VARKAN RISE by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Interspace Origins. Book 2.0

Science Fiction Romance Novel

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Smashwords Bestseller, Science Fiction Romance


I resented having to stop reading to do my necessary chores ( ie. work ).


I just love Bedivere and Catherine, and the love they have for each other, and it shows throughout the book.


Varkan Rise had me worried and sad through much of the first half, because I was so concerned about the characters, what they were going through, and how in the heck they were going to get out of it.


You come away from reading this book wishing it were real so that you could be traveling amongst the stars yourself.


This is a fabulously dark story that keeps you guessing up until the very end.


Loved it . The first book in this new series was so good it won an SFR Galaxy Award and this one is just as great


Bedivere and Catherine are the cutest. Their devotion and love for each other shines through this novel.


The world building is spot on, and the different worlds described are so vivid and lush, it’s like you’re right there.


Another amazing chapter in this refreshing and captivating sci-fi series.


Like all of this authors books you can’t go wrong, Amazing Author, Amazing Read


For five minutes there, my heart stopped and I cried a few tears. Yeah! I won’t give it away but I was so sad.


Before I knew I was at the end. Without putting the book down once.


Like its predecessor, Faring Soul, I really enjoyed this book – I read it continuously, and finished it in a couple of days.


Wow! What a story!!!! Bravo, on a riveting story with so much going on you have a hard time finding your feet!


I fell a little in love with Bedivere and Catherine in the first book. I fell all the way in this one.


The moment you start reading, you get sucked into the story and will not be able to put the book away that easily.


I’m not a huge sci fi fan but how Tracy Cooper – Posey might have just turned me on to this genre.


I especially love the twist at the end


The logic of Bedivere is awesome!!

Has Bedivere become what humans fear most?

The Federation no longer exists and sentient computers, the Varkan, are awakening. Bedivere X helps where he can, so when one lonely and scared computer, Jovanka, suicides and destroys half a planet, Bedivere takes the news hard. Then his close human friend Kemp is murdered and Bedivere disappears.

Catherine and her friends must figure out what happened the night Kemp died, while trying to follow Bedivere’s trail of devastation and inexplicable acts across the known worlds.

Has Bedivere really gone mad? Has he become one of the creatures that humans fear the most? Cat faces tough questions about the man she loves, while unravelling the mystery he has left behind.

This book is part of the Interspace Origins science fiction romance series:
1.0: Faring Soul
2.0: Varkan Rise
3.0: Cat and Company
3.5: Interspace Origins (Series boxed set)

A Science Fiction Romance Novel.


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Varkan Rise
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 2 reviews
 by Kat Z
An Exciting Second Book

This story continues with Catherine and Bedivere in this second book. Now the problem is murder and destruction, Varkans, the cartel, plotting and secret plans. This is definitely not a very romantic book, but rather a fast moving emotional continuation of an interesting story started in book one and continued here. A nicely written science fiction story with a little romance. I love that we get to continue to get to know the characters in this story arc. I look forward to reading the next book Cat and Company.

 by Carol
Varkan Rise

From what I read this story was excellent read because it has lots of mystery and it inspires the reader to read more another can't put down book fabulous, it also keeps you guessing, loved the story.

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