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Imperial Hammer 5.5

Space Opera Box Set

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The full, best-selling Imperial Hammer series in one set.

Binge read the acclaimed space opera series featuring ex-Imperial Ranger Danny Andela and her friends and family, as they face a unique and deadly threat to the Empire, one that will tax their strength, drain their hearts and force them toward a bleak future…

Buy the whole series in this one set and save almost 50% on the cost of buying all of them individually!

It’s full of action from beginning to end. – Reader review.

The Imperial Hammer series:
1.0: Hammer and Crucible
1.1: An Average Night on Androkles
2.0: Star Forge
3.0: Long Live the Emperor
4.0: Severed
5.0: Destroyer of Worlds
5.5: The Imperial Hammer Series Box Set

Space Opera Science Fiction Novel



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The Imperial Hammer Series Box Set
Average rating:  
 4 reviews
 by Kathi Soniat
Sci-Fi Goodness all in One Place!!

***** 1.0: Hammer and Crucible​
Fabulous Sci-fi Adventure!!
In a future where longevity is the norm as people rejuvenate to keep themselves “young”, interstellar travel occurs through arrays, and you print most of what you need. An event negatively affects a family so a grandmother and her granddaughter undertake a journey to discover the truth behind what occurred.

You will be transported to another dimension. The attention to detail makes everything you read plausible and you’ll exist in this new world along with these characters in this incredible story.

***** ​1.1:An Average Night on Androkles​
Delightful piece of Early Danny!!
If you’ve read my reviews of any of this fabulous series you know I love Varg – the parawolf. This is Varg’s official introduction. Danny is going for a low-key night out, perhaps a date. But there are kidnappings, threats on life and we get to meet Varg – I loved every word!!

***** ​2.0: Star Forge​
An Impossible Situation – Sci-Fi Adventure!!
Our heroine Danny is “attached” to a self-aware interstellar array (Noam) which can see and hear everything through her own sight and hearing. When a series of mishaps seems to be more than coincidence, how does one work around that danger when the array knows everything she does??

Noam is an all-powerful entity, with an adolescent temper. Yikes!

Clever, intricate and entertaining. Definitely makes you think. Such a unique concept. Exceptionally executed!

***** ​3.0: Long Live the Emperor​
This Fascinating series continues to Entertain!!
Brilliant and intricate. The story of traveling across space where space stations and gates are controlled by an array. That array is now “self aware” and a bit of a petulant child. Our main characters have angered the array, and must deal with the aftermath.

They must work “under the covers” to discover where the array is amassing its army, and save some who are “stranded” by the array along the way.

Many memorable characters – but my favorite is Varg, the parawolf. A faithful companion and terrific battle partner. Splendid entertainment to be found here!!

***** ​4.0: Severed​
An Impossible mission, Simply Captivating!!
Once again, our band of characters work against impossible odds. An apparent murder well publicized, a bounty with no limits, and an all-powerful being who can track your every move. What’s not to love about that??

Clever and entertaining. As these characters get incrementally closer to their goal, we gain more backstory, meet some new characters and feel the tension as lives and perhaps the entire infrastructure of this world are at stake. Varg, perhaps my favorite character, once again plays a fabulous role in this story.

Edge of your seat action will keep you captivated until the final page!!

***** ​5.0: Destroyer of Worlds​
Wow – Terrific Conclusion to This Entertaining Series!!!
Hopefully you’ve read the other stories in this series. A self-aware array has had a temper tantrum and destroyed a space station, housing millions. Danny and her crew are stranded on planet. No more printing food or clothes. A need to grow food and sew clothes suddenly takes life to a very basic level.

When flares occur, the focus of all on the planet changes. Teams must create or convert ships.

Our crew is still clever and creative. But this is a true make or break moment for them. Even if they can leave the planet, does danger still await them in space? Spectacular story with everything on the line.

 by IngSav
This series is a mind-blowing story in a captivating world with exceptional characters!

I thoroughly enjoyed this whole series and found it packed with electrifying action and captivating character building throughout. Each book in the series adds more depth to the characters and evolves the story of Danny and her crew with exciting detail and a well written story that made them impossible to put down! I treasured the (often hidden but) loving nature, humanity and honour of the characters, not just their exciting adventures.

I enjoyed getting to know the excellent characters set against a beautifully crafted space-based 'world' and it's technological constructs. The complex concepts of the space-based life were broken into easy-to-read bites making this adventure totally captivating! Plot twists throughout the series serve to make each book even better than the last.

I finished the series satisfied that there were no loose ends and feeling good about the characters and their future...whatever it may hold.


 by Juneta
The Imperial Hammer Series Set

Wonderful series now all in one place. Highly recommended. The world building is fabulous, the character complex, well-developed and engaging. Danny and the crew feel like family in this complicated space opera saga. It is easy to get lost in this world. I am reading the whole series for a second time.

 by KatZ
A Great Boxed Set

I highly recommend you just start reading this boxed set. Excellent space opera, interesting characters, and just plain good reading. If you like science fiction and character rich stories, then this is definitely the set for you. I loved these books, and look forward to reading them again.

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The Umb Judeste, Beyond The Inner Elbow.

Stellar barges are generally run by family corporations.  Mine, The Umb Judeste, belongs to Carranoak Inc. I hold a razor thin majority of shares, so technically, the barge is mine.  The irony of that struck me as I laid on steel decking, staring up at dazzling daylights, my jaw on fire.  I had been slugged right on the corner of the jaw, in a near-perfect roundhouse swing, by the only member of the Carranoak family who could claim a second degree relationship to me. 

Until that moment, I hadn’t known she was on the barge.  Perfect fucking greeting.

I had come down to the main concourse when I heard a supply frigate had just emerged through the gate and was coupled to the Judeste. Supply ships provide a break from the routine.  There’s always something interesting on them, even if it was just the communications squirt that comes along for the ride when a ship used the gate.  Current gossip is addictive, especially when you haven’t got much else to do.

I stood at the edge of the swirl of new people carrying sacks or briefcases, or nothing.  Some stared at the signposts for directions.  Judeste personnel plucked travelers out of the stream and took them away. Others were regular visitors and they strode off, confident of their direction.

I got startled looks and second glances as the arrivals passed by.  I was used to that and ignored it.

One of the junior pursers, Jimmy, spoke to a tall woman with wheat colored hair that matched mine—or, I should say, mine as it used to be.  She was tall, had a small sack over one shoulder, a military bearing and civilian clothes.  Jimmy turned and pointed at me. 

That got me curious.  I waited as the woman wound her way through the milling arrivals.  As she drew closer I realized it wasn’t just the hair which was similar.  She came right up to me with a fast, long-legged stride, her face working.  At the last second I realized who she was.

Before I could open my mouth, she swung her fist.  “Double-timing broad!” she ground out as her punch landed.  I went down heavily.  Of course I did.  I figure it’s been sixty years since I’d last taken one in the face. The old bones have turned brittle since then.

As everyone lingering in the arrival area formed a loose circle around us, muttering to each other with delighted horror, I pressed my fingers against the tender spot and wondered if my jaw had dislocated.  These days, just tripping over my own feet could be fatal.  My heart staggered, righted itself and decided to keep ticking, for now.  The sour taste of adrenaline made me swallow.  Swallowing hurt, too.

“Hello, granddaughter,” I croaked.

Juliyana bent and peered at me.  Was she waiting for me to get up so she could take another swing?  She’d have to live with disappointment. 

Her face worked with the fury driving her.  The anger checked as she watched me gasping.  Her gaze measured me—properly, this time.  Her mouth opened.  Horror painted her face.  “Shit on a shovel…you…you’re old!

“Not too fucking old to hit, though, right?”

Juliyana propped her hands on her knees, bellowing hard.  She was still a Ranger, last I’d heard, so it wasn’t unaccustomed exercise shorting her breath.  I’d seen guilt rip the guts of people before, though.

I held up a hand.  “Help me up,” I demanded.  “Then you can explain to me what the fuck is going on.”


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