Our first anthology!

We authors at Stories Rule Press are thrilled to share the release of SRP’s first anthology.

Stories Rule Press Presents:  Space Opera Digest 2021:  Fight or Flight.

Says Mark Posey, editor of the anthology:

Science fiction is littered with relentless enemies. They can’t be reasoned with. They can’t be bargained with. They don’t feel pity of remorse or fear and they absolutely will not stop. Ever.

The Terminator. The Aliens chasing Ripley. The Borg.

There’s nothing more chilling than hearing one of the Star Trek characters say, “They’ve adapted!”

With that concept in mind, Stories Rule Press put out the call for submissions for Space Opera Digest 2021: Fight or Flight. We received some exemplary stories and it was a real chore to pare them down to the six best of the bunch.

I’m very proud to announce that Stories Rule Presents:  Space Opera Digest 2021: Fight or Flight is released today. It’s available at all the major online retailers in print and ebook.

Stories Rule Presents:  Space Opera Digest 2021: Fight or Flight

What does one do in the face of a relentless enemy?

Fight or flight is one of our most primal instincts, a leftover from primitive days. It cannot be denied. In the backwater colonies on the fringes of outer space, it is one of our most valuable skills.

Ptolemy Lane. Sergeant Fisher. The Dagger. Senior Chief Jack Palahniuk. Jedidiah Kramer. Captain Hedge. Six heroes face that choice.

Fight or flight.

“The Captain Who Broke the Rules” by Cameron Cooper
“Stranded” by Benjamin Cooper
“Dagger” by David A. Gray
“Plankholder” by Blaze Ward
“The Sentry” by Clayton Scott
“Talionis” by Eliot Bishop

Six stories. Six relentless enemies and six epic heroes. What will they do? How will they survive?

Space Opera Digest 2021: Fight or Flight is the first volume in a quarterly collection of genre fiction anthologies presented by Stories Rule Press.

Space Opera Science Fiction Anthology


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