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SABRINA’S CLAN by Tracy Cooper-Posey

The Stonebrood Saga Book 3.0

Vampire Menage Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romance Novel

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Alone and lonely…can they find each other?

Sabrina Castillo survived the foster system to emerge with a fantastic career. One day, she will meet the man who will help her build a family of her own.

Nyanther, a two-thousand-year-old vampire, resents the loss of his tribe and intends to spend his last breath on destroying the gargoyles.  He refuses to let anyone into his life, especially Sabrina, who isn’t of his world.

Jake Summerfield, reluctant heir to the family corporation, is everything Sabrina could wish for—until he meets Nyanther and loses his heart.

The last gargoyles of the Stonebrood Clan know these three are the key to their survival and make their move….

Grab your copy of the final installment in the paranormal romance thriller series that reviewers have called edgy, vividly captivating, delightfully wicked and erotic.

This book is part of The Stonebrood Saga series.
1.0:  Carson’s Night
2.0:  Beauty’s Beasts
2.1:  Harvest of Holidays*
2.2:  Unbearable*
3.0:  Sabrina’s Clan
3.1:  Pay the Ferryman*
3.5:  Hearts of Stone (Series Boxed Set)

A Vampire Gargoyle Urban Fantasy Romance

[*A Stony Stories tale:  Short stories featuring the characters and situations from the Stonebrood Saga]

{Also see: Romance, Urban Fantasy Romance, Novels}

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Sabrina's Clan
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There was another weirdo boho gypsy hunter person in Riley’s apartment and this one wasn’t wearing a shirt.  Sabrina spotted him from the top of the iron staircase as she climbed up to Riley’s place.  She paused a few steps from the top, debating whether she wanted to waste her energy dealing with yet another flake.

The guy was standing by the big, rough-hewn plank table that Riley, Damian and Nick used as a dining table.  Well, Riley used the table to eat, because she was human.  Nick and Damian were vampires, which meant they didn’t eat.  Damian cooked for Riley and Nick always kept her company as she ate.  He would pour red wine for her, sniff the glass and sigh.

When they weren’t pretending they were human, they were out hunting demons and gargoyles and God knows what else.  Sabrina didn’t know, that was for sure.  She mentally blocked off most of their talk about the supernatural.  It was bad enough that the stuff was real and that hunters seemed to think Riley’s apartment was a way-station for anyone who landed in the city, which a great many of them frequently did.

Now this guy.  His back was to her as he did something at the table and the flesh of his back rippled as the muscles beneath flexed.  There were blue tattoes on his arms and lower back.  Not blue like modern ink.  It was lighter.

“You can come in.  I don’t bite except when I’m hungry.”  His voice was a deep, reverberating baritone.

Sabrina sighed and climbed up to the floor proper.  “You’re another vampire.”

He turned to look at her.  The blue curlicues were on his chest, too.  He had pale flesh and shaggy, black hair.  His eyes were a very clear grey, light and almost colourless.  His brows pushed together.  “You’re in the wrong apartment if you don’t like vampires.”

“Riley is family to me,” Sabrina said stiffly.  “I’ve learned to live with them.  Is Damian here?”

“He’s putting his daughter down for a nap.”  The vampire tilted his head.  “You’re…um…”

“Sabrina,” she supplied and pulled her suit jacket in around her, resettling it.  “I’m Chloe’s birth mother.”

“Ah…”  The man—the vampire—nodded.  “Shouldn’t you be in your corner office at this time of day?  Delegating to your minions?”

He knew who she was, then.  “You don’t like corporate employees?”

“I’ve learned to live with them.”


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