New Space Opera from Cameron Cooper!

SRP Author released the next book in his series this morning.


Now Danny is the most wanted criminal in the Empire…

Danny has just barely averted the array’s plans to dominate the Empire, and now must face the wrath of the Imperial Shield, and dodge a galaxy full of Imperial Rangers who want her dead.

Until now, she has had the help of her crew and the fabulous ship, The Supreme Lythion, to get her through any challenges, but the array quickly sends her crew and the ship to the four corners of the known worlds, and isolates Danny in the worst circumstances.

She is severed from all she knows, with nothing to her name and must fight back one painful step at a time…

Severed is the fourth book in the Imperial Hammer space opera science fiction series by award-winning SF author Cameron Cooper.

The Imperial Hammer series:
1.0: Hammer and Crucible
2.0: Star Forge
3.0: Long Live the Emperor
4.0: Severed
5.0: Destroyer of Worlds

Space Opera Science Fiction Novel

Also, Book 1 of the series, is on sale for only $3.99 during the launch week of the new book.


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