Scandalous Family—The Victorians, Book 2.0

Victorian Era Historical Romance

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The Prince kisses her, instead of her twin sister.

Elise never intends to marry. Marriage is far too restricting, in her estimation. Instead, she grasps what freedom there is in running her Great Aunt Annalies’ boarding house. When Danyal, newly crowned Prince of Pandev, kisses her by mistake, her delicately balanced contentment is shattered.

Danyal isn’t in England to find a wife, as society believes. An English wife would offend the Balkan Separatists who threaten his principality. Such a wife would also defeat his desire to separate his family from the stained reputation which dogs it, which the former Prince, his uncle Kosta, was never fully successful in removing.

So why can he not stop thinking about that simple—delightful—kiss, and the woman he held in his arms for only a moment?

This book is part of the Scandalous Family—The Victorians. This is the second spin-off series to feature a new generation of the Great Family, who are now scattering across Europe and beyond in search of adventure…and love.

This story is part of the Scandalous Family—The Victorians series:
1.0 His Parisian Mistress
2.0 Her Rebellious Prince
3.0 Their Foreign Affair
4.0 His Outrageous Proposal
and more to come!
A Victorian Era Historical Romance Series

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Her Rebellious Prince
Average rating:  
 10 reviews
 by Stephany
Her Rebellious Prince

The second book of this series does not disappoint. The description of the times, of the clothing, the trials and tribulations that the people of the time had to endure is clearly brought to the forefront of Tracy's writing. She pulls you into the story and you can't put it down until the last page is read. If you are looking for a great read to take you away, I recommend this series.

 by Kat Z
A Wonderful Second Book of Scandalous Victorians

This book had me at the first mistaken identity kiss and it just got better from there. The time period is wonderfully referenced in this story of people finding their sense of self and sometimes even discovering things are not as they thought. I love that older characters from previous books are sprinkled throughout this story of a prince and a feminist who meet unexpectedly and everything gets going from there. A wonderful story that I simply could not put down. Ms. Cooper-Posey never fails to write an engaging, richly drawn story. I cannot wait to see what she has for us in future books in this series.

 by Kaylene McCormack
Another awesome story

Tracy Cooper-Posey opens the door to an age long gone and brings it back to life. More, she gives the reader the great passion that goes with it. Not just Elise and her Prince but also the passion of one hurt badly. I love the Family Gathers for they showcase love and loss and acceptance. This story is food for the soul. One I will read again and again!

 by Linda
It started with a Kiss

It started with a kiss a mistaken kiss given to the wrong twin! Independent Twins; Elise and her sister are living with their Great Aunt Elise and earning their keep in the joint role of Butler in their aunt’s boarding house for young ladies. Danyal, Crown Prince Pandev is in England awaiting an audience with Queen Victoria when their paths cross. There was so much I loved about this book. The pace was fast & I was surprised how quickly I devoured it. Delightful old and new characters added to the enjoyment of this. I've read many books by this author and she is truly a gifted storyteller who always delivers a riveting story with well-drawn out characters and a compelling, captivating plot. I would recommend this book to any readers who enjoys historical romance with the added bonus of revisiting these characters in futures books and getting a glimpse into how their lives have progressed.

 by Dina Bushrod
She: I never want to marry. He: I will marry only within my station

A terrifically wonderful love story. Twins, one dying to marry above her station, the other wanting nothing to do with marriage at all. Fate sees it differently. Under mistaken identity a Prince is met; a Prince who must marry well in order to keep his people happy. It's understood by both that there will be nothing between them. Too bad their natural urges don't seem to agree. That's it, all I have to say, as you will have to read it to learn all the intrigue, danger, marvelously sensuous loving that may happen in the beginning, inbetween and the end.

 by Wendy
Her Rebellious Prince

Anna and Elise, managing the Board House. I love that they are twins but completely different. This is Elise’s story and she is the independent one, with big dreams that do not include marriage. But one kiss... one kiss... with a Prince, living in tense political times.

As any book from Mrs.Tracy, it is wonderfully written in a way that takes you through every one of the chapters like you are living in their time. I can’t get enough of these Scandalous families!

 by Ellen
Her Rebellious Prince

Tracy Cooper-Posey has got a way with words. In “Her Rebellious Prince" she has again given us a look into the “Great families" and how they help each other to live the way they want in a society that expects everyone to follow strict guidelines.
After the families fortune was lost, Elise and Ann work as the butler to their Aunts home to help her and give themselves a way in the world.
Elise unexpectedly meets her twin sisters man of the hour which leads to an eventful story. The ups and downs of this relationship makes for a great read. The book is a quick read and highly recommended.

 by Glenys
Her rebellious prince

Once again we are transported back into a very different time, where women are expected to be a pretty ornaments for their men. This book and those in the series, present a very different woman, the books are full of romance and sass, and adventure, there give us an intriguing look back to our great grandmothers day and the stories are fascinating

 by Kathi Soniat
An Amazing Trip Back to an Earlier Time!!

I simply adore these stories, and their related series. It is not an easy time – societal expectations abound; especially if you are female. When Elise is mistaken for her twin sister Ann, and the recipient of the kiss from Prince Selahattin Danyal Bora of Pandev, lives are impacted.

Brilliant case of mistaken identity, the trials of being a ruler, and the decision whether to tie yourself to another. The reader is transported to an earlier time, and feels a part of the action.

 by Beatriz
Her Rebellious Prince

Her Rebellious Prince is the second installment in the Scandalous Scions series spinoff, The Victorians. This is the story of Elise and Danyel. I really like Danyel's character and how he's not what he seems. As in the first book of the series, I love what Tracy's has achieved with the characters. In a total turn of the screw, sons and daughters of the peerage now working for a living as a positive thing! I like how the romance is interwoven with European history, it's funny how the anarchists have made an appearance again. If you like historical romances, you would really like the series, top quality, totally worth it! Not for the romance, but for the whole package.

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Danyal wasn’t sure why he kissed the woman.  He had enjoyed her company in Northallerton, even though she saw him only as a potential husband.  It was hard to reject the company of such a pleasant lady, no matter what her motives might be.

And she was a delightful woman to look at. He had been forcibly reminded of it when he had spotted her standing to one side in the front hall a moment ago.  She was tall and slender and elegant, and moved with a grace which drew the eye.

As he had followed her along the short passage to the library, Danyal admired the sway of her skirt and the small waist.  His observations were tinged with regret, for even she could never be his.

Was that why he kissed her?  Regret for what could not be?  A need to measure what he was giving up?  In the back of his mind, he knew she would welcome the gesture, even if she made all the usual delicate protests afterwards.

At the first touch of his lips, she stiffened, which was perfectly natural.  He drew her into his arms and was pleased with how far around her waist his arm did reach.  He drew her arms up around his neck, which let him lean into the kiss properly and bring her up against him.

That is much better…

The pragmatic satisfaction faded from his mind as he properly registered the pleasure in the kiss.  His body tightened as her pliant softness pressed against him. Not even her corset ruined the effect. She was a delight to have in his arms.  Heated and soft and with a scent which did nothing to diminish the fire in his belly.

Danyal regretfully lifted his mouth from hers.

As he released her, she drew in a breath which shook.  She put a hand to her mouth, then removed her other arm from around his neck and took a step back.  Her hand, he was thrilled to notice, shook as she pressed the tips to her swollen lips.

“I think…I believe…”  She cleared her throat.  “Are you…Prince Selâhattin, by chance?”

He laughed.  “It isn’t that dark in here!”  He reached for her once more—it wasn’t intentional.  His body was dictated his actions, not his mind.  He would sample more of her, for that simple taste had been better than he had anticipated.

She stepped back and pressed her free hand to her torso, as her breasts in the simple evening gown rose and fell quickly. “I believe you have mistaken me for my sister, your Highness.”

Coldness touched him.  Doubt dispersed the good feelings the kiss had generated.  He could not make sense of what she said.  He couldn’t put it together.  “I assure you, Miss Thomsett, I would not make such a mistake.”

She dropped both her hands.  “Ann didn’t tell you we were twins.” She gave a soft, vexed sigh.

Twins?”  The coldness turned to an embarrassed horror.  “You are…you are Elise?  Ann’s sister?”  Finally, the thing he had not understood slid into place. His mortification rose.  “No, I do not believe it.”

She gripped his arm, much as he had taken hers—what had she thought of a stranger grasping at her as he had done?  With astonishing strength, she pulled him further into the library.   She headed for the windows, where the gaslights from the street flooded the room with warm orange light.  There, she turned and presented herself so the light fell on her face.

“I am Elise,” she said, her tone gentle and patient, as if she had explained this more than once in her life—and quite likely, she had.

But not after the blighter had just kissed her.

Danyal swallowed and made himself examine her face.  The differences.  He drew in a great breath and let it gust out.  “Yes, I do see…” he said slowly.  “You are very much like your sister, but there are differences.”  He could feel his face heating with a rare discernable embarrassment.  “I believe I owe you a most abject apology.”

She shook her head.  “There is no need.  I do understand how it happened.  I was in dim light–”

“You are being kind.  It was a liberty to kiss you in the first place. Had you been who I expected, you still would have grounds to be insulted…”

“Oh, I am quite sure insulted would be Ann’s very last reaction to a kiss from you,” the woman said, her tone light.  Her fingertips wandered back to her swollen lips and touched them absently.  The corners of her mouth turned up in a charming little smile of amusement.

The same amusement speared him. Danyal resisted the urge to laugh aloud.  “I would be a cad to make the same suggestion, however…”

“However, I do know my sister,” she finished.

He did laugh, then.  A soft chuckle.   The last of his mortification evaporated.  “Thank you for your understanding.”  He straightened his shoulders.  “I feel it is far too late to introduce myself formerly, but…”

She held out her hand.  “You are Prince Selâhattin of Pandev.  I am Elise Marie Thomsett, formerly of Northallerton, and most recently of Mayfair.”

He rarely shook other men’s hands, let alone a woman’s.  Yet he found himself reaching for her small hand and gripping it carefully so he didn’t break her bones.  Multiple impressions registered.  The heat of her hand.  The softness of her skin.  The fragility of the bones beneath.  And the strength of her grip, which was at odds with everything else about her.

Carefully, they shook.

He let go of her hand.  His fingers tingled.  “My friends and family call me Danyal.  I would be pleased if you did, too.”

“I am a friend now?” she asked, her tone amused.  “I suppose, as we have kissed…”  Her brown eyes danced with the same humor.  In the light from the street lamp, they were warm.  Perhaps darker than her sisters?  He would have to study them when the women were side-by-side.

He shook his head.  “In a way which your mother will one day explain to you, you and I are distant cousins.”

She frowned.  “I have heard rumors for years…”  Her frown cleared.  “Then, if you are Danyal, I am Elise.”

“It is very nice to meet you, Elise.”

“It was, wasn’t it?” she admitted softly.  Then she straightened her back with a snap, her eyes widening.  Her hand came back to cover her mouth, this time to try to catch back what she had just said.

Danyal watched, delighted, as her cheeks tinged pink, visible even in the lamplight.  He let her writhe for a moment, enjoying the fact that now it was not just him who had committed an indelicacy.  In a very crude way, they were even.  “Thank you,” he said.

She dropped her hand and pressed her lips together.  Then, “Thank you?” she asked, sounding breathless.

“As I was rude enough to force a kiss upon you, I am pleased you enjoyed it, at the very least.”

She pressed both hands to her face.  “Oh dear…” she breathed.   “Perhaps I should go to the drawing room with the others before I say anything else inappropriate.”

“I believe we should both do that,” Danyal replied.  He stepped back out of the way, so she had room to move passed him.  “After you.”

He watched her elegant sway once more as she made her way to the door. She and her sister shared that gracefulness, but it seemed the similarity in their appearance was purely superficial.  Even in the few moments he’d spoken to the woman—Elise—he could tell she was very different in nature from her sister.

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