Change Your Story, Change Your Writing Life

From The Productive Indie Fiction Writer:

Do you ever catch yourself thinking, “I’ll never sell,” or “I’m not talented enough”? If so, you’re not alone. We’ve all been there, doubting our abilities and waiting for some magical moment when we finally get chosen. But guess what? That thinking is backward!

If we believe that it’s not our turn, that we’re not talented enough, we’ll do whatever we can to make that story true. We’ll sit back and wait to be chosen instead.

Seth Godin, The Practice: Shipping Creative Work

If we keep believing we’re not good enough, we’ll unconsciously do everything to make that story true. We sit back, wait, and watch as others get ahead. And in doing so, we miss out on amazing opportunities to shine. But here’s the kicker: most of these limiting beliefs come from somewhere else—our upbringing, past experiences, or simply the stories we’ve been told.

Think about it. If you touch a hot stove and get burned, you learn to avoid stoves. Similarly, if you grew up with low expectations, you might start believing that’s all you’re worth. But here’s the empowering part—the story we tell ourselves directly influences our actions. And we have the power to change that story.

So, how do we rewrite our narrative? It starts with action. If you want to change your story, change your actions first. When you decide to act confidently, your mind will start to align with those actions. You’ll begin to see yourself as capable and talented because you’re doing things that talented and capable writers do.

Remember, we become what we do.

Start small. Write every day, even if it’s just a paragraph. Submit your work, even if it’s scary. Publish your book, even if it terrifies you. Join a writing group, even if you feel out of place. Every positive action you take reinforces a new, empowering story about who you are as a writer.

Believe in your turn. Believe in your talent. Take action today, and watch your story—and your writing life—transform.

Happy writing!

Tracy Cooper-Posey

SRP Author and owner of The Productive Indie Fiction Writer

Tracy is one of Stories Rule Press’ most prolific authors. She also hangs out at The Productive Indie Fiction Writer, where she writes about issues facing today’s indie author, and solutions that make the indie life a little easier.