SFR author Cameron Cooper today released the third book in his Ptolemy Lane Tales space opera series: The Maker of Widowmakers’ Arm.

Ptolemy Lane faces two problems.

A severed arm found on the roof of the highest building in Georgina’s Town sends Ptolemy Lane on the hunt for the rest of the body.  It neatly distracts him from the fact that Diya Sandor, former ship captain and new town resident, has left him.

But when both issues intersect, the fallout can’t be ignored.

The Maker of Widowmakers’ Arm is the third Ptolemy Lane space opera science fiction story by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

The Ptolemy Lane Tales:
1.0: The Body in the Zero Gee Brothel
2.0: The Captain Who Broke the Rules
3.0: The Maker of Widowmakers’ Arm
…and more to come!Space Opera Science Fiction Novelette


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