ZOE’S BLOCKADE by Tracy Cooper-Posey

Destiny’s Trinities Book 5.0

Vampire Menage Urban Fantasy Romance Novella

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The impossible just might be possible when trinities are forming….

Zoe got out of the hunting business years ago and headed north into the Canadian Rockies, shortly before meeting Cole, a Canadian military officer, and Declan, the town’s sexy doctor.  Cole and Declan are married, but still weaken her knees and her heart and change her life forever.

When Declan dies in a skiing accident, Cole is devastated.  Zoe helps him pick up the pieces and after years of circling each other, they marry and settle into a quiet life in the mountains.

Then a man called Diego Savage arrives on their doorstep and says they are two of a special trinity who must halt the evil forces that are surrounding their house, blocking them from the outside world and determined to stop the forming of the trinity.

Only…who is the third?

The bonding has begun….

This book is part of the Destiny’s Trinities series:
1.0:  Beth’s Acceptance
2.0:  Mia’s Return
3.0:  Sera’s Gift
3.5:  The First Trinity (Novellas 1-3)
4.0:  Cora’s Secret
5.0:  Zoe’s Blockade
6.0:  Octavia’s War
6.5:  The Second Trinity (Novellas 4-6)
7.0:  Terra’s Victory
7.5:  Destiny’s Trinities (Series Boxed Set)

A Vampire Ménage Urban Fantasy Romance Novel

{Also see: Romance, Urban Fantasy, Menage Romance, Paranormal Romance, Novels}

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Zoe's Blockade
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The first sight of the car made her heart give a little flutter of unease.  It was a late model Mustang, but the windscreen had been busted in and there were heavy dents in the hood.   Had he hit a deer?  Deer would do that sort of damage on a low car.

The Mustang pulled up next to Cole’s truck and the driver got out.  Dark hair, olive skin, eyes that looked like they could see everything.

Zoe shivered and pulled her jacket in around her, even though it was only minus ten and the sun was warm on her face.

The man looked up at her.  “Hello.”

He was wearing a light jacket and black runners.  He would get maybe half a mile cross-country in those and even less far at night when the temperature dropped.  What was he thinking?

“Hi,” Zoe replied.  “Did you hit a deer?”

He shook his head.  “I came to see you.  May I come up and speak to you?”

Zoe’s heart pattered a little faster.   “I don’t know you.”

“I know.  I’m quite harmless,” he said.  “I’ve come a long way, too.”

Her instincts were against the idea of talking to him.   She hesitated.

He was looking at the peaks behind the house.  “Is there a way to get to Revelstoke that doesn’t use the bridge?” he asked.

“Sure.  There’s a trail that goes over the shoulder of the mountain and into town, but it’s impassable at this time of year.”

“No other way?”

“Not unless you can fly.  We just use the truck.”

He glanced back down the long drive toward the treeline and the bridge.  “That’s what I was afraid of,” he said quietly, almost to himself.  He climbed the steps up to the verandah and came toward her.  “I’m going to have to dump this on you.  We don’t have time.”

“Dump what?”

Up close, Zoe could see his unshaved chin, dark with growth, and his even darker eyes.  He was taller than her, but only just.  Even so, he moved in a way that spoke of reined-in strength.

She had seen that sort of control before.  Startled, she studied him anew, looking for more signs.  The stubble was not right.  It was a human thing.

His eyes narrowed.  “Perhaps I don’t have to dump as much as I thought,” he said quietly.

Zoe drew in a deep breath and glanced at the front door, which was still half open.  “You’d better come inside,” she said.  “Keep your voice down. I don’t want you to wake my husband.”

His brow lifted.  “There’s just the two of you here?” he asked sharply.

“We’re only five miles from town.  It’s not that isolated here.”


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