Adelaide Becket Story 4.0

Historical Suspense Espionage Novelette

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Lady Adelaide leads a double life that sits ill with her…

In Edwardian Britain, Lady Adelaide Azalea Margaret de Morville, Mrs. Hugh Becket, finds her work for William Melville, spymaster, clashes with the life her society friends believe her to be leading.  Her guilt rises when her very dear friend, Isa Hass, arrives from Cape Town and asks questions Adele cannot answer.

When a homeless urchin, Charlie Rowbottom, hands a note written in German code over to Adele, she struggles to keep her true nature separated from her position in society while she searches for the writer of the note.

This novelette is the fourth in the Adelaide Becket Edwardian espionage series.

The Adelaide Becket series.
1: The Requisite Courage
2: The Rosewater Debutante
3: The Unaccompanied Widow
4: The Lavender Semaphore
5: The Broadcloth Midnight
6: The Salinghall Error
7: The Indecent Agent
7.5: Adelaide Becket’s Adventures
…and more to come.
An Edwardian Suspense Espionage series

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The Lavender Semaphore
Average rating:  
 6 reviews
 by IngSav
An exciting and engaging story, Adele is so brave!

I'm loving these short and intense adventures Adele is taking me on. Each story uncovers new facets of her life as a spy and how they impact her lifestyle and sense of self.

Tension and intrigue kept me gripped in the story, and swept along for the adventure, as Adele proved yet again how brave and fearless she is in her mission to help Britain uncover German spies.

I'm looking forward to getting to know more about Adele and her fellow spy companions in the next installment of the series.

I appreciate the brief recap at the start of the book but also recommend that you start at book one of the series to fully enjoy getting to know Adele's evolution as a spy and the building characterisations of each additional personality working with Adele.

 by KatZ
Adelaide Entertains Us Again.

This is book four in a series of novellas. Adelaide Beckett is the main character, and by now you know she is brave and tenacious, along with charming and polite. This time she falls into a bit of a mystery, and dives right in as she always does to try figure it out. How happy I was to see Slane was in this story. This is a very enjoyable series of short stories, each one building on the last. I cannot wait for the next installment.

 by CM25
Lady Becket is back!

The Lavender Semaphore begins with Charlie Rowbottom sitting against Lady Becket's door, clutching a mysterious piece of paper that he had filched from a milk bottle. One thing leads to another and the next thing you know, somebody's trying to kill Adele! Fortunately, she escapes by her sheer wits and makes her way to tell Melville, Slane, and Daniel what she has learned. As usual, Lady Becket's penchant for following her hunches has gotten her into trouble. However, as an unintended consequence, Adele's double life approaches potential ruin, as an old friend becomes suspicious at her out-of-character behavior and voices aloud some old rumors about Adele's deceased husband and his alleged activities, something that she had never heard or even suspected. In fact, what her friend tells her is enough to make Adele's blood run cold and question whether or old life in Cape Town was a good and true as she had always believed... or if everything was a lie.

Start at the beginning of Adele's adventures so you can see her evolution from a naive, insecure widow to a blossoming assertive and intuitive spy-in-the-making. Cooper-Posey is a master storyteller so you won't be sorry to take an armchair ride into the world of Adelaide Becket.

 by Kathi Soniat
Clever Words - Clever Story!!

In case you don’t have a dictionary in front of you: Semaphore: Noun, A system of sending messages by holding the arms or two flags or poles in certain positions according to an alphabetic code.

This author always makes me think. I figured I’d better get the official definition to truly understand and appreciate the context.

Kindness to a homeless waif, murder & mayhem, a mysterious cipher and secrets from the past surround Adele in this exciting historical suspense espionage novelette.

 by Heather Baxter
The Lavender Semaphore

Adele Becket is one of the best kept secrets this country had, so when an old friend from South Africa came to visit, she didn't seem too put out until Charlie arrived one morning wanting to trade more than she expected for his breakfast.
Her friend being German meant lady Adele had to make excuses & tell a few excuses about what she was doing at nights.
She was obviously just getting used to being back in the game, being a woman of strong character & her own mind. Ready to win what ever was about to begin again, possibly?
Don't you just love this lady? Strong mind & well grounded. I can't wait for her next experience.
All in all it was a great follow up to the last book & I can't wait for number 5 as I know there will be.

 by Beatriz
Adele number 4

This is the fourth installment in the Adelaide Becket series. This one reveals a very interesting twist in the plot and I can't wait to know more. Tracy's books never ceases to surprise me ans I looove it! I'm very excited about this series, currently it's sometimes hard for me to concentrate so this little novellas have been giving me life. I adore Adele, she seems like a very strong and independent character and I love it, besides the character's development has been terrific and the story arc really interesting. What's the best part? You can always rely on Tracy to finish her series, and that's dupe, so you just sit down, relax and enjoy the reading ;).

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Queens Street, Mayfair. September 8, 1907.

At first, Adele thought a homeless waif had used her kitchen door as a bed. She had slept late because of the previous evening’s events, and was still barely awake when she slipped down to the kitchen just past nine o’clock in the morning. The cathedral and church bells had fallen mercifully silent, although they had stirred her enough she could not simply turn over and go back to sleep.

She took off the bar to the outer door, intending to collect the day’s milk bottle from the step. She turned the handle, and the door whooshed inward, pushed by a weight against it.

The weight fell onto the painted concrete floor, making Adele gasp and step back, pulling her peignoir hem out of the way. The small child had been curled up, his dirty shoulder against the door. Now he lay on the concrete, blinking up at Adele through sleep-fogged eyes, his face dirt-smeared. He smelled of dampness and desperate circumstances. Adele realized that even though she knew the boy, and he had propped himself against her door for a reason other than sleep, in one respect there was, indeed, a homeless lad using her doorstep as a very uncomfortable mattress.

“Charlie Rowbottom, what are you doing, sleeping there?” she demanded.

Charlie rubbed his eyes, which merely redistributed the dirt around them. “I woz ‘oping you’d read this to me, tell me if it’s werf anyfing.” He held up a scrap of paper in his other fist. “Figured it might be werf a bit o’ milk, maybe.” He looked up at her with large blue eyes, and blinked.

Adele tried to harden her heart against such blatant manipulation, but failed. “Oh, get up off the floor, you fool of a child. Come in and tell me about it.”

Charlie grinned and scrambled to his feet.

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