BETH’S ACCEPTANCE by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Destiny’s Trinities Book 1.0

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Romance Novella

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Can she accept the destiny being thrust at her?

For weeks, the darkly sinful Zachariah, her favourite customer at McGinty’s, has been raising NYC student Beth Siegel’s pulse, driving her crazy with need.

Neither can she keep the tall, blue-eyed mysterious Luke who haunts the library stacks at her day job, out of her mind or her sweaty, desperate fantasies.

Fate hands Beth a startling destiny: to bond with both of them—a bond formed via sex. Sex with either one of them would have been fabulous. Together? Irresistible.

But fate is a two-edged sword and the bond comes at a price. Luke and Zack are not what they seem, and the world as Beth knows it not quite the real deal. Can Beth accept the price the bond will ask of her?

This book is part of the Destiny’s Trinities series:
1.0:  Beth’s Acceptance
2.0:  Mia’s Return
3.0:  Sera’s Gift
3.5:  The First Trinity (Novellas 1-3)
4.0:  Cora’s Secret
5.0:  Zoe’s Blockade
6.0:  Octavia’s War
6.5:  The Second Trinity (Novellas 4-6)
7.0:  Terra’s Victory
7.5:  Destiny’s Trinities (Series Boxed Set)

A Vampire Ménage Urban Fantasy Romance Novel

{Also see: Romance, Urban Fantasy, Menage Romance, Paranormal Romance, Novels}

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Beth's Acceptance
Average rating:  
 18 reviews
 by Katie
Beth's acceptance

This book was awesome! It had me going from page one Action pact love it

 by Heather Baxter
Beths Acceptance

After reading this for a second time, I found it even more fast paced, sexier, more erotic & the action between these three lovers from different ends of the spectrum was fantastic.

I cant wait to get back into the next book again to go on yet another refresher.

I loved it.

Heather xx

 by Elizabeth
Beth’s Acceptance


 by Kathy

Fantastic action, heat, mystical lore and the feeling of being a part of it all.
Can't wait for more in this series because there has to be more !!!

 by Tina
Beth's acceptance

Loved it, can't wait to read the next book.

 by Renate
Beth's Acceptance

Loved the book. The characters are hot. The sex insane. The war begins. Can't wait to read the next book to see where this story goes.

 by H
Beths acceptance

Loved this book. Hated to see it end. Looking forward to a follow up book.

 by Debbie
Beth's acceptance

Fast paced and exciting. On the edge suspense. Enjoyable and erotic sex scenes. Very well written. I would definitely say read and enjoy.

 by Joyce K

This is a fast-paced story with lots of paranormal creatures and very hot scenes. There is lots of action and an unusual trio of heroes.

 by Steve Thorne
Beth Acceptance

I loved the story. The romance was hot and the action was great.

I love a good fight scene.

Hopefully I will get to check out the rest of the series.

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Reader Advisory:  Contains strong sexual language.

She looked over her shoulder at him. He was kneeling on the edge of the banquet, one hand flat on the tabletop, the other gripping her elbow. Steadily, he drew her back to the table until her knees were against the end of the banquet.

Then he did the strangest thing. He leaned in close to her. For the length of a heartbeat Beth thought he was about to kiss her and her already frantic heart palpitated. But his face hovered over the nape of her neck…and he sniffed. A long, appreciative inhale.

He leaned back, his eyes closed. When he opened them, his black eyes seemed to have come suddenly alive. He focused on her. “I can smell your need,” he rumbled.

Beth thought she would melt into a puddle of mortification right there. Her cheeks were glowing with it.

Zack gripped her knee and lifted it onto the banquet. He began to stroke the flesh on the inside of her thigh, just above the knee. She quivered at his touch. His gaze drilled into her.

“Tell me to stop,” he said.

“Zack…” It was all she could manage. His hand on her thigh was making her weak, making her tremble. She could barely concentrate on anything else but his hot fingers. They were sliding higher, almost as if they were tasting her flesh through the fine fibers of her stockings. Then they touched the lace tops and he paused. His eyes closed and the corners of his mouth lifted. “Stockings,” he rumbled. “You’re killing me.” His thumb arched high enough to stroke her flesh above the lace. One stroke.

She gasped and shuddered at his touch, so close to her vulva. Her pussy ached for him.

Zack looked into her eyes. “Tell me to stop,” he repeated, his voice low.

“Like last time?” Her voice was hoarse.


“I can’t, Zack. Not again.” She gripped his wrist and pushed his hand up between her thighs, until it was hard up against her pussy where only black lace was a barrier between him and her. “You’re just going to have to take me.”


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