THEIR FOREIGN AFFAIR by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Scandalous Family—The Victorians. Book 3.0

Victorian Era Historical Romance

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Tracy is a wonderful writer that loves a complicated story. While her stories are true to the Victorian era, she brings so much more to her books.


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The characters are full of emotion and suck you right into the story. I love how Tracy pulls the reader into the story and we feel we have a front row seat to the action, and feel all the ups and downs of the characters.

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This is a really satisfying read! There’s plenty of substance to the plot and an interesting storyline with intrigue, action and suspense as well as the delicious romantic relationship developed between the two main characters.


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At the altar, facing marriage to a foreign Duke, Ann flees… 

Ann Thomsett, a descendant of royalty but a commoner herself, has worked to find a highranking husband to help the family restore its badly tarnished reputation. On the verge of her marriage to a Norwegian noble, though, she flees the cathedral with the help of a most unexpected ally; Adam Martell Davies.

Adam is technically a member of the great family, but dislikes his English cousins and their ways, and much prefers to spend his time alone with his thoughts.  During a rainy afternoon at Innesford, he is forced to endure Ann’s company and finds it not completely intolerable, after all.

So when Ann throws herself at him, begging him to help her escape her Duke, Adam does. The pair dash across Europe, chased by the Duke’s men and rabid journalists who report the romantic couple’s affair to the newspapers of Europe.  No one seems to care that they are nothing but friends…

This book is part of the Scandalous FamilyThe Victorians series. This is the second spin-off series to feature a new generation of the Great Family, who are now scattering across Europe and beyond in search of adventureand love.

This story is part of the Scandalous Family—The Victorians series:
1.0 His Parisian Mistress
2.0 Her Rebellious Prince
3.0 Their Foreign Affair
and more to come!

A Victorian Era Historical Romance

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Their Foreign Affair
Average rating:  
 8 reviews
by Dina Bushrod on Their Foreign Affair
The Always Love Me Some Books

I am never disappointed in this author's historical romance books. As always her characters were fantastic and the actions they take always kept us on our toes. The heroine was filled with so much angst due to her actions; actions caused by confusion and inexperience. Thank goodness her cousin was around to help; even though that was not his intention. We get to travel with them through various exciting locations in their attempt to avoid capture; we even get to ride with them on the Orient Express. But as we know things don't always go as planned. The longer they run, the closer to each other they get. We have thrills and chills during their getaway, and before all is said and done and they're caught, the bad guy isn't the bad guy after all. Now the heroine is really confused; should she return to the guy who isn't really bad, or take a chance on the one whose taught her much during their time together? You'll notice I really haven't given you any spoilers; I've just outlined the excitement l felt as I followed them during their danger filled getaway attempt. Truly hope you'll read this book and the rest in this series, as well as the books from the which they sprang from

by Stephany on Their Foreign Affair
Their Foreign Affair - The Victorians

As usual as is all of Tracy's books, this is a wonderful and entertaining novel.

It is part of the " Scandalous Family " series. Actually the " Victorian " series.

To be able to enjoy and understand this book you do not have to have read the previous novels. Yes the characters are all carried over into this book, but it can stand alone. is an incredibly intimate, and delicate story of Ann and Adam.

by IngSav on Their Foreign Affair
Combustible chemistry and warming friendship for a rollicking romance!

I enjoyed the heroine's journey of self discovery and awareness while the hero and heroine fled across Europe from her grand scale wedding to another man.

Victorian moral obligations and a female's lifestyle restrictions are explored which contrast beautifully with the smouldering passion between the two main characters.

The hero protects her but also challenges the thinking of the heroine during a tumultuous escape towards Turkey.

This is a slow burn romance told in short order with succinct but immersive details of Victorian life and it's challenges (especially for women).

I highly recommend this novel as an exciting addition to this awesome series. It's really good, but even better if you start with the first book of the first series and work your way through each novel to savour getting to know all the characters. The original series is Scandalous Sirens, then the Scandalous Scions before indulging in this latest series about these great families.

by Brittany on Their Foreign Affair
What an adventure!

I can’t say enough how much I love the entire Scandalous series. You can expect each and every book to bring you incredible world-building with amazing attention to historically accurate details as well as unique and endearing characters that you can’t help but become emotionally attached to.

Their Foreign Affair was no exception, but it did stand out from others in the series for me because the book takes place all over Europe and even ventures into Asia! I loved that we got to experience a ride on the Orient Express! Also, the story is an attention grabber from page one and doesn’t let go until the end, taking you on a mad dash with Ann away from the altar (and her fiancé Filip) with her adopted cousin, Adam. One adventure leads to another and, in typical Cooper-Posey fashion, you won’t know what to expect. Each book can be read as a stand-alone, but previous couples of the Scandalous Family do make appearances. I highly recommend this book and the series as a whole.

by Marti Panikkar on Their Foreign Affair
Couldn’t Put It Down!

Their Foreign Affair is a wonderful Victorian love story! Ann wants to marry well to save her family’s reputation. Adam doesn’t think about marriage at all. And, of course, there’s Filip, the evil duke...

by Kathi Soniat on Their Foreign Affair
Simply Brilliant!!

A last-minute decision not to marry, and a chase across Europe makes an exciting basis for this fabulous and entertaining story! Adam is technically a member of the great family but keeps to himself. When Ann is running just minutes before taking her marriage vows, Adam comes to the rescue. His knowledge of travel and keeping a low profile is invaluable. When sparks fly between them it becomes incendiary:

Adam rested over her on one elbow. “The look in your eyes is delicious. I had not realized the power in waking another’s pleasure for the first time.”

Fascinating, exciting and a definite must-read.

by Beatriz on Their Foreign Affair
Their foreign affair

This is the third installment in the Scandalous Family - The Victorian series. This is the story of Ann and Adam, and I just looove how it starts with a failed wedding 😁😁.

I really liked Ann's journey. It perfectly reflects how she goes from living a life to restore her family's honor to find herself to finally find love in the most unexpected place. I also reeeeally appreciate the super healthy way Ann and Adam communicate and treat each other, the bit about "I want to marry you because I love you not because I need you" is magnificent in my opinion. I said it before, but I like it too that not all the characters are stuffy aristocrats, or poor/rich couple, it's great how Ann works or Adam doesn't even know how to act properly in "polite company " 😅. To cut it short, just give it a go, you won't be disappointed!

by Linda on Their Foreign Affair
Runaway Bride

What a great story! I have read a number of this author's books and I always find her characters well drawn and interesting with intricate plots. Historical Romances can be tricky because of the language, accent, clothing, and a slew of other possibilities that can trip up an author, yet Tracy Cooper-Posey always did an excellent job throughout the story.

This story is about Anne who on her way to her wedding to a Norwegian nobleman, runs away with a distant relative (Adam) and leaves the groom waiting at the Cathedral. The chase ensues to catch the runaway bride; this story had a number of twists and dangers to keep you enthralled and sitting on the edge of your seat and will keep you reading until the end. I’m already looking forward to the next in the series.

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