By Mark Posey

Thriller Suspense Season of Episodes

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One family’s life is changed beyond anything they could ever imagine.

A major foreign power has been funnelling key intelligence personnel into the United States for nearly a year, hiding them as embassy and consulate staffers, students, and plain immigrants. In response, the FBI activates its Domestic Sleeper program.

Scattered across the country as architects, cab drivers, and other innocuous roles, failsafe agents in the Domestic Sleeper program are unaware of their status as dormant FBI agents until they’re triggered by a post-hypnotic codeword. Their programming drives them to a pre-arranged checkpoint to receive the instructions necessary to combat a Credible Threat.

All thirteen episodes of the first season of Credible Threat, including the explosive double length finale.

Other episodes in the Credible Threat series:

Episode One: Brush Contact
Episode Two: Alias
Episode Three: Compromised
Episode Four: Sleeper
Episode Five: Safehouse Alpha
Episode Six: Dissemination
Episode Seven: Tradecraft
Episode Eight: Burned
Episode Nine: Safehouse Beta
Episode Ten: Blowback
Episode Eleven: Naked
Episode Twelve: Blown
Episode Thirteen: Exfiltration
Entire Season Boxed Set: Credible Threat Season One

A Thriller Serial Episode

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Credible Threat Season One
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
 by Sue

I really liked Credible Threat season one!. From the first page it had me. Espionage with family dynamics thrown in together. It was very well written and edited (so important to me). I can’t wait for the next!

 by IngSav
What a gripping, thrilling and unpredictable adventure!

This series of episodes is exciting, the tension is next level and I love that the box set combining all the episodes of season one lets you immediately dive into the next gripping instalment.

It's a beautifully real slice of family life juxtaposed with intrigue and adventure.
The characters are relatable and we get to know them as they initially bustle through their family morning preparations for school and work.....but that changes to gripping action like a high performance car taking off at the startline! Little hints of humour add insights into the relationships between characters which made them real and wound up the tension in a delightful way!

The surprises keep coming thick and fast and I had so many questions after each episode that I had to keep reading the full season!!
I'm really looking forward to Season Two!

 by Susan Savopoulos
WOW Double WOW

This is ordinarily a genre I don't read.
BUT since Mark Posey wrote it. I read it.
SO VERY glad that I did.
My interest was held from the very first sentence. I resented the fact that I had to stop reading to go to sleep so that I would be able to get up for work in the morning.

 by Susanne Huxhorn
So gripping!

After two nights with less sleep I finished “Credible Threat Season One”. Maybe reading the episodes one by one would have been better for me? Anyway, the story is totally gripping with not only suspense but with a lot of twist and turns I didn´t see coming. Bur a lot of my questions are unanswered, I am sure the next season will solve that problem!

 by Merrie

This such a great book. Realistic characters, a quick moving plot and all the twists and turns that keep you engaged - it's one heck of a roller coaster ride!

 by Karen
Credible Threat Season One

Credible Threat Season One, by Mark Posey, is a collection of thirteen episodes that take the reader on a non-stop, fast-paced, adventure about FBI sleeper agents activated because of a credible threat from the Chinese to invade America. Aaron Pratchett is a happily married man, with two children, and a third one on the way. What starts as an average day quickly accelerates into heart-pounding action that sees the delivery of a newborn, assassinations, espionage, and going on the run to escape deadly agents. I’m really looking forward to the next set of episodes. So good.

 by Marti P
What A Ride!

I LOVED CREDIBLE THREAT! The plot is amazing and the thrills keep you turning pages all night, but it’s the characters that hook you from the first page. They are so fully developed that you find yourself actually believing that a mild mannered, geeky architect can turn into — well, I guess I should let you find out for yourself. This may be my favorite of all Mark Posey’s books so far!

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“We’re gonna be late!”

Aaron Pratchett heard his wife, Marie, yell from behind him as he strode down the stairs, shrugging into his jacket, his tie draped around his neck. He stopped at the bottom and surveyed the kitchen as he slipped his tie into place and tied a neat half-Windsor knot.

Tyler and Alexis shoveled the last of their breakfast into their over-stuffed mouths and scrambled to get the bowls into the sink. Alexis’ science project—the ol’ reliable vinegar and baking soda volcano—sat on the end of the kitchen island.

Marie waddled down the stairs and into the kitchen. Aaron watched her from behind as he straightened his tie.

Tyler ducked past both of them and pounded up the stairs.

Marie glanced over her shoulder at Aaron and frowned as his gaze moved up from her ass to meet hers. “Come on, slow poke! Another Monday awaits.”

It really was true, what they said. Pregnant women did have a glow. She’d never looked more beautiful to him.

Alexis shrugged her backpack on by the back door and rushed back into the kitchen to grab her lunch bag and the volcano. She struggled to get everything lifted up and balanced before Aaron strode over.

“Here, I’ll get this out to the van,” he said as he slid his hands under the volcano’s plywood base. “You just head out there and get belted in.”

At nearly eleven years old, Alexis hadn’t yet hit the rebellious stage. “Thanks, Daddy.” She skipped out to the four-year-old Chevrolet Astro van which sat at the back of their driveway.

“Come on, Ty! It’s time to go,” Marie shouted, her hand pressed against the small of her back as she maneuvered toward the back door.

“Coming, Mom!” Ty shouted back from upstairs. “I’m just grabbing my homework!”

“You should have already had that packed up,” Marie shouted. “You had all weekend!”

Aaron hefted the volcano out to the Astro and slid it into the back, threw the door shut and hurried back to the house.

He picked up his briefcase and the three rolls of blueprints off the chair by the back door and stood waiting for Tyler to scramble down the stairs. Marie glared as she stalked up to him.

“What is it with him? Always leaving things ‘til the last minute?”

Aaron smirked at her. “We’ve got plenty of time. Don’t worry.”

“Says the perpetually-late Mr. Pratchett?” She shook her head and stepped out the door, hand pressed to the small of her back, heading for the Astro’s passenger seat.

“Baby can’t come soon enough,” Aaron muttered. He juggled the blueprint tubes and the briefcase into one hand and leaned in to grab the doorknob as his gangly teenaged son pounded down the stairs two at a time. Tyler didn’t slow until he got to the door.

With a self-conscious grin, Tyler met Aaron’s gaze. “I’m here, Dad. No worries.” He ducked past Aaron and toward the van before Aaron could swat at him.

Aaron twisted the doorknob to ensure it was locked and swung the door closed, testing it again before finally scurrying toward the Astro.

He started it up, put it in reverse, and turned in his seat to back out of the driveway. They hadn’t gone more than ten feet before two dings issued from the speakers, followed by a tinny, computerized voice.

Pairing with Aaron’s phone.

Marie parroted the notification. “God, I hate that damn thing.”

Aaron sighed as he rolled to a stop to allow Mrs. Schneider from down the block to walk her jittery Chihuahua across the driveway. Chauncey nearly vibrated as he strained against his leash. Aaron had never seen the appeal of having such a high-strung dog.

Mrs. Schneider smiled and waved at them as she crossed. Aaron returned the wave as Marie tsked and waited impatiently for him to back farther out.

When she had cleared the driveway, the van’s tires squawked briefly as he tromped on the accelerator and surged out into the street.

“Now you’re in a hurry?” Marie crossed her arms.

“Got the McKinley proposal this morning,” he muttered before he tugged the shifter into “Drive” and stomped on the gas.

“Wait!” Tyler screeched from the seat behind Aaron. “I forgot my lunch!”

“Probably on purpose,” Alexis muttered.

“Shut up, brace-face,” Tyler shot back.

Aaron pursed his lips and met Tyler’s gaze in the rearview mirror and rolled his eyes. “I’ll give you ten bucks. You can buy lunch in the cafeteria,” he said as the Astro shot down the street.

Aaron glanced at Marie, as she tried to arrange the seatbelt over her belly. “Just another manic Monday,” he quipped.

After several minutes of pounding the dashboard in frustration at the drivers clearly and deliberately slowing their progress, Marie sighed when Aaron pulled the van to the curb at Tyler’s school and shoved it into park.

Tyler quickly jumped out, yanked the door closed, and stepped up to the driver’s window with his hand out.

Aaron glanced at it for a moment. “Right. Ten bucks.” He shifted on the seat and stuffed his hand into his pocket, pulling out his money clip. He stared down at it and thumbed through the bills before tearing one out. “Got nothing smaller than a twenty.”

He caught his son’s gaze. “Make sure I get the change back.”

“You bet. Thanks, Dad.” Tyler grinned as he snatched the bill and started towards the sidewalk, a big grin on his face. “See you tonight!”

As Tyler headed into the crowd of arriving students, Aaron watched him go.

“There’s an opening in traffic, Aaron. Let’s go.”

He scowled and yanked the van into gear and shot away from the curb without so much as a backward glance.

“It’ll take even longer to get where we’re going if we get in an accident,” Marie said.

At Alexis’ school, Aaron had to take extra time getting the volcano out of the back of the van and making sure Alexis could carry it into the school without too much trouble. Once she had the volcano, her backpack, and her lunch bag balanced and ready to go, he guided her up to the sidewalk. “Good luck in the Science Fair, Lexi.”

She flushed. “Thanks, Dad.”

As she started off along the sidewalk, Aaron hustled to the driver’s door and jumped inside.

“Alone at last,” Marie said.

“Not for long,” Aaron said as he started the van and looked over his shoulder for a break in traffic.

As the Astro surged from the curb, the hands-free pairing message was cut off half-way through.

Incoming call from Owens, Michael.

Aaron puffed out a breath. “Should have known that was coming.” He glanced at Marie before pressing the “Answer” button on the steering wheel controls.

“Hi Mike,” he spoke into the air.

“Why aren’t you here, yet?” Mike’s voice spat from the tinny speakers.

“Just dropping the kids off at school.”

“I was hoping you’d be here early so we could go over the proposal one more time.”

Marie rolled her eyes.

“It’s as good as it’s gonna get, Mike,” Aaron said. They’d been over it a hundred times this past weekend, in between bouts of volcano building.

“Never hurts to go over it one more time,” Mike snarled. The anxiety in his voice came through despite the crappy speakers.

“It’ll be fine, Mike. Once I drop Marie off, I’ll be there in a flash.”

“You still have to drop Marie? Can’t she catch a cab from one of the kids’ schools?”

Beside Aaron, Marie stiffened. “No, Mike. She can’t,” Marie said and sat forward to stab the disconnect button on the console. “Asshole,” she muttered.

Aaron’s gaze snapped over to her as he stopped at the red light in front of them. “You know I’m gonna pay for that when I get there.”

“Sorry, but your boss is—”

The ringing of the phone through the speakers cut her off. Before even waiting for the tinny voice to announce who the call was from, Aaron thumbed the answer button on the steering wheel.

“Look, Mike –”

A male voice from the speakers cut him off. “Operation Watchdog,” the deep baritone said. “Repeat: Operation Watchdog. Acknowledge.”

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