alpha heroes, frequent, explicit and frank sex scenes and sexual language. It includes heart-stopping sexual scenes between the aforementioned sexy heroes, ménage scenes, and anal sex.  Do not proceed beyond this point if hot love scenes offend you.
No vampires were harmed in the making of this series.

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3.0: Romani Armada
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Vampire Ménage Time Travel Futuristic Romance Series

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Romani Armada
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Stockholm, Sweden, 2264 A.D.

Deonne straightened up from the impact of landing as Tally let her go. “Thank you for bringing me back here, Natalia. I know…well, I don’t know. I can’t imagine how difficult things are for you now, so I appreciate you acting as courier for me. It’s so good to be home.”

Tally gave a ghost of a smile. “I like to stay busy right now. It keeps my mind occupied. I think I’d go crazy, otherwise. When you’re ready to go back, I’d be happy to jump you back, too. I always liked China.” She pushed the door of the arrival chamber open.

Deonne looked around at the arrival reception, which was sparse and neat. “Where is home, this time?”

“Sweden. Do you know any Scandinavian languages? Common hasn’t really taken off here.”

“Not at all.”

Tally gave another of her small smiles. “Maybe Justin does.”

Deonne caught her breath. “He’s here? He’s coming to the meeting?” Her whole body seemed to pulse and her breath halted as she waited for Tally’s confirmation. She halted and Tally was forced to turn and look back at her.

“Justin is here,” Tally replied.

The wave of joy that swept through Deonne almost burned in its intensity. She scrabbled for breath as her eyes stung. Even her knees seemed to weaken.

“Are you okay?” Tally asked, stepping closer. She reached out to touch Deonne’s arm, but didn’t quite connect. She peered into her face. “Are you crying?” she asked, her voice very soft.

“No!” Deonne shook her head and tried to smile, but her senses were all scrambled. She glanced around for witnesses to her humiliation.

“You’re safe,” Tally assured her. “No one comes back here unless they’re heading for the chambers.”

Deonne walked over to the window and gripped the sill, drawing in air and gathering her composure. Tally stepped up next to her. “He’s really under your skin, hmm?”

“Is that where he is? Most of the time, he’s nowhere to be seen.” She pummeled the windowsill. “Damn him.”

Tally squeezed her shoulder. “That sounds a lot like Lee, before Rob came along. He never would stick around, either.” She smiled and this time it wasn’t sad or ghostly. There was warmth and compassion in it. “Sometimes they need a proverbial whack on the head to see things straight.”

“I can’t imagine Justin letting anyone hit him on the head.” Deonne felt a smile tugging at her lips. “He has a temper, you know. He hides it behind all that Australian charm and good humor, but it’s there. Black Irish. I think he got it from his father’s side of the family.”

Tally’s smile broadened. “That’s something he’s hidden from all of us a long, long time then.” She tilted her head. “Are you ready to go, now?”

Deonne turned away from the window and smoothed down her skirt. Then she glanced down at it and frowned. “I can’t wear this to the meeting, Tally. It’s twenty-first century fashion.”

“I think you look marvelous,” Tally told her. “That silk looks fabulous on you. Everyone in the meeting room knows where you came from, anyway.”

Horror spread through her. Deonne shook her head. “I have a reputation to maintain. An image. I can’t possibly be taken seriously wearing what amounts to an historical costume!” She glanced around, looking for the atomic readout that she knew would have to be somewhere in the arrival lounge. “How long until the meeting starts?”

“Not long,” Tally began.

Deonne spotted the read out. “I have an hour. That’s time enough to find something for me to wear that belongs to this century, at least.”

Tally looked doubtful. “I don’t think Nayara wants any of us wandering around in public and especially not non-vampires.”

“You’ll be with me. Bring someone else if you want reinforcement,” Deonne told her. “Please, Tally. I simply can’t walk into that room looking like a refugee from a theatrical production.”

“I don’t think anyone would mind. You wouldn’t be the first of us to do it.”

Deonne shook her head. “I can’t, Tally. Please.” She didn’t know Tally well enough to reveal the deep uneasiness she normally felt dealing with Ryan and Nayara and the other vampires she mentally catalogued as the movers and shakers in the agency. Dressed like this, she would feel even more self-conscious and awkward.

Tally tilted her head and gave Deonne a small smile. “You didn’t give a thought to what you were wearing until I mentioned Justin. Now suddenly, you’re panicking. It has nothing to do with your professional image.”

Deonne stared at Tally, her mind swirling as she scrambled to accept this unpalatable truth. She really hadn’t considered her appearance until the subject of Justin’s presence at the meeting had been raised. All she had cared about was being back in the twenty-third century.

Tally’s smile warmed. Then she gave a small, soft laugh. “Relax, Deonne. I’m teasing. I can see from your expression that this is all new to you. You’re not going to step into that room until you feel like a woman Justin can drool over, so let’s get you suitably dressed.” She glanced at the readout over Deonne’s shoulder. “We’d better make it fast.”

Deonne sighed. “Now I just feel stupid,” she confessed. “And about sixteen years old.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Tally told her. “But let’s hurry.”

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